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Top image: Styrofoam cup designers at work. Clockwise from left: Doug Wilson (Co-Chief, USA), Christa Ziegler (Inorganic Geochemist, USA), Jeff Alt (Petrologist, USA), Jessica Huckemeyer (Marine Lab Specialist: Downhole Tools/Thin Sections), Roz Coggon (Petrologist, UK), Laura Crispini (Structural Geologist, Italy), Paola Tartarotti (Structural Geologist, Italy), and Florence Einaudi (Logging Staff Scientist, France). Middle image: The Styrofoam cups were placed in a bag that was tied to the VIT camera and then lowered to near the seafloor during one of the reentries into Hole 1256D. Bottom image: The high pressure compresses the cups, turning these hand-crafted cups into souvenirs.

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