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Ocean Drilling Program B-Roll Footage Log Sheet

00:36:00 seconds black

Animation of drilling process, seafloor tectonics and JOIDES Resolution (pronounced "joy-dees")

42:18Moon Pool area, a hole in the center of the ship where the drill pipe is deployed from the rig floor to the seafloor.

53:00 Close-up of drill bit

1:00:00 Red lines are sound waves coming from the sound beacon that sits next to the hole on the seafloor. This is part of the dynamic positioning system. A re-entry cone is sometimes placed over the hole enabling the drill pipe to re-enter the hole.

1:17:21 Seafloor subduction

1:36:03 The JOIDES Resolution, drill pipe extended to the seafloor, black smokers rising from the seafloor

1:52:04 Demonstration of dynamic positioning system aboard the ship. 12 thrusters alongside the hull enable the ship to maintain position while drilling.

2:00:00 Continental spreading

Aerial footage of the JOIDES Resolution

Ship at sea. Land in background is the southeastern shore of Greenland.

Rigfloor activity (with sound)
5:01:26 Pipe assembly
5:29:05 Core liner removal
5:46:16 Reentry cone assembly and deployment
6:21:06 Core barrel disassembly (with water splashing)
6:32:25 Pipe being deployed in the ship's pipe rack, hoisted to top of derrick
7:29:09 Cutting of core liner
7:48:00 Pipe deployment
9:11:00 Taking gas samples from the core liner
9:31:17 Drill Shack
10:11:00 More water splashing from core barrel
10:21:29 Close-up of drill bit
10:55:00 Removal of core liner from core barrel

Core Sample Preparation
11:13:00 Core liner taken from rig floor to Catwalk
11:24:00 Holes drilled to release gas inside core liner

Scientists working in the ship's 12 laboratories. Scientists work 12-hour shifts, seven days a week during their two months at sea for each expedition.
11:59:03 Color sampling
12:47:11 Close-up of core sample
13:10:00 Measurement of physical properties
13:36:22 Hole being drilled in hard rock core sample (with close-ups)
16:23:12 Scientist looking through microscope
16:52:00 Close-up of computer screen with sound wave readings
17:05:00 Core sampling
19:04:29 Close-up of core splitting
19:54:00 Core sample close-ups
20:05:00 Core being placed in the cryo mag
20:34:00 Chemistry analysis
20:46:00 Close-up of fossil inside core sample

Shots of ODP's repositories where core samples are stored.

Ship operations
21:25:00 Man at helm
21:52:00 Big wave splashing against Bridge window, shot of 60 foot wave

For more inforamtion or to order the footage, please contact:
Ocean Drilling Program
979-845-8480 -- voice
979-845-1026 -- fax

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