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A cone from a failed tricone bit and other pieces of metal had to be cleaned out of the reentry hole. Several techniques were used. The largest piece of the cone (largest chunk of metal above the ruler in the left image) was recovered in an RCB core barrel. Other pieces were recovered in a junk basket, which is a trap attached above the bit that catches debris as water is circulated at the bottom of the hole. Some of the pieces of metal that are above the ruler in the image to the left were recovered in the junk basket. To recover the rest of the metal fragments and metal pieces at the bottom of the hole, a strong magnet, referred to as a fishing magnet, was lowered to the bottom of the hole and water was circulated through nozzles near the magnet. The magnet successfully trapped a large amount of metal (image to the left), including those pieces shown in the middle image and the large pile of fragments shown in the lower portion of the image to the right. The metal fragments were scrapped off the magnet and began to oxidize rather quickly, hence their orange rust color.

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