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CHAP_03 (Chapter 3):
  03_TBL01.TXT: Table 1. Miocene time scale for Site 926, 0–14 Ma.
03_TBL02.TXT: Table 2. Time scale for Site 925, 5–14 Ma.
CHAP_14 (Chapter 14):
  14_APP.TXT: Appendix. Percent faunal data and preservation data.
CHAP_19 (Chapter 19):
  929_ISO.TXT: Data set. Carbonate and benthic isotopic data (depth and time series).
CHAP_22 (Chapter 22):
  22_TBL02.TXT: Table 2. Oregon State University calcium carbonate measurements.
CHAP_23 (Chapter 23):
  23_TBL01.TXT: Table 1. Calcium carbonate data, Sites 925-929.
23_TBL02.TXT: Table 2. Age-depth control points, 5 to 14 Ma for Sites 927 and 928 and 5 to 6 Ma for Site 929.
CHAP_24 (Chapter 24):
  24_TBL02.TXT: Table 2. Weight percent of sediment >63 Ám in Site 926 samples.
24_TBL03.TXT: Table 3. and data for bulk fine fraction (<63 Ám) in Site 926, referred to the VPDB standard.
24_TBL04.TXT: Table 4. and data for picked benthic foraminifers in Site 926, referred to the VPDB standard, and after adjusting according to Table 1.
24_TBL05.TXT: Table 5. and data for picked planktonic foraminifers in Site 926, referred to the VPDB standard.
24_TBL06.TXT: Table 6. Age models used to assign ages to the samples analyzed.
CHAP_25 (Chapter 25):
  25_TBL02.TXT: Table 2. Data for Site 925 samples.
25_TBL03.TXT: Table 3. Data for Site 928 samples.
25_TBL04.TXT: Table 4. Data for Site 929 samples.
CHAP_28 (Chapter 28):
  28_TBL01.TXT: Table 1. Stable isotopic and percent sand data for Hole 929A.
CHAP_31 (Chapter 31):
  31DATA.TXT: Data Set. Terrigenous mass accumulation rates, Sites 925 and 929.
CHAP_37 (Chapter 37):
  37_TBL01.TXT: Table 1. New magnetic susceptibility measurements.