Leg 200 Weeks 2-3

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Scientists and ODP technicians gather on the bridge deck in what seemed to be gale force winds to ring in the New Year.

John Wilson (UK) and Hartley Hoskins (USA) ring out the old year on the Ship's bell.

ODP Operations Manager Brian Jonasson leads a tour of the ship. From left to right, Brian Jonasson, Michele Lustrino (Italy), Werner Manz (Germany), Yue-Feng Sun (USA), Ingun Nielsen (Faroe Islands), Sarah Sherman (USA), Bruce Tate, and Hartley Hoskins (USA).

New Year's festivities continue in the science lounge.

From left to right, Danny Montano (Transocean, Philippines), Rolando (Dick-Dick) Pareja (Transocean, Philippines), Luis Campana (Transocean, Philippines), Bert Baring (Transocean, Philippines), and Nicky Ursua (Transocean, Philippines) enjoying New Year's dinner.

ODP technicians Shannon Center, Bob Wheatley, and Patrick Riley enjoying New Year's dinner.

Scientists Werner Manz (Germany) and Gabriela Schumann-Kindel (Germany) enjoying New Year's dinner.