Figure 10. Comparison of parts of profile SO18 (see Fig. 3D, Fig. 8) and GP19 at DSDP Site 398 (reproduced from figure 2A of Bouguigny and Wilm [1979] in which the horizontal scale is not indicated). Although these extracts are separated geographically by almost 100 km, there is a remarkable correlation between reflections within Unit 4 of this paper and Unit 2 of Groupe Galice. On line GP19, the strong double reflector at the base of the transparent interval is the boundary between Units 3 and 4 of Groupe Galice (1979). On Figure 7, this is shown to correlate with the base of our Unit 6, but this figure suggests, by comparing seismic facies, that it may equate to the top of our Unit 6 (i.e., the change from the transparent interval of Unit 5 to the stronger reflections of Unit 6). For reasons given in the text, we consider the correlation shown here more likely.