How to use this volume.

How to use files

  Acrobat files require the Acrobat Reader or a copy of Acrobat Exchange. The Acrobat Reader is available for free on all recent ODP Proceedings volume CD-ROMs, via ODP Publication Services WWW site, and from Adobe's WWW site.
  Acrobat files can be viewed onscreen in an Internet browser such as Netscape, if Acrobat is installed in the browser, and they can be printed to a local printer. The files can also be saved to a local system for printing, viewing, or copying.
  ASCII data and table files can be viewed or saved to a local system. The files are tab delimited and can be opened in word processors or spread sheet programs.
  Acrobat files include navigation buttons on the first and last page of the file, that will direct the reader to the previous chapter, the next chapter, or to the table of contents (HTML) file.

To access files

  Adobe Acrobat is required to access the full chapters. To open a PDF file, click on the title of the chapter.
  To view the HMTL files, click on "Abstract" for WWW browsing.