Figure 11. Reinterpretation of figure 3 from Masson et al. (1994) showing fold structure interpreted on part of profile LG14 (see Fig. 3 for location). This section displays the following key relationships between the seismic units described in this paper: (1) onlap and erosional truncation of Unit 1 (late Pliocene to Holocene) and older units over fold; (2) thinning of Unit 2 (middle Miocene to late Pliocene) toward the fold crest (the main phase of deformation occurred at the early/middle Miocene boundary); and (3) Units 5 (Albian to Cenomanian) and 6 (Hauterivian/possible Valanginian, to Aptian) passively infill fault-related topography in the acoustic basement and are not synrift units.