Figure F34. Carbon record of the Cape group sites (1085, 1086, and 1087). A. Carbonate is plotted as the logarithm of the ratio between carbonate and noncarbonate (see "Carbonate and Organic Carbon Record" in "Cape Basin Group (Sites 1085, 1086, and 1087)"). Events are identified and labeled ("CI," Carbonate Event Roman One, etc.), for ease of reference. B. Organic carbon is similarly plotted as log of ratio. Unity is added to avoid negative numbers. The Carbonate Event Numbers are retained as is for comparison. The boxes are specific to the organic carbon. Data are from Shipboard Scientific Party 1998k, 1998m) and from the data report of Meyers and Robinson (Chap. 2, this volume). P/P = Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary, G/M = Gauss/Matumaya reversal, M/P = Miocene/Pliocene boundary, T/M = Tortonian/Messinian boundary, ltM = late Miocene, ltM/mM = late Miocene/middle Miocene boundary.