Plate P5. Photomicrographs illustrating volcanic lithic fragments present within the sands and sandstones of Woodlark rift. 1. Colorless vitric volcanic lithic fragments (in places chloritized) and a slightly deformed detrital biotite grain. Authigenic pyrite grains are also present (Sample 180-1118A-68R-3, 102-105 cm [853.08 mbsf]) (plane-polarized light). 2. Brown vitric volcanic lithic fragment with vesicles and rare plagioclase laths, surrounded by colorless vitric, brown vitric and lathwork volcanic lithic fragments and detrital feldspar grains (Sample 180-1114A-14R-1, 106-108 cm [123.46 mbsf]) (plane-polarized light). 3. Plagioclase, hornblende, and biotite phyric brown vitric volcanic lithic fragment surrounded by lathwork, felsitic, and vitric volcanic lithic fragments, and detrital feldspar grains set in a calcite-cemented coarse-grained lithic sandstone (Sample 180-1108-3R-CC, 0-4 cm [14.5 mbsf]) (plane-polarized light). 4. Clinopyroxene and feldspar phyric pilotaxitic microlitic volcanic lithic fragment displaying a trachytic texture. Surrounding detrital grains include brown vitric, colorless vitric, and lathwork volcanic lithic fragments, feldspar, and clinopyroxene (Sample 180-1108A-28R-CC, 3-7 cm [256.93 mbsf]) (plane-polarized light). 5. Pilotaxitic microlitic volcanic lithic fragment with trachytic texture. Surrounding detrital grains include feldspar, clinopyroxene, amphibole, biotite, brown vitric volcanic fragments, and foraminifers (Sample 180-1108A-34R-2, 126-128 cm [314.60 mbsf]) (cross-polarized light). 6. Clinopyroxene and feldspar phyric brown hyalopilitic volcanic lithic fragment surrounded by feldspar, clinopyroxene, brown vitric, lathwork, and microlitic volcanic lithic fragments (Sample 180-1112A-9R-CC, 25-27 [78.15 mbsf]) (plane-polarized light).