SITE 1087

Hole 1087A (31°27.8813´S, 15°18.6541´E) was drilled in 1371.6-m-deep water and is bathed by the AAIW, a water mass that originates in the Polar Front Zone of the Southern Ocean. This hole penetrated 255.2 meters below the seafloor (mbsf) of sediments that were continuously drilled down to the upper Miocene. The upper 45 m of the sedimentary sequence consists of nannofossil ooze with varying abundances of clay and foraminifers, which are intercalated with sandy nannofossil foraminifer ooze interpreted as turbidites (Shipboard Scientific Party, 1998). The average sedimentation rate in this interval is 3 cm/k.y., which is one of the lowest measured in the Benguela Current System when compared to the rates measured in the Angola Basin (up to 60 cm/k.y.) and in the Lüderitz cell (15 cm/k.y.).