Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program
Initial Reports Volume 166

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I am pleased to welcome you to the first experimental volume of the Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program to be published on the World Wide Web. For the last five years, the advisory boards of the Ocean Drilling Program have been interested in moving the ODP publications to electronic platforms. This publication represents the first step into the World Wide Web environment. Our staff have developed this product based on the structure and style of the traditional Initial Reports format. This volume was also released in print and as a CD-ROM. Beginning with Leg 176, all Proceedings publications will be published solely in the paperless environment.

The way you use, or navigate, through the WWW version of the Proceedings volume will be different than how you use a printed book. The table of contents at this WWW site is an HTML file that leads to files of various types (e.g., Adobe PDF files, ASCII files), depending on the material being presented, and contains links to other sites. The chapters of the volume are presented as Adobe PDF files that can be viewed on the WWW by configuring a browser such as Netscape to access the Adobe Reader software, or can be copied to an individual computer system. Some of the highlights of this publication include color graphics, tables presented as ASCII files, and leg core data from the ODP database. Color images of the core photographs are linked to the visual core description page within the volume, and are available individually. We also encourage you to visit Orientation to learn more about digital images and data files that are part of this publication.

This is a new and bold initiative for the Ocean Drilling Program and the scientific community. From this volume forward, we anticipate seeing an evolution in the format of the Proceedings volumes. This will naturally occur as you, the users, get accustomed with using publications electronically and provide us with feedback on your likes and dislikes, and as we incorporate new technological advances to improve our product.

P. Jeff Fox
Director of Science Operations, ODP/TAMU


The introduction to the volume is an HTML file. It leads to all the material that is normally presented in a traditional printed volume.

The volume files are presented in Adobe PDF format. This format was chosen because it is cross-platform compatible, which is important to the wide constituency of the Ocean Drilling Program. It also offers excellent quality for images, and can be printed easily.

To access the files, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader. The Adobe Reader is available for free on all recent ODP Proceedings volumes CD-ROMs, and from the Adobe WWW site. For information on how to use PDF files, and where to get the reader, click here.

166 Initial Reports Table of Contents

The preliminary pages contain the frontispiece, title page, and other information from the front of the printed volume, including shipboard participants (with e-mail links) and member nations of the Ocean Drilling Program.

Each volume section contains a file for each individual chapter of the volume. The core description forms are also individual files (by site). For easier (and speedier) access, the files are linked to individual core images. The reader must click on the figure box to see the PDF file containing the photo.

The core images are reduced to 300 dpi. These are large files, and presented in color. Without an optimal system, they will be slow to open. Images scanned at 1200 dpi with no compression (50 MB/per image) are available from ODP in TIF format. Contact:

Data Librarian, Ocean Drilling Program, Texas A&M
University, College Station, TX 77845, U.S.A.

Core data and data files

Core data that was traditionally only accessible via CD-ROM or from the Data Librarian is available through this volume. The raw core data includes GRAPE (gamma-ray attenuation porosity evaluator), index property, magnetic susceptibility, reflectance, P-wave, and natural gamma data of cores collected onboard the JOIDES Resolution during Leg 166.

Other files that are presented in ASCII text format include tables from the volume. A list of specific files is locataed in the volume table of contents.

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