Leg 198 Weeks 4 and 5

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Scientists check out the first igneous rocks recovered from Shatsky Rise: Isabella Premoli Silva (Co-chief scientist, Italy; foreground left), Maria Rose Petrizzo (Paleontology, Italy; foreground right), Mike Arthur (Sedimentology, USA; middle), Haidi Hancock (Sedimentology, Australia; facing core), and Jim Channell (Paleomagnetism, USA; by door).

Howard Pennington (TSF chief electrician, USA) celebrates his 55th birthday with some of the ship and ODP crew.

Scientists and technicians working hard in the chem lab! From left to right: Maria Rose Petrizzo (Italy), Shannon Center (Photography lab), Mitch Malone (Staff Scientist), Trevor Williams (Logging Scientist, USA/UK, a.k.a. Discoaster trevori), and Kristen Averyt (Geochemistry, USA).

Trigger happy ODP technicians Lex Lambeck (temporary lab tech, Australia) and Lisa Crowder (Yeoperson) cheerfully affix labels to igneous rocks.

Inorganic geochemists Kristen Averyt (USA, left) and Tracy Frank (Australia/USA, right) decide to forgo the hydraulic press and attempt to squeeze pore waters from sediments by hand.

Shipboard paleontologists hold the core containing Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a ("the Selli horizon"). From left to right: Maria Rose Petrizzo (Italy), Paul Bown (UK), Kotaro Takeda (Japan), Jason "Mark Jr." Eleson (USA), and Mark Leckie (USA).

Scientists ponder the wonders of the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary while Andrea Dutton (far left) actually tries to get close enough to describe the core. From left to right: Andrea Dutton (Sedimentology, USA), Mike Arthur (USA), Isabella Premoli Silva (Italy), Deb Thomas (Sedimentology, USA), Will Sager (paleomagnetism, USA), and Jason Eleson (USA).

Sedimentologists Jim Zachos (USA), Deb Thomas (USA), and Andrea Dutton (USA) in the spacious work area next to the digital imaging system.

Five weeks of 12-hour shifts, 7 days a week....