advection, pore water, A:30-31
bacterial activity, A:30
vs. depth, A:32
alteration minerals, lithostratigraphy, A:22
ammonium, bacterial activity, A:30
amygdules, lithologic units, A:29
Atlantic Ocean, hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12
Azimuthal Resistivity Imager, Site 395A, A:4-5


lithostratigraphy, A:22
See also lava flows; pillow basalts
basalts, aphyric, lithologic units, A:29
basement, Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit, B2:4-5
bioturbation, lithologic units, A:28
bulk density logs, basalts, A:22
burrows, lithologic units, A:28


calcite, lithologic units, A:28
pore water, A:31
vs. depth, A:32
caliper logs, vs. depth, A:18; B2:10
carbonate content, lithologic units, A:28
pore water, A:30-31
vs. depth, A:32
chlorite, lithologic units, A:28
Chron 1r, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
Chron 2, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
Chron 2r, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
Chron 3, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
Chron 3r, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit
Site 395, A:17
Site 395A, A:3; B2:4-5
clasts, basalt, lithologic units, A:28
clay, lithologic units, A:28
clay, red, lithologic units, A:28
clays, fabric, B1:5-6
microtextures, B1:4
scanning electron micrographs, B1:9
compaction, deformation, B1:1-13
compressional wave velocity, A:21
compressional wave velocity, acoustic, vs. depth, A:31, 33
computed gamma ray logs, vs. depth, A:19
crust, oceanic, off-axis hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12


Davis-Villinger Temperature Probe, Site 395A, A:3
deformation, unlithified sediments, B1:1-13
demagnetization, discrete samples, A:30
fabric, B1:5-6
fluid circulation, B2:2-3
density, bulk, vs. depth, A:31, 33; B1:10
density logs
vs. depth, A:19
See also bulk density logs
Dipole Sonic Imager, Site 395, A:3-4
downhole measurements, A:17-22


electrical logs, vs. depth, A:18


fluid circulation
pore water, A:31; B2:8
ridge-flank movement, B2:2-3
lithologic units, A:28
scanning electron micrographs, B1:9
foraminifers, planktonic, preservation, B1:4
Formation Microscanner imagery
sediments, B2:3-4
Site 395, A:21
vs. depth, A:18


gamma-ray logs. See computed gamma ray logs; spectral gamma ray logs; total spectral gamma ray logs
Gauss Chron, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
geochemistry, inorganic
Site 395A, A:8
Site 1074, A:29-31
Gilbert Chron, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
graded bedding, lithologic units, A:28


heat flow
fluid circulation, B2:2-3
Site 395, A:14
Site 1074, A:32
hole azimuth logs, vs. depth, A:18
hole deviation logs, vs. depth, A:18
hydrothermal processes, off-axis, oceanic crust, B2:1-12


illite, lithologic units, A:28
index properties, Site 395A, A:8
induction log deep, vs. depth, A:18
isotherms, water flow, A:15


Laterolog deep, vs. depth, A:18; B2:10
Laterolog shallow, vs. depth, A:18
lava flows, lithostratigraphy, A:22
lithic component, lithologic units, A:28
lithologic units
Site 1074, A:28-29
Unit I, A:28
Unit II, A:29
Site 395, A:5-7, 22
Site 1074, A:28-29


pore water, A:31
vs. depth, A:32
magnetic fabric, deformation, B1:4-5
magnetic foliation
magnetic fabric, B1:4-5
vs. depth, B1:10, 12-13
vs. magnetic lineation, B1:11
magnetic inclination
chrons, A:29
vs. depth, A:29; B1:10
magnetic lineation
magnetic fabric, B1:4-5
vs. depth, B1:10, 12-13
vs. magnetic foliation, B1:11
magnetic susceptibility, vs. depth, A:31, 33; B1:10, 12-13
magnetostratigraphy, chrons, A:29
Matuyama Chron, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
microtextures, deformation, B1:4
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12
well-logging, A:3-35
mottling, lithologic units, A:28
multisensor track, Site 395A, A:8


nannofossils, microtextures, B1:4
neutron porosity logs, vs. depth, A:19; B2:10
North Pond
hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12
lithostratigraphy, A:22
well-logging, A:3-35
nuclear logs, vs. depth, A:19


Olduvai Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A:29
ooze, foraminifer, lithologic units, A:28
ooze, nannofossil, lithologic units, A:28
oxygen isotopes, pore water, A:30


paleomagnetism, A:29
permeability, Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit, B2:4-5
photoelectric factor logs, vs. depth, A:19
physical properties
Site 395A, A:7-9
Site 1074, A:31-32
pillow basalts, lithostratigraphy, A:22
plagioclase, lithologic units, A:28
pore water
advection, A:30
geochemistry, A:31
fabric, B1:5-6
vs. depth, B1:10
See also void space
porosity logs. See neutron porosity logs
pore water, A:30-31
vs. depth, A:32
potassium logs, vs. depth, A:19
preservation, microfossils, B1:4-6
amplitude and phase of basement pressure, B2:12
vs. time, B2:11


radiolarians, lithologic units, A:28
remanent magnetization, anhysteretic, vs. isothermal remanent magnetization, A:30
remanent magnetization, demagnetization, A:29
remanent magnetization, isothermal, vs. anhysteretic and natural remanent magnetization, A:30
remanent magnetization, natural, vs. isothermal remanent magnetization, A:30
resistivity, measurements and images, A:20, 22
resistivity logs
sediments, B2:3-4
Site 395, A:21; B2:10


salinity, pore water, A:30-31
sand, lithologic units, A:28
sedimentation, pelagic, lithologic units, A:29
sediments, fluid circulation, B2:2-3
sediments, pelagic, lithologic units, A:28
sediments, unlithified, deformation, B1:1-13
seismic profiles, A:26
shear wave velocity, A:21
pore water, A:30-31
vs. depth, A:32
Site 395, A:13-23
background and objectives, A:13-16
Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit, A:17
downhole measurements, A:3-9, 17-22
hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12
lithostratigraphy, A:5-7, 22
operations, A:16
physical properties, A:7-9
site description, A:13-23
temperature, A:16-17
Site 1074, A:25-35
background and objectives, A:25
coring, A:27
heat flow, A:32
hydrothermal processes, B2:1-12
inorganic geochemistry, A:29-31
lithostratigraphy, A:28-29
operations, A:25-28
paleomagnetism, A:29
physical properties, A:31-32
site description, A:25-35
sonic logs
vs. depth, A:18
waveforms, A:22
spectral gamma ray logs
vs. depth, A:19
See also total spectral gamma ray logs
spherical focused logs, vs. depth, A:18
spontaneous potential logs, vs. depth, A:18; B2:9
stairstep structure, scanning electron micrographs, B1:9
pore water, A:30
vs. depth, A:32
bacterial activity, A:30
vs. depth, A:32


gradient log, A:20
Site 395, A:8, 16-17
vs. corrected depth, A:17
vs. depth, A:20; B2:9
vs. time, A:16; B2:11
well-logging, B2:3-4
temperature, in situ, Adara core shoe probe, A:34
temperature gradient logs, vs. depth, A:18
thermal conductivity
needle probe, A:31-32, 34
Site 395A, A:8
vs. depth, A:32, 34
thorium logs, vs. depth, A:19
time, vs. temperature, A:16
total spectral gamma ray logs, vs. depth, A:19
transmissivity, Circulation Obviation Retrofit Kit, B2:4-5


Unit IA/IB boundary, pore water, A:30
uranium logs, vs. depth, A:19


velocity. See also compressional wave velocity; shear wave velocity
void space
scanning electron micrographs, B1:9
shape and volume, B1:4


water flow, isotherms, A:15
Site 395, A:17-22
Site 395A, A:3-9
temperature, B2:3-4