Figure 14. A-L. TTS, β, and estimated crustal cross sections along seismic profiles in the Iberia Abyssal Plain. We assume a rifting time of 135 Ma. The dashed curve in the lower plot is an estimate of the depth of the crust/mantle boundary based on an original crust thickness of 40 km and the β curve above. (A) The positions of the three seismic refraction lines (Whitmarsh et al., 1990b) L1, L2, and L3 are shown above the bottom panel. Below each are symbols indicating the depth to the contact between crust and serpentinized peridotite (squares), contact between serpentinized peridotite and mantle (circles for L2 and L3), and contact between crust and mantle (circle for L1). The positions of the Leg 149 sites and the peridotite ridge (PR) are annotated above the middle panel.