Figure F16. The magnetostratigraphy of Site 1096 is shown with the paleomagnetic inclination data from split-core sections (after demagnetization at 20 mT), U-channel samples (PCA), and discrete samples (PCA). The interpreted magnetostratigraphy is also compared with the polarity zonation predicted from the geomagnetic polarity timescale (GPTS) for the case where the sedimentation rate was constant over long periods of time and for the case where the sediment ages are constrained by diatom, radiolarian, and calcareous nannofossil events of Iwai et al. (Chap. 36, this volume). Sed. Rate = sedimentation rate. * = excursions, cryptochrons, or anomalous polarity zones observed in the inclination data; # = chrons and subchrons not identified in the sedimentary section.