Figure F27. Characterization of climate regimes as seen in deep-ocean sediments. A. Oxygen isotope record of the benthic foraminifer Cibicides wuellerstorfi at ODP Sites 925 and 926 on Ceara Rise. Data are from Bickert et al. (1997; back to 2.6 Ma) and unpublished (courtesy of Torsten Bickert, Geowissenschaften Bremen). B. Relationship between oxygen and carbon isotopes recorded in benthic foraminifers at ODP Site 849. Window of comparison = 100 k.y. C(std)/O(std) is the ratio between the variability of carbon and oxygen isotopes (offset by 0.7 for clarity), r2 is the correlation coefficient, C(std) x O(std) is the product (amplified for clarity). Data are from Mix et al. (1995).