Figure F1. Location of ODP Site 1079 and Bremen University core GeoB1016, surface currents from Schneider et al. (1996) (solid arrow heads = cold, white arrow heads = warm, dotted arrows = subsurface currents), and high productivity areas (dark gray = >150 g C/m2/yr, light gray = 150-100 g C/m2/yr), based on phytoplankton pigment concentrations from color scanning data aboard the CZCS satellite (1978-1986) (NASA data, as published in Berger and Wefer, 1996). BCC = Benguela Coastal Current, BOC = Benguela oceanic current, ABF = Angola Benguela Front, AD = Angola Dome, AC = Angola Current, SECC = South Equatorial Counter Current, SEC = South Equatorial Current, EUC = Equatorial Undercurrent.