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The entire Catermar staff is composed of just 13 people. However, these hard working people provide the shipboard home life for all 109 people on board Leg 210. This includes providing all the food (4 meals/day; ~18,000 meals over 56 days!), cleaning all the living quarters, making all the beds (daily), and washing all our dirty clothes (just put your dirty clothes in a bag and toss them outside your door—they return clean and folded in a few hours!). Amazing! From left to right and sitting: Bertolino Sabio, Luis Pereira, Alex Trota, Antonio Augusto, and Manuel Simoes; standing: Armindo Monteiro, Amaro Dias, Mario Povoa, Antonio Barao, Mario Reis, Fernando Marques, Julio Nunes, and Jose Neto (all from Portugal).

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