Figure F14. A. 18O of the planktonic foraminifer G. bulloides (Ninnemann et al., 1999; Mortyn et al., submitted [N5]) at ODP Site 1089. B. Radiolarian-based summer sea-surface temperature (SSST) record for PS2821/ODP Site 1089 (Cortese and Abelmann, 2002). C. Atmospheric paleotemperatures at the inversion layer reconstructed from the Vostok ice core (Antarctica), given as a difference from today's value (Petit et al., 1999). D. Blow-up of Figures F14B-F14C, for a 30-k.y. interval including Termination I. The cooling events recognized in the SSST record of PS2821 during Termination I are labeled as YD (Younger Dryas)-I and ACR (Antarctic Cold Reversal)-I. For the Vostok ice core, the position of the ACR and an event similar to YD-I are also shown. E. Same as above, for Termination II. The positions of the cooling events recognized at this Termination in the SSST record of Site 1089 are labeled as YD-II and ACR-II (after Cortese and Abelmann, 2002).