Figure F7. Spectral power in the time domain calculated from GRA bulk density records exhibit a presence of main Milankovitch cycles, namely eccentricity (10 cycles/m.y.), obliquity (24 cycles/m.y.), and precession (42 and 53 cycles/m.y.). A. At Site 1081 precession and obliquity are visible between 0.7 and 2.8 Ma, paralleled by eccentricity only for the past 1.5 m.y. B, C. Sites 1082 and 1084, where spectra were obtained for the past 1.3 m.y. only, suggest a dominance of eccentricity for this time interval. Intermittent frequencies may be explained with aliasing effects for intervals of high sedimentation rates and strong density contrasts (delta spikes), which causes individual cycles to smear out.