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Ocean Drilling Program Information Services

The Information Services department (IS) offers technical support for all developmental phases of computer usage on the ship, and at the Science Operator's headquarters in College Station, the repositories at Scripps Institution of Oceanography of University of California San Diego, Bremen University in Germany, and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University. Based upon input from, and the needs of, scientists and technicians, Information Services specifies, acquires, and installs computer-related equipment and software at all ship and shore facilities.

The Program's data collection is archived, processed and edited by IS's Database group, which then distributes the information to the scientific community. The archived data from the Deep Sea Drilling Project and the computerized geological data collected onboard JOIDES Resolution make up the ODP computerized database.

ODP has recently completed a major upgrade of the data management system that allows all interested users to conduct their own searches and extract data over the Internet (Janus Web).

The flow of information to the scientific community is maintained by the Operations/Network group who provide a major link between shipboard and shore-based computing on a daily basis. This group also plans for the future technology needs of the ODP.

The Application Development group designs, develops and maintains custom application programs to be used on ship and shore, when suitable commercial software is unavailable.

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