Figure 3. Physiographic features of the west Iberia Margin. Bathymetry is shown in meters, simplified after Lallemand et al. (1985). Submarine canyons (in italic): P = Porto; A = Aveiro; DCV = Dom Carlos Valley; C = Cascais (note that the Lisboa canyon branches shoreward to the northwest from this canyon and merges to the south with the Setúbal canyon; the contours do not show its location); S = Setúbal; N = Nazaré; CF = Cape Finisterra; SV = Cape Saint Vincent. Seamounts and other features: GB = Galicia Bank; P = Porto Seamount; T = Tore Seamount; V = Vigo Seamount; VDG = Vasco de Gama Seamount; ES = Estremadura Spur; GoB = Gorringe Bank.