Figures F1-F14
Tables T1-T3

F1. Linear sedimentation rates.

F2. Concentrations of the sand and coarse silt fractions of total sediment.

F3. Concentrations of benthic and planktonic foraminifers in the sand fraction.

F4. Concentration of pyrite crystals in the sand fraction.

F5. Accumulation rates of benthic and planktonic foraminifers.

F6. Numbers of total benthic foraminifers and benthic foraminiferal accumulation rates.

F7.  Accumulation rates of radiolarians.

F8. Accumulation rates of echinoids and ostracods.

F9. Accumulation rates of fish debris.

F10. Carbonate dissolution and percent fragmentation of planktonic foraminifers.

F11. Concentrations of CaCO3 and organic carbon.

F12. Mass accumulation rates of bulk sediment, CaCO3 , and organic carbon.

F13. Concentrations of terrigenous matter.

F14. Concentrations of glauconite.

Tables T1-T3.

T1.  Results of coarse fraction analysis, Site 1085.

T2. Results of geochemical analysis, Site 1085.

T3. Results of organic carbon isotope analysis, Site 1085.

Figures F1-F14
Tables T1-T3