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This database and the data contained herein are provided to the public for informational purposes. The Texas A&M Research Foundation and the Texas A&M University System make no representation or warranties, express or implied as to the correctness, reliability, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this database or the data contained herein, or any associated information or documentation, or that use of these data, associated information or documentation may not infringe third party rights. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the parties stated above hereby disclaim, deny and negate any claim or cause of action whatsoever based on, any warranties and representation with respect to this database and the data contained herein, or any associated information, and documentation, including without limitation, any express or implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY, ABSENCE OF DEFECTS, CONDITION, DURABILITY, DESIGN, CAPACITY, OPERABILITY, COMPLETENESS, TIMELINESS, SUITABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE.

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