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1. Faulting and Fluid Flow in Accreted Sediments: Hole 863B, Chile Triple Junction
S.M. Agar and D.J. Prior

2. Microstructural Analysis of Deformation Bands from Site 860, Chile Margin
E.L. Rochford, D.J. Prior, S.M. Agar, and A. Maltman


3. Magnetic Fabric as a Strain Indicator in Unconsolidated Sediments of the Chile Triple Junction Area
H. Collombat, P. Rochette, and P. Vialon

4. Petromagnetic Study of Igneous Rocks of the Taitao Ridge, Chile Triple Junction, Site 862
A.N. Didenko and R. Forsythe

5. Magnetic Sulfide Diagenesis, Thermal Overprinting, and Paleomagnetism of Accretionary Wedge and Convergent Margin Sediments from the Chile Triple Junction Region
R.J. Musgrave, H. Collombat, and A.N. Didenko



6. Grain-Size Variations within Slope Facies Recovered from the Chile Margin Triple Junction
J.A. Diemer and R. Forsythe

7. Mineralogy of Sediments from the Chile Triple Junction
V. Kurnosov, I. Murdmaa, N. Chamov, O. Chudaev, V. Eroshchev-Shak, and L. Shterenberg

8. Textural and Microstructural Evidence for Sediment Diagenesis in the Vicinity of the Chile Triple Junction
N. Lindsley-Griffin, D.J. Prior, J.R. Griffin, M.K. Tozer, and E.L. Rochford

9. Characterization of Organic Matter in Deep-Sea Sediments on the Chile Continental Margin with Special Emphasis on Maturation in an Area of High Geothermal Heat Flow
R. Littke, U. Disko, and J. Rullkötter

10. Provenance of Pleistocene and Pliocene Sand and Sandstone, ODP Leg 141, Chile Margin
K.M. Marsaglia, X.V. Torrez, I. Padilla, and K.C. Rimkus

11. Textural Evidence of Diagenetic Evolution at Site 863, Chile Triple Junction
D.J. Prior, K.M. Marsaglia, E.L. Rochford, S.M. Agar, and G. Coy

12. SEM Microstructural Analysis of a Volcanogenic Sediment Component in a Trench-Slope Basin of the Chile Margin
K. Strand

13. Fission Track Analysis of Detrital Apatites from Sites 859, 860, and 862, Chile Triple Junction
A.D. George and K.A. Hegarty


14. Correlation of Calcareous Nannoplankton and Planktonic Foraminifer Biostratigraphy off the Coast of Southern Chile
D. Spiegler and C. Müller

15. Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of Site 861, Chile Triple Junction, Southeastern Pacific
J. Schönfeld and D. Spiegler

16. Silicoflagellates, Ebridians, and Actiniscidians from Pliocene and Quaternary Sediments off Southern Chile, ODP Leg 141
S. Locker

17. Late Quaternary Stable Isotope Record of Planktonic and Benthic Foraminifers: Site 861, Chile Triple Junction, Southeastern Pacific
J. Schönfeld, D. Spiegler, and H. Erlenkeuser


18. The Cause of the Bottom-Simulating Reflection in the Vicinity of the Chile Triple Junction
N.L.B. Bangs, D.S. Sawyer, and X. Golovchenko

19. Regional Heat Flow in the Vicinity of the Chile Triple Junction Constrained by the Depth of the Bottom-Simulating Reflection
N.L. Bangs and K.M. Brown

20. Thermal Regime of the Chile Triple Junction: Constraints Provided by Downhole Temperature Measurements and Distribution of Gas Hydrate
K.M. Brown and N.L. Bangs



21. Geochemical Evidence for Gas Hydrate in Sediment near the Chile Triple Junction
P.N. Froelich, K.A. Kvenvolden, M.E. Torres, A. Waseda, B.M. Didyk, and T.D. Lorenson

22. High-Molecular-Weight Hydrocarbons in a South Latitude Setting off the Coast of Chile, Site 859
K.A. Kvenvolden, J. Rullkötter, F.D. Hostettler, J.B. Rapp, R. Littke, U. Disko, and B. Scholz-Böttcher

23. Carbon Isotope Compositions of Organic Matter from the Chile Continental Margin
A. Waseda, B.M. Didyk, and Y. Kajiwara

24. Isotope Compositions of Gases in Sediments from the Chile Continental Margin
A. Waseda and B.M. Didyk

25. Stable Isotopes (18O/16O) and 87Sr/86Sr Ratios in Pore Fluids of the Chile Triple Junction Accretionary Prism: Implications for Diagenesis and Fluid Migration
Y. Zheng, P.N. Froelich, M.E. Torres, and A.N. Dia

26. Elemental and Isotopic Abundance of Noble Gases in Formation Fluids Recovered In Situ from the Chile Triple Junction
M.E. Torres, R. Bayer, G. Winckler, A. Suckow, and P.N. Froelich

27. Geochemical Data on Volcanic Rocks and Glasses Recovered from Site 862: Implications for the Origin of the Taitao Ridge, Chile Triple Junction Region
R.D. Forsythe, J.K. Meen, J.F. Bender, and D. Elthon

28. Comparison of the Alteration and Petrology of the Taitao Ridge to the Taitao Ophiolite
V. Kurnosov, R. Forsythe, N. Lindsley-Griffin, B. Zolotarev, G. Kashinzev, V. Eroshchev-Shak, A. Artamonov, and O. Chudaev


29. A Summary of ODP Leg 141 Hydrogeologic, Geochemical, and Thermal Results
K.M. Brown, N. Bangs, K. Marsaglia, P.N. Froelich, Y. Zheng, B.M. Didyk, D. Prior, E.L. Rochford, M.E. Torres, V.B. Kurnosov, N. Lindsley-Griffin, S. Osozawa, and A. Waseda

30. Biostratigraphic and Paleoceanographic Synthesis of ODP Leg 141, off Southern Chile
D. Spiegler, C. Müller, S. Locker, and J. Schönfeld

31. Outer Margin Depositional Systems near the Chile Margin Triple Junction
K. Strand, K. Marsaglia, R. Forsythe, V. Kurnosov, and H. Vergara
(See also Chapter 37, below)



32. Data Report: Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements on Discrete Samples Collected from Leg 141, Site 863
K.M. Brown

33. Data Report: Oedometer and Triaxial Tests of Sediment from the Chile Triple Junction
V. Feeser and W. Brückmann

34. Data Report: Diatom Abundances in Sediments from Coastal Waters of Southern Chile, Sites 859, 860, and 861
P. Bodén

35. Data Report: 40Ar/39Ar and Additional Paleontologic Age Constraints, Site 862, Taitao Ridge
R.D. Forsythe, R. Drake, and R.K. Olsson

36. Data Report: Geochemical Logging through an Accretionary Prism: Chile Triple Junction
E.L. Pratson, C. Broglia, X. Golovchenko, A. Waseda, and P. Froelich



37. Tectonics and Geology of Spreading Ridge Subduction at the Chile Triple Junction: A Synthesis of Results from Leg 141 of the Ocean Drilling Program
J.H. Behrmann, S.D. Lewis, and S.C. Cande
(This paper constitutes the major synthesis report for Leg 141. Reprinted by permission from Geologische Rundschau, 83:832–852, 1994, Springer-Verlag. Select the link to view abstract from the Springer-Verlag site.)

38. Deconvolving Ocean Drilling Program Temperature Logging Tool Data to Improve Borehole Temperature Estimates: Chile Triple Junction
D.S. Sawyer, N.L. Bangs, and X. Golovchenko
(Reprinted by permission from J. Geophys. Res., 99:11995–12003, 1994. Published by the American Geophysical Union.)


Chapter 15:

Table 1. Occurrence, preservation, and estimated relative abundance of benthic foraminifers, Hole 861C.

Table 2. Occurrence, preservation, and estimated relative abundance of benthic foraminifers, Hole 861D.
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