Figures F1-F13

F1. Tectonic setting of Middle Valley sedimented ridge.

F2. Location of Bent Hill and ODP Mound drill holes from Legs 139 and 169.

F3. Log of Holes 856H, 1035F, and 1035H.

F4. Samples of pyrrhotite and sphalerite veins and pyrrhotite-isocubanite-chalcopyrite veins.

F5. Backscattered electron image of quartz-lined extension fracture infilled by pyrrhotite.

F6. Backscattered image of sulfide vein assemblage.

F7. Backscattered electron image of chalcopyrite blebs and veins in sulfide-veined sediment.

F8. Subunit VIB siltstone and chalcopyrite in fine-grained sandstone.

F9. Subunit VIC Cu-rich sulfide-banded cross-laminated sandstone and sulfide-banded sandstone.

F10. Chalcopyrite precipitation within sedimentary pore spaces.

F11. Pyrrhotite replacement along pyrite grain boundaries.

F12. Vein density with depth and the representative lithology of the host rock.

F13. Hydrothermal circulation model.

Figures F1-F13