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Development Engineering Team

Evaluates, modifies, develops and designs coring, drilling, and re-entry equipment, handling tools and downhole systems utilizing sound engineering practices in a cost effective and timely manner. To maintain a current knowledge of, and recommend improvements to, the capabilities of all ship systems (hull, machinery and electrical) and drilling systems and an engineering knowledge of electrical and electronic systems to ensure all upgrades and additions to the ship, drilling system and lab stack are carried out utilizing sound engineering practice in a cost effective and timely manner.

  • To continually improve existing coring and drilling systems and support ongoing leg activities.
  • To continually seek out and evaluate the application of new technology to the program.
  • To carry out the development and testing of new technology.
  • To maintain an engineering design and documentation control system.
  • To recommend and carry out improvements to the JOIDES Resolution to meet the scientific goals and objectives of the program.
  • To support Science Operations on modifications and upgrades to the lab stack, including interfacing with ODL.
  • To support all ODP departments with respect to electrical and electronic specifications, design and operational reviews, and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems.

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