Figure F2. A. Benthic foraminiferal 18O record from a composite of core PS2489-2 and the Site 1090 splice vs. age. B. Variations of the SSST record from a composite of core PS2489-2 and Site 1090. Vertical shaded areas indicate modern temperature ranges at the Polar Front (PF), the Subantarctic Front (SAF), and the Subtropical Front (STF) and modern summer sea-surface temperature (SSST) at core location (10.2C after Levitus and Boyer, 1994). C. Distribution of the percent of foraminiferal fragments. D. Distribution of the ice rafted debris (IRD). Horizontal shaded areas mark glacial periods (marine isotope stages). MBE = Mid-Brunhes Event, B/M = Brunhes/Matuyama boundary (according to Shipboard Scientific Party, 1999), MPR = Mid-Pleistocene Revolution. Age model according to Venz and Hodell (2002) (figure modified after Becquey and Gersonde, 2002).