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Shore-Based Systems

Legacy information for 1985-2003

The shore-based computer system at ODP consists of the following components:
  • VMScluster, which consists of two nodes and performs the lion's share of ODP's database processing:
    • Cook, MicroVAX 3100/95
    • Drake, MicroVAX 3100/20

  • Sun Sparcstations (5, 10, LX), which are used for the following:
    • Data manipulation
    • Seismic processing
    • General Unix usage
    • Graphic manipulation
    • Map generation

  • Microcomputer workstations (~80 each)
    • PC: 486 and Pentium machines
    • Macintosh: LC and PowerMac models

  • File Servers
    • Seven Novell servers accomodating the needs of various ODP groups
    • Smaller servers accomodating specific applications and services such as FileMaker Pro, 4D, and Macintosh file sharing

  • Printers
    • Various letter-quality networked laser printers
    • Publication quality color printers

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