Leg 203 Weeks 2-3

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The reentry cone for proposed site OSN-2 (ODP Site 1243) starts its journey to the seafloor.

Admiring the first cores of Leg 203. From left to right, Julie Carlut, Paula Weiss, and Lisa Brandt.

Stan Hammon and Keri Heft at the sampling table. In the background, from left to right, Julie Carlut, Costanza Bonadiman, Kimberly Artita, Teruaki Ishii, and Xixi Zhao.

Ralph Moberly, hoping for some sediment cores.

At last, some cores to describe. From left to right, Kimberly Artita, Costanza Bonadiman, and Teruaki Ishii.

"Paleomagicians" in conference: Xixi Zhao and Julie Carlut.