aa lava

basement units, A6:38-40, 42-43; A7:31-35
lava flows, A1:37; A4:16; B14:3-8
macroscopic attributes, B14:23
photograph, A6:97
vs. pahoehoe lava classification, B14:20-21

acritarchs, paleoenvironment, B3:6-9

actinolite, photomicrograph, A5:112

agate, banded, photograph, A9:62

agate, photograph, A5:132

age models

Neogene, B9:41, 48
sedimentation rates, B9:9-12

age vs. depth

Eocene-Oligocene, B5:23-24
Site 1135, A3:30; B4:34
Site 1136, A4:39; B4:35
Site 1137, A5:74
Site 1138, A6:81; B4:35; B9:9-12
Site 1139, A7:75; B7:18
Site 1140, A8:41; B6:14, 17
Site 1141, A9:48

Agost, carbon isotopes vs. depth, B4:39


biostratigraphy, A4:6, 10
dinocysts, B3:10-13
palynomorphs, B3:9
sediments, A1:14

Albian, middle, sand and clay, A1:34

Albian, middle-upper, lithologic units, A4:4-5

albite twinning, photomicrograph, A7:121

alkali basalt, chemical composition, A1:80, 88

alkali feldspar

lithologic units, A7:7-8, 14
phenocrysts, A7:42-43
photograph, A5:87
photomicrograph, A5:108, 110; A6:125; A7:121
volcanic siltstone, A5:32

alkali feldspar crystal, photograph, A7:85

alkalic composition, volcanic rocks, A7:40-42


basalt, A5:117
lava, A7:40
volcanism, B1:22-23
vs. silica, A1:58, 71

almandine, garnet composition, B16:2


basalt, B15:1-40
basement units, A6:36-46; A7:17-35
enrichment or depletion, A7:153
felsic rocks, A7:42-43
gabbro, A9:23-24
igneous rocks, A4:20-21; A5:187; A7:42-47
lithologic units, A1:25, 31
photograph, A4:41, 63-64; A6:91-92, 96-97, 117; A7:123-124; A9:79, 100-106
photomicrograph, A6:87-88
secondary minerals, A6:190; A7:201; A8:111
Site 1137, A5:38-43
Site 1138, A6:49-52
Site 1139, A7:42-47
Site 1140, A8:19-22
Site 1141, A9:30-35
vesicles, A7:43-47
volcaniclastics, A7:42-43
vs. depth, A4:46, 62; A5:98, 128-129; A6:140; A7:139; A8:70; A9:98-99
See also diagenesis; hydrothermal alteration

alteration, low-temperature, mass balance, B15:40

alteration halos

alteration, A9:33-35
basement units, A7:37, 44-47
composition, A8:20-22
photograph, A4:41; A5:137; A8:73; A9:103-105
vs. depth, A9:98; A9:99

alteration units, petrology, A5:38-43

aluminum, mobility, B15:9-10

aluminum oxide

alteration, A7:153
basement units, A6:48; A7:132; A9:27-28
garnet, B16:2
lithologic units, A4:19
lithology, A7:39
vs. depth, A7:134; A9:92
vs. magnesium number, A6:134; A8:64
vs. magnesium oxide, A4:57; A5:118; A9:94

aluminum oxide/calcium oxide ratio

basalt, A6:49
vs. depth, A8:65
vs. magnesium number, A8:64
vs. magnesium oxide, A4:57; A5:118; A6:137

aluminum oxide/titanium oxide ratio

basement units, A6:48
felsic rocks, A7:41
vs. magnesium number, A6:134
vs. silica, A7:137

analcime, alteration, B15:7

angiosperms, pollen, B3:8, 11-13


magnetization, A4:26, 74; A5:146; A7:162
remanent magnetization, A6:152

anorthite, pillow basalt, A8:17-19

anoxic events. See Cenomanian-Turonian Anoxic Boundary Event; Coniacian-Turonian Anoxic Event

Antarctic Circumpolar Current, paleoceanography, A3:6-7; B9:12

Antarctic fauna, radiolarians, B10:3-6

Antarctic polar front, sedimentation, A3:6-7

Anthocerotaceae, sporomorphs, B3:7


fractionation, A7:41-42
lithologic units, A1:31-32


lithologic units, A5:5-6
vs. depth, A8:70

Araucariaceae, Cretaceous, B3:10-11

araucariacean affinity, pollen, B3:8

argon-argon age

basement, A1:5-8; B1:4, 11, 25
chronology, B7:7
hot spots, B1:38
isochrons, B9:40
tephrachronology, B9:8-9, 47

Artostrobus. See Siphocampe+Artostrobus

ash-fall deposits

basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37
summary, A7:195

ash-fall deposits, accretionary lapilli-bearing pyroclastic, photograph, A6:93-95

ash-flow deposits, pyroclastic, units, A6:186

asthenosphere, depletion, A1:9

augite, lithologic units, A1:28

Austral Faunal Province, benthic foraminifers, B2:1-28

authigenesis, lithologic units, A4:12

autobreccia, basement units, A9:21; B14:3-8


B1, basement synthetic seismograms, A7:56

B1 reflection, basement, A6:61

B2 reflection

basement, A6:61
basement synthetic seismograms, A7:56
synthetic seismograms, A8:29

B3 reflection

basement, A6:61
basement synthetic seismograms, A7:56

B4 reflection, basement synthetic seismograms, A7:56

barite, vesicles, A5:40


basalt, A5:34-35
basement units, A7:132; A8:18; A9:27
felsic rocks, A7:41
fractionation, A7:41-42
lava, A1:15
lithology, A7:39
magmas, A7:40
mobility, B15:9-10
vs. depth, A4:59; A8:66; A9:93
vs. niobium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123

barium/niobium ratio, vs. depth, A8:66

Barremian, palynomorphs, B3:9


alteration, A6:50-52; A8:20-22; A9:30-35; B15:1-40
basement units, A6:23, 25-35, 37-46; A9:13-16, 30; B1:10-11
chemical composition, A1:80, 88; A6:132-133
contamination, B1:9
Eocene, A1:29
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A5:164
geochemistry, A1:59-63; B1:26; B15:28-31
igneous provinces, A1:15-22
incompatible elements, B1:43-44
isotopes, A1:59-60
lithologic units, A1:27, 32; A8:6
magnetic inclination, A8:112
magnetic intensity, A8:112
major elements, A5:34-36, 183-185; A6:47-48
mass balance at low-temperature alteration, B15:40
natural remanent magnetization, A8:112
paleomagnetism, A4:24-26
petrography, A5:30-32
petrography and geochemistry, B15:5-6
petrography and mineralogy, A4:17-19
photograph, A5:73, 130-131, 133; A6:84; A8:73-74; A9:62, 76, 103
photomicrograph, A5:84, 97, 104; A6:86-88
rare earths, B15:5-6
remanent magnetization, A7:202
rock magnetics, B1:24-25; B12:1-28
sources, A5:37
subaerial emplacement, B1:20
trace elements, A1:59-63, 81; A5:34-36, 120, 124; A6:47-48; A7:135; A8:67; A9:97; B1:9
vs. depth, A4:46; A5:99
See also alkali basalt

basalt, alkalic, lithologic units, A1:32-33

basalt, altered brecciated aphanitic, basement units, A9:25-26

basalt, aphyric

basement units, A5:14; A6:25-26, 28-35, 37-38; A7:20; A8:13-14
clasts, A1:18-19

basalt, brecciated, petrology, A5:41-43

basalt, clinopyroxene-olivine-phyric pillow, photomicrograph, A8:53-54

basalt, feldspar phyric, photomicrograph, A5:84

basalt, massive, basement units, A9:16, 19, 22, 25-26

basalt, olivine-phyric, basement units, A9:26

basalt, phyric, clasts, A1:18-19

basalt, plagioclase-clinopyroxene-phyric, basement units, A5:30; A6:46-47

basalt, plagioclase-olivine-phyric, lithology, A9:23-24

basalt, plagioclase-phyric

basement units, A5:15, 17, 30; A6:25-28, 30, 32-33, 37-41; A8:13-16; A9:24
photograph, A5:135

basalt, subaerial, median destructive field, B12:11-12

basalt, tholeiitic

basement, A1:6
geochemistry, A5:34-36
lava flows, A1:14
magnesium oxide, A8:19

basalt, vesicular aphyric, lithologic units, A5:29

basalt, weathered, basement rocks, A9:20

basalt clasts, lithologic units, A5:19-20

basalt fragments, lithologic units, A5:4, 13

basalt grains, lithologic units, A6:5

basalt pebbles

lithologic units, A3:4; A5:5
photograph, A4:40

basalt provinces, maps, B1:36

basalt shards, lithologic units, A5:13


depth, A5:178
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A5:163-164
geochemistry, A1:35-36; A5:34-38
igneous provinces, A1:1-101
igneous rocks, A1:5-8, 34-36; B1:7-14, 25-27
lithologic units, A1:31-32
lithology, A5:29-30
magnetic carriers, B12:3-4
magnetic properties, A5:47-48; A6:55-56
oceanic crust, A1:26-30
paleomagnetism, A4:24-26
petrography, A5:181-182
petrography and primary mineralogy, A5:30-34
photomicrograph, photograph, A5:84
reflections, A6:61
synthetic seismograms, A7:55-56
volcanic rocks, A1:19-22
See also sediment/igneous basement boundary

basement, acoustic

sediments, A1:23
seismic stratigraphy, A4:29-30

basement, basaltic, lithology, A1:13

basement, volcanic, comparison with terrigenous sedimentation, B7:31

basement contacts

internal boundaries, A6:183
photograph, A6:89-100, 103-123
photomicrograph, A6:101-102, 125-131

basement rocks, magnetics, A7:48-49

basement units

alteration, A6:50-52; A9:16-22
boundary depths, A8:122
chemical composition, A7:132
clast rounding, A7:76
contacts, A7:192
geochemistry, A5:47-48
internal textures, A7:76
lithology, A5:6-8, 13-27; A6:46-47; A7:14-35; A9:29-30
magnetic destructive field, A8:24
magnetic inclination, A9:37
major elements, A7:39; A8:110
median destructive field, A9:37
mineralogy, A5:47
petrography, A6:47, 187; A7:37-39, 196-197; A8:109; A9:24, 129
photograph, A6:99-100, 103-110, 112-123; A7:98-106; A9:49, 51, 54-56, 58-59, 61-80
photomicrograph, A9:81-85, 87-90
remanent magnetization, A9:37
secondary minerals, A6:190
summary, A7:189; B14:22
thickness, A8:108; A9:126-127
trace elements, A7:39; A8:110
true dip, A6:191
Unit 1, A5:14, 21; A6:23, 36, 50; A8:13; A9:12, 14, 16, 19, 30, 33
Unit 1/Unit 2 boundary, A5:21; A9:14, 19
Unit 1A, A7:14, 25
Unit 1B, A7:14, 25
Unit 1C, A7:14, 26
Unit 1D, A7:15, 26
Unit 1E, A7:15, 26
Unit 2, A5:14-15, 21-22; A6:24, 36-37, 50; A7:15-16, 26; A8:13; A9:13-14, 16-17, 19-20, 30, 33
Unit 2/Unit 3 boundary, A5:22; A6:37; A7:27; A9:14-15, 20
Unit 2A/Unit 2B boundary, A5:21-22
Unit 3, A5:15, 22-23; A6:25, 37, 50; A7:16, 27; A8:13-14; A9:13, 15, 30-31
Unit 3/Unit 4 boundary, A5:22-23; A6:37; A7:27; A9:15
Unit 3A, A9:17, 20, 33
Unit 3A/Unit 3B boundary, A5:22
Unit 3B, A9:17-18, 20, 33-34
Unit 3C, A9:18, 20, 33-34
Unit 3C/Unit 4 boundary, A9:21
Unit 4, A5:15-16, 22-24; A6:25-26, 38, 50; A7:16-17, 27; A8:14; A9:13, 15, 18, 21, 31, 34
Unit 4/Unit 5 boundary, A5:24; A6:38; A7:28; A9:15, 21
Unit 5, A5:16, 24; A6:26, 38-39, 50-51; A7:17, 28; A8:14; A9:13-16, 18-19, 21, 31-32, 34
Unit 5/Unit 6 boundary, A5:24; A6:39, 50-52; A7:28; A9:16, 22
Unit 6, A5:16-17, 24-25; A6:26, 39, 50-52; A7:17, 28; A8:14-15; A9:14, 16, 19, 22, 32, 34-35
Unit 6/Unit 7 boundary, A5:25; A6:39, 50-52; A7:28
Unit 7, A5:17-18, 25-26; A6:26-27, 39-40, 50-52; A7:17-18, 28-29
Unit 7/Unit 8 boundary, A5:25-26; A6:40; A7:29
Unit 7A/Unit 7B boundary, A5:25
Unit 8, A5:18, 26; A6:27, 40, 50-52; A7:18, 29
Unit 8/Unit 9 boundary, A5:26; A6:40; A7:29
Unit 8A/Unit 8B boundary, A5:26
Unit 9, A5:19, 26-27; A6:27-28, 40-41, 50-52; A7:18-19, 30
Unit 9/Unit 10 boundary, A5:27; A6:41, 50-52; A7:30
Unit 10, A5:19-20, 27; A6:28-29, 41, 50-52; A7:19, 30
Unit 10/Unit 11 boundary, A6:41; A7:31
Unit 11, A6:29, 42, 50-52; A7:19-20, 31
Unit 11/Unit 12 boundary, A6:42; A7:31
Unit 12, A6:29-30, 42, 50-52; A7:20, 31
Unit 12/Unit 13 boundary, A6:42; A7:32
Unit 13, A6:30, 42-43, 50-52; A7:20-21, 32
Unit 13/Unit 14 boundary, A6:43; A7:32
Unit 14, A6:31, 43, 50-52; A7:21, 32-33
Unit 14/Unit 15 boundary, A6:43; A7:33
Unit 15, A6:31, 43, 50-52; A7:22, 33
Unit 15/Unit 16 boundary, A6:43; A7:33
Unit 16, A6:31, 43, 50-52; A7:22-23, 34
Unit 16/Unit 17 boundary, A6:43; A7:34
Unit 17, A6:31-32, 43-44, 50-52; A7:23, 34
Unit 17/Unit 18 boundary, A6:44; A7:34
Unit 18, A6:32, 44, 50-52; A7:23-24, 34-35, 44-47
Unit 18/Unit 19 boundary, A6:44; A7:35
Unit 19, A6:32-33, 44, 50-52; A7:24, 35, 44-47
Unit 19/Unit 20 boundary, A6:45
Unit 20, A6:33-34, 45, 50-52
Unit 20/Unit 21 boundary, A6:45
Unit 21, A6:34, 45, 50-52
Unit 21/Unit 22 boundary, A6:45
Unit 22, A6:34-35, 46, 50-52
Units 1-4, A7:42-43
Units 5-17, A7:43-44
Units 5-19, A7:43
Units 18-19, A7:44-47
well logs, A8:30-32
X-ray fluorescence data, A7:198-200; A8:110; A9:130

bathyal environment

foraminifers, B2:6-7
lava flows, A8:5
lithologic units, A1:28; A6:10; A7:8; A8:7

bathymetry, Broken Ridge, A1:52, 55

bedding. See contorted bedding; cross stratification; graded bedding

Bennettitales, pollen, B3:8

bioclastics, lithologic units, A5:176

bioclasts, lithologic units, A5:5-6; A6:7-8; A7:7


Hornibrookina in early Paleocene, B4:40
lower Paleocene, B4:14
mass boundaries, B4:17
radiolarians, B10:3-6

biologic forcing, mid-Oligocene, B7:9

biostratigraphic datums

age models, B9:9-11
diatoms, B9:7, 15, 44-46, 48
Eocene-Holocene timescale, B8:14-16

biostratigraphic events, radiolarians, B10:14


Cenomanian-Turonian anoxic event, B3:3-4
late Miocene-early Pliocene radiolarians, B10:1-17
magnetic polarity, A7:48
Neogene diatoms, B9:1-53
Oligocene radiolarians, B5:6-7
Oligocene-Holocene nannofossils, B8:1-19
Paleocene-Eocene, B4:1-59
palynomorphs, B3:9-13
silicoflagellates, B11:1-20
Site 1135, A3:7-13
Site 1136, A4:6-10
Site 1137, A5:8-13
Site 1138, A6:10-22
Site 1139, A7:9-13
Site 1140, A8:5-12
Site 1141, A9:7-12


photomicrograph, A1:100; A5:111, 116
tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8


lithologic units, A3:4-5; A6:4-5
oxygen minimum zone, B7:11

bisaccates, pollen, B3:8

bivalves, lithologic units, A5:5-6; A6:6-7; A8:6

black shale, Cenomanian/Turonian Anoxic Boundary Event, A6:16


basement units, A5:15, 25; A6:27, 32, 37-38; A7:21-22; A8:15
photograph, A5:89; A9:52

"Bonerelli" horizon

biostratigraphy, A6:11
Cenomanian-Turonian anoxic event, B3:3-4

bottom currents, lithologic units, A8:7

boulders, basement, A1:17-19

brachiopods, lithologic units, A5:5-6


alteration, A6:50-52
basement units, A1:18-19, 21; A5:17-22, 38-43; A6:27-30, 36-40; A7:14-37; A9:14, 16-17, 19-20
hydrothermal alteration, A7:42-43
lithologic units, A1:24; A4:5, 11-12, 15
oxidation, A5:28
pahoehoe lava, A1:16
photograph, A4:40, 44, 63-64; A5:87-88, 90, 92; A6:80; A7:109; A9:59, 61, 66-68, 71, 74-75
photomicrograph, A5:93, 96-97
vs. depth, A4:62
See also sediment/breccia ratio

breccia, altered

basement units, A6:25-26, 37-38
photograph, A7:92

breccia, altered and disturbed, basement units, A7:17-18

breccia, aphanitic aphyric volcanic, basement units, A9:25-26

breccia, bedded pumice lithic, basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37

breccia, cemented, lithologic units, A5:14

breccia, flow-banded rhyolite, photograph, A7:77

breccia, flow-top, photograph, A5:76; A6:105-107, 117, 122-123; A7:91, 104-105; A9:61

breccia, lithic

basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37
photograph, A6:84, 93-95

breccia, plagioclase-phyric basaltic, lithologic units, A5:30

breccia, pumice, photograph, A6:91-92, 96-97

breccia, pumice lithic

basement units, A6:22, 46-47
photograph, A6:83, 85, 91
photomicrograph, A6:86-88

breccia, pumice/flow-banded felsic, basement units, A7:14, 26

breccia, red volcanic, photograph, A9:101

breccia, rhyolite, photograph, A7:90

breccia, sanidine-phyric trachyte, photograph, A7:149-152

breccia, sheared, photograph, A7:111

breccia, tectonic

structures, A6:52-53
vs. depth, A7:139

breccia, volcanic

basement units, A9:17-22; B14:3-8
vs. depth, A7:139

breccia, welded

basement units, A6:41, 43; A7:29; A9:21
photograph, A7:111
breccia clasts, lithologic units, A5:25
breccia matrix, vs. depth, A6:140

brecciated texture, photograph, A7:141


alteration, A7:45-47
basement units, A7:21-22
photograph, A6:118
photomicrograph, A5:92, 95

brecciation, in-situ, photomicrograph, A6:101-102

brecciation, penetrative, lithologic units, A5:27

Broken Ridge

Cretaceous, A1:30-33
geochronology, A1:34
igneous provinces, A1:1-101; B1:1-48

bryozoans, lithologic units, A6:7-8; A8:6

bubble content, lava flows, B14:3-8

bulk density logs, vs. depth, A8:92


lithologic units, A6:4-6; A7:5
sediments, A8:5



alteration, A6:50-52; A7:44-47; A9:31-35
lithologic units, A3:6; A5:17, 38-43; A6:4; A7:4-5; A8:3-7
photograph, A1:91; A4:63-64; A5:131, 136; A7:140, 142, 145, 147-148; A8:71, 74; A9:76-77, 79, 100-101, 103, 105
secondary minerals, A1:14; A4:20-21
sediments, B7:25
vs. depth, A7:139; A8:70; A9:98-99

calcite, idiomorphic, lithologic units, A8:6

calcite bands, photograph, A8:42

calcite cement

lithologic units, A7:7-8
photograph, A5:130; A8:59

calcite veins

dip, A4:22-23
vs. depth, A4:66

calcium, mobility, B15:9-10

calcium carbonate

lithologic units, A4:85
vs. depth, A5:138-139

calcium oxide

alteration, A7:153
basalt, A5:35
basement units, A7:132
felsic rocks, A7:41
garnet, B16:2
lithologic units, A4:19
lithology, A7:39
vs. depth, A8:65; A9:92
vs. magnesium number, A8:64
vs. magnesium oxide, A9:94
See also aluminum oxide/calcium oxide ratio

caliper logs, vs. depth, A5:159-160, 162, 167


basal sediments, A5:12-13
biostratigraphy, A4:9-10
foraminifers, A3:13; B1:21-22
lithologic units, A1:20; A3:5-6; A5:5-7
reflections, A6:61
remanent magnetization, A3:14; A6:54
seismic stratigraphy, A3:20

Campanian, middle

lithologic units, A4:4; A6:5-6
seismic stratigraphy, A4:29-30

Campanian, upper

lithologic units, A1:34
nannofossils, A6:14
paleoenvironment, B2:1-28


lithologic units, A7:211
lithology, A8:118

carbon, inorganic

lithologic units, A7:211
sediments, A3:18, 59; A4:29, 95; A5:51-52, 200; A6:5-6, 59, 204; A7:211; A8:118; A9:137
volcanics and volcaniclastics, A7:212

carbon, organic

lithologic units, A6:178-179; A7:5-6, 54, 190, 211; A9:41
sediments, A3:18, 59; A4:29, 95; A5:51-52, 200; A6:204; A7:211; A8:4, 27, 107, 118; A9:137; B7:5, 22-23
volcanics and volcaniclastics, A7:212
vs. depth, B7:16
See also organic carbon flux

carbon, total

basalt, A8:118
lithologic units, A6:178-179; A7:190
lithology, A8:107
volcanic rocks, A5:201; A6:205
volcaniclastics and basalt, A4:96
volcanics and volcaniclastics, A7:212

carbon dioxide

alteration, A7:46, 54, 153
basement units, A7:132
explosive felsic eruptions, B1:19
lithology, A7:39
silicate weathering, B7:10
volcanism, A1:38; B1:17-18
vs. depth, A7:131

carbon isotopes

benthic foraminifers, B7:29
Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, B4:10-14, 33
curves from around the world compared to Kerguelen Plateau, B4:38-39
sediments, B7:6, 26
vs. age, B7:21
vs. depth, B4:33, 38, 49; B7:16

carbonate compensation depth, benthic foraminifers, B2:6

carbonate content

Eocene-Oligocene, B1:22-23
lithologic units, A3:4-5, 17, 51; A4:4-6, 29; A5:4-5, 175; A6:4-9, 59, 178-179; A7:5-6, 54, 190, 211; A8:4-5; A9:5-7, 125
lithology, A8:107
ooze, A5:4, 13
sediments, A4:95; A5:200; A6:204; A9:137; B7:5, 22-23, 25
vs. depth, A4:62; A5:128-129; A6:59, 140; B7:16-17
vs. grain size, B7:15
vs. opal, B7:15
vs. oxygen isotopes, B7:15
vs. reflectance, B7:15

carbonate flux, vs. age, B7:19, 21

carbonate shoals, lithologic units, A7:7-8

carbonate/silica ratio, lithologic units, A6:5


alteration, B15:6-9
dissolution, B5:8-10
mass accumulation rates, B7:7-9
photograph, A8:72; A9:62
photomicrograph, A9:84
See also aragonite; dolomite; grainstone; packstone; rudstone

Carlsbad twinning

basement units, A7:38
photomicrograph, A7:121

casts, foraminifer, lithologic units, A4:5

casts, glauconite, lithologic units, A4:11-12

cataclasis, basement units, A7:17, 27, 42-43

cavities, bulbous, photograph, A6:121

Caytoniales, pollen, B3:8, 11


lithologic units, A4:5-6, 12; A5:38
photograph, A4:41, 63-64
secondary minerals, A1:14; A4:20-21

cementation, basement units, A7:21-22


dinocysts, B3:10-13
foraminifers, B1:21-22
lithologic units, A1:20, 34

Cenomanian, lower, nannofossils, A6:15

Cenomanian-Turonian Anoxic Boundary Event

biostratigraphy, B3:3-4
nannofossils, A6:16
planktonic foraminifers, A6:20

Cenomanian/Turonian boundary

lithologic units, A1:20
weathering, A6:10


biostratigraphy, A4:9
felsic magmas, A1:37-38
foraminifers, A3:10-11
nannofossils, A6:12-13
planktonic foraminifers, A6:17-19
See also Mesozoic-Cenozoic succession


basalt, A5:34-35
felsic volcanic rocks, A5:36-37
lava, A1:14
lithologic units, A4:19
vs. depth, A4:59
vs. niobium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123
See also niobium/cerium ratio

chabazite, alteration, B15:8

chalcedony, lithologic units, A4:5, 11


alteration, A8:20-22
lithologic units, A1:27

chalk, calcareous, lithologic units, A3:5-6

chalk, dolomitic nannofossil, basement units, A8:14

chalk, dolomitized nannofossil, lithologic units, A1:27

chalk, foraminifer nannofossil

lithologic units, A7:5
photograph, A7:68-69

chalk, foraminifer-bearing, lithologic units, A6:4-7

chalk, foraminifer-bearing nannofossil, lithologic units, A6:5-6

chalk, nannofossil, lithologic units, A3:5-6; A5:5; A8:3-5, 16-17

Cheirolepidiaceae, pollen, B3:8

chemical elements, mobility, B15:9-10


lithologic units, A4:4
X-ray diffraction data, A3:29

chill margins

alteration, A8:20-22
basement units, A5:22-27, 29-30, 44; A6:28-29, 39-40; A8:13-14, 17-20
photograph, A8:42, 46, 49; A9:56, 59
photomicrograph, A5:104; A6:101-102; A8:52, 58

chloranthaceous affinity, pollen, B3:8

chlorine, basalt, B1:17-18

chlorite, alteration, B15:6-9


lithologic units, A6:6-7; A7:5-6
sediments, A8:5


basement units, A8:17
photomicrograph, A1:92; A8:52


basalt, A5:34-35
basement units, A6:48; A8:18; A9:27-28
lava, A1:14
lithologic units, A1:22-23; A4:19
sediments, B7:5
vs. depth, A1:81; A5:98, 121; A6:135; A8:66; A9:93

Chron 29n, Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, A1:13

Chron 29r, Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, A1:13

Chron C1r, sediments, A5:46-47

Chron C2D, lithologic units, A1:23

Chron C2n, age models, B9:10

Chron C2r, sediments, A5:46-47; A6:54

Chron C3n, sediments, A6:54

Chron C3r, sediments, A6:54

Chron C4, sediments, A6:54

Chron C5-C6, sediments, A5:46-47

Chron C5An, sediments, A6:54

Chron C5Dr, magnetic polarity, A7:48

Chron C5n, sediments, A6:54

Chron C5r, sediments, A6:54

Chron C6Cn, sediments, A7:48

Chron C6Cr, sediments, A7:48

Chron C7, sediments, A7:48

Chron C7-C8, sediments, A5:46-47

Chron C7-C12, sediments, A7:48

Chron C7n, sediments, A7:48

Chron C11n, Oligocene, B5:6

Chron C11n.2n, magnetic anomalies, A1:3

Chron C11r

radiolarians, B5:10
sediments, A6:54

Chron C11r/C11n boundary, Oligocene, B5:6

Chron C12, lithologic units, A1:23

Chron C12n, sediments, A7:48

Chron C12n/C12r, sediments, A7:48

Chron C12r, sediments, A7:48

Chron C13

lithologic units, A1:23
sediments, A5:46-47

Chron C13n/C13r, sediments, A7:48

Chron C15r, sediments, A5:46-47

Chron C17n, radiolarians, B5:10

Chron C18n.2n, magnetic anomalies, A1:3

Chron C21r, magnetic polarity, A4:23-24

Chron C22r, magnetic polarity, A4:23-24

Chron C23, magnetic anomalies, A1:3

Chron C24, sediments, A6:54

Chron C27, sediments, A6:54

Chron C31r

magnetic polarity, A4:24
remanent magnetization, A3:14

Chron C33n, sediments, A6:54

Chron C34, magnetic anomalies, A1:3

Chron C34n

magnetic polarity, A4:24
remanent magnetization, A3:14
sediments, A6:54

chrons. See also Cretaceous Normal Superchron

clast size, vs. depth, A5:86


alteration, A7:44-47
basement, A1:18-19, 35; A5:30, 38-43
basement units, A6:26-46; A7:14-39; A9:14, 16-22
lava flows, A4:16
lithologic units, A1:25, 32-33; A5:15-22; A7:42-43
petrology, A5:32-33
photograph, A3:28; A4:40, 64; A5:76, 87-88, 134, 137; A6:83-84, 117; A7:84, 101, 150; A8:59; A9:59, 74-75, 101; B14:17-18
photomicrograph, A1:100; A5:94, 96, 109, 111
rounding, A7:76

clasts, altered, photograph, A7:106

clasts, angular, photograph, A9:68

clasts, autolithic breccia, photograph, A7:103

clasts, breccia

basement units, A6:25-26, 37-38
oxidation, A7:43-47
photomicrograph, A7:78, 82, 86

clasts, chilled, photomicrograph, A6:101-102

clasts, elongated, photograph, A9:71

clasts, garnet-biotite, monazite, B1:9

clasts, gneiss, garnet grains, B1:9

clasts, granite, photomicrograph, A5:110

clasts, igneous, petrology, A5:32-33

clasts, lava

basement units, A7:14, 25
photograph, A5:80
photomicrograph, A5:95

clasts, lithic

alteration, A6:50; A7:43
lithologic units, A5:7, 26
photograph, A6:83-84, 89-90; A7:112
photomicrograph, A6:86-88

clasts, mafic, tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8

clasts, metamorphic, petrology, A5:33-34

clasts, oxidized, photograph, A5:130

clasts, pebble, photograph, A5:73

clasts, plagioclase-clinopyroxene-phyric basalt, basement units, A6:46-47

clasts, potassium feldspar

lithologic units, A5:7
photograph, A5:137

clasts, pumice

alteration, A6:50
photograph, A6:83-85, 89-90
photomicrograph, A6:86-88

clasts, sanidine-phyric, geochemistry, A5:36-37

clasts, variegated mud, lithologic units, A6:4

clasts, vesicular, photograph, A6:98, 100

clasts, vesicular rhyolite, photograph, A7:89

clasts, volcanic

alteration, A6:50-52
basement units, B14:3-8
lithologic units, A5:16
photomicrograph, A5:92-93, 97

clasts, welded

basement units, A7:29
photograph, A6:117


alteration, A9:33-35
basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37; A9:31
lithologic units, A1:28, 34; A4:11-12; A6:5
photograph, A4:63-64; A5:80, 133; A9:72-73
photomicrograph, A5:116
sediments, B7:25
vs. depth, A4:62; A5:128-129; A6:140; A7:139; A9:98-99

clay, calcareous

lithologic units, A3:5-6
photograph, A3:28

clay, diatom, lithologic units, A1:19

clay, foraminifer-bearing diatom, lithologic units, A6:4

clay, foraminifer-bearing nannofossil, lithologic units, A6:5

clay, granule-bearing, basement units, A9:18, 21

clay, nannofossil, lithologic units, A1:20

clay, nannofossil-bearing, lithologic units, A7:5-6, 14

clay, silty, photograph, A6:77

clay, volcanic

basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37
photograph, A6:96

clay, zeolitic silty

lithologic units, A4:5-6, 12-13
photograph, A4:41

clay minerals

alteration, A8:20-22
basement units, A7:19
lithologic units, A4:4; A7:5-6, 14; A8:3-5
microprobe data, B15:35
photograph, A6:91-92, 96-97, 117
photomicrograph, A6:87-88, 127


alteration, A6:50-52
photograph, A8:73; A9:101-102
vs. depth, A8:70


photograph, A6:80
Upper Cretaceous, A1:34

claystone, black, lithologic units, A6:7

claystone, black nannofossil, photograph, A6:71-72

claystone, nannofossil, lithologic units, A6:6-7

claystone, nannofossil-bearing, lithologic units, A7:5-6, 14

claystone, sandy, lithologic units, A6:8-9

claystone, silty, lithologic units, A1:20; A6:8-9

claystone, well-indurated normally graded, basement units, A9:25-26

climate forcing, mid-Oligocene, B7:9


alteration, B15:6
lithologic units, A3:6; A4:12; A7:5-6
photograph, A5:135; A6:100, 105, 117


alteration, A4:21
basalts, A4:17-19; A5:31
basement, A1:17
basement units, A6:47; A7:37-39; A8:17-18
photomicrograph, A4:47, 53; A6:130; A8:54; A9:83
vs. depth, A4:46; A5:99

clots, vesicular

basement units, A6:38-39
photograph, A6:98

CM reflection, seismic stratigraphy, A3:20

CM1 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

CM2 reflection, Campanian-Maastrichtian, A6:61

cobalt, mobility, B15:9-10


basement units, A1:21, 24; A5:7, 16-17, 25; A7:14-35; A9:16, 19
chemical composition, A1:80
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A5:165

cobbles, aphyric flow-banded dacite, basement units, A6:23, 36, 46-47

cobbles, basaltic, basement units, A6:27, 37-38

cobbles, breccia, basement units, A7:14, 25

cobbles, dacite

alteration, A6:50
composition, A1:37
lava structures, A6:22
photomicrograph, A6:125

coercivity, hysteresis, B12:7-8, 17; B13:4-5

coherence function, velocity, A5:155

colloform texture, photograph, A9:100, 103


basement units, A6:99-100
lithologic units, A6:5-9
vs. depth, A5:128-129; A6:140; A8:70; A9:98-99

compressional wave velocity

interpretation, A5:50-51
lithologic units, A1:22-23, 27; A3:16; A4:28, 93; A5:193-198; A6:197-202; A7:206-209; A8:26-27; A9:40-41, 133-135
lithology, A6:58; A7:52-53; A8:115-116
sediments, A1:16
vs. bulk density, A3:37; A5:166
vs. depth, A3:36, 40-42; A4:75, 77-79; A5:153-154, 161; A6:159-161; A7:169-171; A8:86-87
vs. shallow resistivity logs, A8:95

compressional wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A5:160, 162; A8:92

compressional wave velocity/transverse wave velocity ratio logs, vs. depth, A5:160


age, A8:12
alteration, A6:50
basement, A1:6, 17-19, 32-33, 41-44
basement units, A7:34
garnet, B16:1-8
lithologic units, A5:6-8, 13-27; A6:8-9
photograph, A1:99; A5:71-72
photomicrograph, A1:100; A5:109
vs. depth, A5:138-140

conglomerate, fluvial, basement, A1:35

conglomerate, polymictic, lithologic units, A5:7

conglomerate, volcanic

Formation MicroScanner imagery, A5:165
lithologic units, A1:18; A5:25
vs. depth, A5:86


dinocysts, B3:10-13
foraminifers, A3:13
nannofossils, A6:15

Coniacian, middle, nannofossils, A6:15

Coniacian-Turonian Anoxic Event, biostratigraphy, A6:11

Coniacian-Turonian succession, planktonic foraminifers, A6:19-20

conifer remains

kerogen, B3:6
photomicrograph, B3:32

contorted bedding

basement units, A6:23
lithologic units, A3:4-5

copper, mobility, B15:9-10

copper, native, vs. depth, A9:98

corundum, garnet-biotite gneiss, A5:37


foraminifers, B1:21-22
lithologic units, A1:27
nannofossils, A3:9-10
paleoceanography, B1:21-22
paleoenvironment, B1:21-22
paleolatitude, A6:56
plate tectonics, B2:9-10
volcanism, A1:1-3; B1:1-48
See also Albian; Cenomanian; Cenomanian-Turonian Anoxic Boundary Event; Cenomanian/Turonian boundary; Coniacian; Cretaceous Normal Superchron; Maastrichtian

Cretaceous, Middle

planktonic foraminifers, A6:19-20
paleobotany and palynology, B3:1-39

Cretaceous, Upper

biostratigraphy, A4:9-10; A5:10-13; A6:11
claystone, A1:34
lithologic units, A1:20; A6:8-10
paleoenvironment, B2:1-28
planktonic foraminifers, A6:19-20; B2:1-28
remanent magnetization, A6:54
sediments, A1:13

Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary

benthic foraminifers, B2:6
biostratigraphy, A6:11; B3:3-4; B4:1-59
carbon isotopes, B4:10-14, 33
Chron 29r, A1:13
extinction event, B4:12-13
lithologic units, A6:6
nannofossils, A3:8-9; A6:13-14; B1:28; B4:7, 47-48
photograph of position, B4:32
planktonic foraminifers, A6:19
remanent magnetization, A3:14
unconformities, B4:11-14

Cretaceous Normal Superchron

characteristic remanent magnetization, B12:6, 12
sediments, A1:16

crinoids, lithologic units, A6:7-8; A8:5-6

cross stratification, photograph, A5:70; A7:71-74

Crozet Basin

hot spots, A1:26-30
magnetic anomalies, A1:3

crust, continental

basement, A1:35
igneous provinces, A1:2

crust, mafic, structure, B1:25

crust, structure, A1:5

crust, uppermost, structure, A1:19-22

crystallinity, lava flows, B14:3-8

crystallization, tephrachronology, B9:8-9

Curie temperature

demagnetization, A5:148
thermomagnetic curves, B12:6-7, 10-11, 25-26; B13:5

cuticles, kerogen, B3:5-6

Cyatheaceae, sporomorphs, B3:7

cycadophytes, pollen, B3:8



alteration, A6:50; B1:10
chemical composition, A1:80
eruptions, A1:37
lithologic units, A1:21
photomicrograph, A6:125

Danian, nannofossils, A3:8-9

debris flows, sedimentation, A5:7-8

deep induction logs, vs. depth, A8:92

deep resistivity logs, vs. depth, A7:175-176, 178

deformation, brittle, photograph, A8:72; A9:68

deformation, lithologic units, A5:4, 13; A6:4


basalt, A4:24-26
discrete samples, B13:3-4
sediments, A7:47-48

demagnetization, alternating-field

sediments, B13:9, 13
vectors, A3:34; A4:69, 72; A5:141, 147; A6:143, 153; A7:154, 163; A8:75, 80; A9:106, 110, 112

demagnetization, thermal, vectors, A4:73; A5:148; A6:154; A7:164; A8:81


discrete samples, A5:56-58
vs. depth, A4:79; A5:98, 151, 153, 156-157, 161-162; A6:162-163; A7:162-173; A8:89-90

density, bulk

lithologic units, A1:31; A8:25; A9:38-39
lithology, A6:57; A7:50-51
vs. compressional wave velocity, A3:37; A5:166
vs. depth, A3:36, 40-41; A4:75, 77-78; A5:149-150, 153-154, 159, 161; A6:155-157, 159-161; A7:165-171; A8:82-84, 86-87, 93; A9:113-114, 115-117
vs. porosity, A5:166
vs. shear wave velocity, A5:166

density, grain

lithologic units, A1:20; A4:26; A8:25; A9:38-39
lithology, A6:57; A7:50
vs. depth, A3:36; A4:75, 77; A5:149-150; A6:155-156; A7:165-166; A8:82-83; A9:113-115

density, GRAPE

lithologic units, A3:16; A4:27; A8:26; A9:39
lithology, A6:57; A7:51
MST data, A5:34
vs. depth, A4:76, 78; A5:153-154, 161; A6:159-161; A7:169-171; A8:86-87

density, GRAPE bulk, vs. depth, A3:39-41

density logs

vs. depth, A8:93-94
vs. porosity, A8:96
See also bulk density logs


basement rocks, A9:20
glass shards, A4:12-13


lithologic units, A7:211
placoliths, B8:7
See also alteration


abundance, B9:43
biostratigraphy, A5:9-10; A6:21-22; A7:9-11; A8:6-9
lithologic units, A5:4-5
Miocene datums, B9:44
Miocene-Pleistocene, B1:23-24
Neogene biostratigraphy, B9:1-53
Oligocene, B5:4-7
Oligocene-Miocene biostratigraphy, B6:1-21
Oligocene-Miocene zonation, B6:13
paleoenvironment, B9:14
photomicrograph, B6:18-21; B9:50-53
Pliocene-Pleistocene datums, B9:45-46
preservation, B9:5-6
stratigraphic distribution, B6:15
systematic paleontology, B9:15-27
vs. depth, B5:30
zonation, B9:6-7, 12-13, 37-38
zone age assignments, B6:16

dickite, alteration, B15:6

Dicksoniaceae, sporomorphs, B3:7, 11


Coniacian, B3:10
photomicrograph, B3:33, 38


cyst occurrences, B3:27-29
paleoenvironment, B3:6-9
stratigraphic ranges, B3:29

dinoflagellates, endoskeletal

abundance, B9:43
preservation, B9:5-6


lava flows, A4:22-23, 68
lithologic units, A7:5
veins, A4:67
vs. depth, A5:138, 140; A6:141
vs. frequency, A6:142

dip, true, basement units, A6:191

Discoasters, biogeography, B4:17


biostratigraphy, A7:11
Miocene/Pliocene boundary, B9:11-12


carbonates, B5:8-10
planktonic foraminifers, A8:9-10
radiolarians, B5:7-8


radiolarians, B5:8
See also dominance/diversity ratio


basement units, A8:14, 16-17
oxidation halos, A8:21-22
photograph, A1:91; A8:71-72
photomicrograph, A8:56
sediments, A8:5
vs. depth, A8:70

dolomite crystals, sediments, A8:4

dominance/diversity ratio, foraminifers, B2:7-8, 24

downhole measurements, A5:54-58; A7:56-58; A8:29-32

dredge samples, planktonic foraminifers, B2:3, 5-6



abundance, B9:43
preservation, B9:5-6

echinoderms, lithologic units, A7:7-8

echinoids, lithologic units, A6:7-8; A8:6

El Kef, carbon isotopes vs. depth, B4:39

Elan Bank

garnet sand grains, B16:1-8
igneous provinces, A1:1-2, 15-19, 37, 39; B1:5
igneous rocks, B1:9-10

Eltanin Core E54-7, Upper Cretaceous foraminifers, B2:1-28

elutriation, resedimentation, A4:12-13

emplacement, welding zones, A7:35-36

Enderby Basin

drilling, A1:22-26
hot spots, A1:26-30; B1:5-7
magnetic anomalies, A1:3


basalt, A1:29
biostratigraphy, A4:6; B4:1-59
lithologic units, A1:31, 34; A5:4-5; A6:5-6; A7:6-8
paleoceanography, B1:22-23
planktonic foraminifers, A5:10-13
plate tectonics, B2:9-10
remanent magnetization, A6:54
sedimentation rates, B4:15-16
sediments, A1:13
See also Paleocene/Eocene boundary

Eocene, lower, planktonic foraminifers, A6:19

Eocene, lower-middle

lithologic units, A3:4-5; A4:4
sedimentation rates, B4:11

Eocene, middle

biostratigraphy, A4:9
nannofossils, A6:12
seismic stratigraphy, A3:20

Eocene, middle-upper, lithologic units, A9:5-6

Eocene, upper

biomagnetostratigraphic correlation, A8:12
lithologic units, A8:6
sediments, A8:5

Eocene-Holocene timescale, geochronology, B8:14-16

Eocene-Oligocene succession

age vs. depth, B5:23-24
radiolarian family levels, B5:25

Eocene/Oligocene boundary

biomagnetostratigraphic correlation, A8:12
nannofossils, A6:12
radiolarians, B5:8-9

epiclastics, lithologic units, A4:13-14

epifaunal/infaunal content, foraminifers, B2:8-9, 26-27

eruption rates

lava flows, B14:3-8
vs. age, B7:20


environment, A5:28; B1:16-20, 27-28
submarine environment, A8:19
water, A9:26

etching, diagenetic, placoliths, B8:7


basement units, A6:47
photomicrograph, A5:105

extinction event, Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, B4:12-13


fabric, welded, photograph, A7:85, 89

fault zones

basement units, A7:15, 26
lithologic units, A1:24


felsic rocks, A7:42-43
lithologic units, A7:5


sediments, A8:5
See also microfaults

faunal affinities, foraminifers, B2:9


basement units, A7:14, 18, 25-35; A9:18, 21
fractionation, A7:41-42
lithologic units, A3:6; A8:3-5
lithology, A5:6-8, 13-27
See also alkali feldspar; plagioclase

feldspar crystals, basement units, A6:23

feldspar overgrowth, photomicrograph, A5:108

felsic composition, tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8

felsic magmas

Cenozoic, A1:37-38; B1:19
eruptions, A1:37

felsic rocks

alteration, A7:42-43
lithologic units, A7:8, 36
major elements, A5:186; A6:47-48
trace elements, A6:47-48; A7:136

felsic shards, lithologic units, A5:13

fern axes, plant fossils, A6:22


kerogen, B3:5-6
photomicrograph, B3:31
sporomorphs, B3:7-8

ferromanganese crust, lithologic units, A8:5-6

firmgrounds, lithologic units, A3:6

flow banding

alteration, A6:50; A7:42-43
basement units, A6:23, 36; A7:37
photograph, A7:77, 105
photomicrograph, A5:109; A7:81-82

flow margins, photograph, A6:120

fluorine, basalt, B1:17-18

fluvial environment

lithologic units, A6:10; A7:25
sedimentation, A5:8

foraminiferal linings, paleoenvironment, B3:6-9


biostratigraphy, A3:10-13
Cretaceous, B1:21-22
Eocene-Oligocene, B1:22-23
faunal affinities, B2:9, 25
lithologic units, A3:4-5; A4:4-6; A5:5-6; A6:7-8; A8:5-6
Miocene, A1:29
photomicrograph, B2:28
taxonomy, B2:10-16

foraminifers, benthic

assemblages, B7:6-7
carbon isotopes, B7:6
lithologic units, A5:4-5
presence, B7:27-28
Upper Cretaceous, B2:1-28

foraminifers, planktonic

biostratigraphy, A4:8-9; A5:10-12; A6:17-21; A7:11-13; A8:9-12
Upper Cretaceous, Core E54-7, B2:1-28

Formation MicroScanner imagery

petrology, A5:57-58
vs. depth, A5:163-165; A8:97-100

fossilization, plant fossils, A6:22

fractional crystallization

basement, A1:35
felsic rocks, A7:41

fracture density, vs. depth, A6:141


alteration, A6:50-52; A7:44; A9:33-35
basement units, A6:30, 33; A7:15, 22-23, 26-37
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A5:164
photograph, A4:41; A6:119; A7:77, 79, 83, 91; A8:49
photomicrograph, A5:114; A7:80
veins, A5:44
See also perlitic fracture

fractures, brittle, tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8

free-air gravity maps, Broken Ridge, A1:53-54, 56; A3:23-24; A4:34-35; A5:62-63



alteration, A9:23-24, 30
basement units, A9:12, 14
See also microgabbro

gabbro, plagioclase-clinopyroxene-olivine, lithology, A9:23-24, 30

gabbro pebbles, lithologic units, A6:4

gamma rays

discrete samples, A5:58
lithologic units, A3:16; A4:27; A8:26; A9:39-40
lithology, A6:57-58; A7:51-52
MST data, A5:50
vs. depth, A3:39-41; A4:76; A5:98, 151, 162; A6:157, 159-161; A7:167; A8:84; A9:114, 116

gamma-ray logs, vs. depth, A5:159-160, 162; A7:175-178; A8:92-94


composition, B16:1-8
gneiss clasts, B1:9
photomicrograph, A5:107, 111
volcanic siltstone, A5:32
See also almandine; pyrope

garnet, poikiloblastic, photomicrograph, A1:100

garnet, porphyroblastic, photomicrograph, A1:100

gas content, lava flows, B14:3-8


basalt, A1:59-63
basalts, A1:19-22
basement, A1:35-36; A5:34-38
garnet-biotite gneiss, A5:37
igneous rocks, A1:7-11; A4:17-20; A7:39

geochemistry, igneous

Site 1138, A6:59
Site 1139, A7:39
Site 1140, A8:16-19
Site 1141, A9:26-30
Site 1142, A9:26-30

geochemistry, inorganic

Site 1135, A3:17-18
Site 1136, A4:29
Site 1137, A5:51-52
Site 1138, A6:59
Site 1139, A7:54
Site 1140, A8:27
Site 1141, A9:41

geochemistry, organic

Site 1135, A3:17-18
Site 1136, A4:29
Site 1137, A5:51-52
Site 1138, A6:59
Site 1139, A7:54
Site 1140, A8:27
Site 1141, A9:41


depths and ages of criteria, B7:30
Eocene-Holocene timescale, B8:14-16
magmatism, A1:9, 34; B1:3-4
nannofossils, B7:7, 30
tephra stratigraphy, B9:1-53

geopetal structures

lava flows, A6:52-53
vesicles, A5:40, 45

gibbsite, lithologic units, A6:8-9

glacioeustacy, Oligocene, B7:8

glass inclusions

basalts, A4:18-19
photomicrograph, A4:49-50

glass shards

basement units, A7:26-27
lithologic, A6:22-23, 35-36
lithologic units, A5:5, 7, 19
photomicrograph, A5:91, 113
resedimentation, A4:12-13
tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8, 39
tuff, A1:18-19

glass shards, palagonitized

lithologic units, A4:4-5, 11-13
photograph, A4:40

glassy rip-ups, photograph, A6:120


lithologic units, A3:5-6; A4:5-6, 11-13; A5:5-6; A6:7-8; A7:5-6
photograph, A5:69
sedimentation, A5:8
sediments, B7:25

glauconite, diagenetic, photograph, A7:68-69

Gleicheniaceae, sporomorphs, B3:7


basalts, A4:18-19; A5:31
basement units, A6:47
photomicrograph, A5:101; A6:130; A8:54
vs. depth, A4:46; A5:99

gneiss, actinolite, clasts, A5:33

gneiss, garnet

photomicrograph, A1:100
trace elements, A5:120

gneiss, garnet-biotite

basement, A1:35; B1:26
clasts, A1:18-19; A5:7, 33
geochemistry, A5:37
lithologic units, A5:7
photomicrograph, A5:111

gneiss pebbles, lithologic units, A4:3-4

gneiss, photomicrograph, A5:112


alteration, B15:8
lithologic units, A4:12; A5:16
thermomagnetic curves, B13:5

goethite, crystalline, photomicrograph, A9:85

graded bedding, photograph, A5:70, 134

grain size

sediments, B7:5, 24
tephra fall deposits, B9:7-8
vs. carbonate content, B7:15
vs. depth, A5:86


lithologic units, A7:7-8
photograph, A7:72-74
sedimentation, A1:37, 39

granite pebbles, lithologic units, A3:4; A4:3-4


basement, A1:35
clasts, A1:18-19; A5:33


basement, A1:17-19
lithologic units, A3:4; A4:3-4; A5:16; A6:8-9; A7:8
photograph, A6:77; A9:72-73

gravel, lithic, basement units, A6:24-25, 36-37

gravity maps. See free-air gravity maps

groundmass, subtrachytic, photomicrograph, A6:125

groundmass, titanomagnetite, photomicrograph, A6:128-129


biostratigraphy, A6:22
pollen, B3:8



discrimination of types, B14:27
lava flows, B14:11

Heard Island

basement, A1:6, 9, 19-22; B1:7
tephra fall deposit provenance, B9:7-8
trachyte, A5:127


alteration, A7:45; A9:33-35
basement units, A7:39
lithologic units, A1:25; A4:12; A5:16
photograph, A7:144, 147; A9:76
photomicrograph, A7:120
vs. depth, A7:139

hemipelagic environment

lithologic units, A7:25
paleoceanography, A3:6-7


alteration, B15:6, 8
lithologic units, A4:5, 12-13


biostratigraphy, A6:11
lithologic units, A5:8, 29-30; A7:6
Miocene/Pliocene boundary, B9:11
nannofossils, A6:15
Oligocene/Miocene boundary, B9:11-12

Hoegisporis Superzone, assemblages, B3:11

Holocene. See Oligocene-Holocene succession

horizontal vesicular zones, lithologic units, A5:22-27

hornblende, photomicrograph, A5:107

Hornibrookina, biogeography, B4:40

hornwort, sporomorphs, B3:7

hot spots

magma output, A1:57; B1:4-7, 16, 25-26, 39-40
oceanic crust, A1:26-30
plate tectonics, A1:50-51

hyaloclastite, lava flows, A8:15-16

hydration, basement units, A7:14, 25

hydrochloric acid, volcanism, A1:38


basalt, A8:119
lithologic units, A7:211; A9:41
sediments, A3:18, 59; A4:29, 95; A5:200; A6:59, 204; A7:54, 211; A8:27, 118; A9:137; B7:22-23
volcanic rocks, A5:201; A6:205
volcaniclastics and basalt, A4:96
volcanics and volcaniclastics, A7:212

hydrothermal alteration

breccia, A7:42-43
lithologic units, A4:12

hydrothermal alteration, submarine, environmental effects, B1:19-20


coercive force, B12:7-8, 17-19, 27-28
sediments, B13:4-5, 15-16


ice-rafted debris

lithologic units, A3:4-5; A4:3-4; A6:4
plutonic rocks, A1:23

igneous petrology, A4:17-20; A5:28-37; A6:46-49; A7:36-42; A8:16-19; A9:22-26

igneous provinces. See large igneous provinces

igneous rocks

alteration, A7:42-47
basement, A1:5-8; B1:7-14, 25-26
chemical composition, A1:80, 88; A6:132; A7:130; A8:63
genesis, A1:9-11, 34-36
lithologic units, A1:87
secondary minerals, A4:89
X-ray fluorescence data, A6:188-189

igneous rocks, cryptocrystalline, alteration, A6:50

illite, alteration, A7:45-47

ilmenite, photomicrograph, A5:105

imbricate structure, photograph, A5:72

impedance, vs. depth, A3:42; A4:79; A5:156-157; A6:162-163; A7:162-173; A8:89-90


basement units, A7:38; A8:17
photomicrograph, A4:48; A5:115-116; A8:52, 62
See also glass inclusions; melt inclusions

incompatible elements, basalt, B1:43-44

index properties

lithologic units, A3:15, 53-57; A4:26, 92; A5:49, 190-192; A6:56-57, 193-196; A7:50-51, 203-205; A8:24-25; A9:38-39, 132
lithology, A8:113-114
vs. depth, A3:36; A4:75; A6:155

Indian Ocean E, basalt provinces, B1:36

Indian Ocean S, plate tectonics, A1:50-51; B1:5-7, 39

induction logs. See deep induction logs; medium induction logs

induration, basement units, A7:14, 25

infaunal content. See epifaunal/infaunal content

inoceramids, lithologic units, A5:5-6; A6:6-7

intergranular texture, basement units, A8:17; A9:24, 26

intergrowths, glomeroporphyritic, photomicrograph, A4:48-51

intersertal texture, basement units, A8:17; A9:24

intertidal environment, paleoenvironment, A1:26


lithologic units, A7:6
mobility, B15:9-10
See also magnesium/iron ratio

iron oxide

alteration, A7:153; B15:9
basalt, A5:35
basement, A1:35
basement units, A6:48; A7:132; A9:27
enrichment, A6:48-49
garnet, B16:2
lithologic units, A1:31-32; A4:19
lithology, A7:39
vs. depth, A4:59; A6:133; A9:92
vs. magnesium oxide, A4:57; A5:118; A6:137

iron oxyhydroxides

alteration, A4:21; A8:20-22; B15:8
lithologic units, A1:28

isochrons, argon-argon age, B9:40

Isoetales, sporomorphs, B3:7

isotopes. See argon isotopes; oxygen isotope zone Oi2; carbon isotopes; lead isotopes; neodymium isotopes; oxygen isotopes; strontium isotopes


joints, basement units, A6:45; A8:13


k-strategists, planktonic foraminifers, B2:3, 5-6


crystal-vitric tuff, A5:34
photomicrograph, A5:116

kaolinite, lithologic units, A6:8-9

Kerguelen Plateau

alteration of basalts, B15:1-40
drilling, B1:37
igneous provinces, A1:1-101; B1:1-48
mafic lava flows, B14:1-28
Paleocene-Eocene biostratigraphy, B4:1-59
paleogeography, B4:26
subsidence, B1:16-18

Kerguelen Plateau central, basement, A1:4; B1:10-11

Kerguelen Plateau N, basement, A1:4; B1:13-14

Kerguelen Plateau S, basement, A1:4; B1:8-9

kerogen, plant debris, B3:5, 30


Labuan Basin, basement, A1:4


basement, A1:17-19
lithologic units, A5:6-8, 13-27; A6:8-9; A7:5
photograph, A5:80; A7:68-69

laminations, contorted, basement units, A7:20

lanthanum/niobium ratio

lava, A1:7-8
vs. strontium-87/strontium-86 ratio, A1:63
vs. thorium/niobium ratio, A1:61-62
vs. vertical distance of data points, B1:47

large igneous provinces

drilling, A1:65-66, 101
environmental consequences, A1:1-101; B1:1-48

late Paleocene Thermal Maximum, biostratigraphy, B4:15

laterologs, deep, vs. depth, A5:159

laterologs, shallow, vs. depth, A5:159


alkalis, A7:40
basement units, A9:17-18, 20-21
classification, B14:12-15
evolution, A7:41-42; B1:13
idealized classification, B14:10
lithologic units, A1:29
neodymium isotopes, A1:7-8; B1:15, 26
photograph, A5:134; A6:107; B14:17-19
rock magnetics, B12:1-28
strain rate vs. viscosity, B14:16
subaerial emplacement, B1:20

lava, alkalic, basement, A1:6, 34-36

lava, altered mafic, basement units, A9:13, 15

lava, altered massive, basement units, A9:17-18, 20

lava, coherent vesicular, basement units, A6:26-35

lava, intermixed, photograph, A9:63-64

lava, mafic, geochemistry, A7:41-42

lava, oxidized, basement units, A9:13-14

lava, plagioclase-phyric basaltic, lithologic units, A5:14

lava, transitional, flows, Hawaii, B14:4-5

lava, vesicular, lithologic units, A5:14

lava flows

alteration, A6:50-52; A7:8-9
average lobe thickness, A8:50
basement, A1:11-12; B1:28
basement units, A6:22, 25-35, 37-46, 50-52; A7:14-37
bathyal environment, A8:5
brecciated flow tops, A6:52
contact internal boundaries, A6:183
debris flows, A5:7-8
dip, A4:68
discrete samples from each, A5:47-48
discrimination of idealized types, B14:26
discrimination of types, Hawaii, B14:27
emplacement, A4:16-17; A5:27-28
identification, B14:5-7
internal textures, A6:184
lithologic units, A1:21, 24, 27, 31-33; A4:6, 14-17; A5:13-43; A6:9, 182
lobe sizes, A8:15
paleomagnetism, A4:24-26
photograph, A6:118, 120
subaerial emplacement, A9:22
submarine environment, A9:22
summary, A6:124
thickness, A4:16-17; A5:180
tholeiite, A1:19, 29
tilt, A4:22-23
unconformities, A5:29
units, A4:87
vs. depth, A4:42
weights of attributes, B14:24-25
See also aa lava; pahoehoe lava

lava flows, brecciated, photograph, A5:130, 136

lava flows, mafic, classification, B14:1-28

lava granules, lithologic units, A6:8

lead, lithologic units, A1:29

lead-206/lead-204 ratio

vs. lead-207/lead-204 ratio, B1:46
vs. lead-208/lead-204 ratio, A1:60; B1:46

lead-207/lead-204 ratio, vs. lead-206/lead-204 ratio, B1:46

lead-208/lead-204 ratio, vs. lead-206/lead-204 ratio, A1:60; B1:46

lead isotopes

basalt, B1:10-11
lava, A1:7-8; B1:15, 26-27

Leclaire Rise, drilling, A1:22-26

limestone, foraminifer, lithologic units, A8:6

limestone, nannofossil-bearing foraminifer, lithologic units, A8:5-6

lineaments, photomicrograph, A6:127

lithic component, lithologic units, A5:176

lithic fragments, lithologic units, A8:6

lithofacies, Units IV-VI, sediments, A6:70

lithologic units

basement, A1:17-22; A6:4-10
depth, A5:179
igneous rocks, A1:87
sediments, A1:16
Site 1135, A3:4-7
Site 1136, A4:3-6
Site 1137, A5:4-7, 13-43
Site 1139, A7:4-9
Site 1140, A8:3-5
Sites 1140-1141, A9:5-7
Summary, A3:50; A4:84; A5:98, 174; A6:177; A7:189; A8:106; A9:124; B2:23
Unit I, A3:4; A4:3-4; A5:4, 13; A6:4, 23, 35; A7:4-5; A8:3-5; A9:5-6, 12
Unit II, A3:4-5; A4:4; A5:4-5, 13; A6:5, 23, 35-36; A7:5-6; A8:5; A9:6
Unit III, A3:5-6; A4:4; A5:5-6; A6:5-6, 23, 35-36; A7:6
Unit IV, A4:4-5; A5:6-7; A6:6-7; A7:6-7
Unit V, A4:5-6; A6:7-8; A7:7-8
Unit VI, A6:8-9; A7:8
Unit VII, A6:9
Units I-V, A7:13-14
X-ray diffraction data, A5:175


basement, A5:29-30
summary, A6:69; A7:113; A8:51

lithosphere, basement, A1:9-11; B1:14-16

lithosphere, continental, geochemistry, A1:36


Site 1135, A3:3-7
Site 1136, A4:3-6
Site 1137, A5:3-8
Site 1138, A6:3-10
Site 1139, A7:4-9
Site 1140, A8:3-5
Sites 1141-1142, A9:5-7
vs. depth, A3:42

littoral environment, lithologic units, A7:25

liverwort, sporomorphs, B3:7

loss on ignition

basalt, A5:34; A7:39
felsic volcanic rocks, A5:36-37
vs. depth, A5:98; A7:134

lowstands, glaciation, B1:23

Lycopodiaceae, sporomorphs, B3:7

lycopsids, sporomorphs, B3:7-8


M1 reflection, Miocene synthetic seismograms, A3:20; A6:60; A7:55

M2 reflection, Miocene synthetic seismograms, A6:60; A7:55

M3 reflection, Miocene synthetic seismograms, A3:20; A7:55

M4 reflection, Miocene synthetic seismograms, A6:60

M5 reflection, Miocene synthetic seismograms, A6:60


biostratigraphy, A4:6
foraminifers, B1:21-22
lithologic units, A3:5-6; A6:5-6
paleoenvironment, B2:1-28
planktonic foraminifers, A6:19
remanent magnetization, A3:14
seismic stratigraphy, A3:20
synthetic seismograms, A6:61

Maastrichtian, upper, CM1 reflection, A6:61

mafic flows, lithologic units, A1:33

mafic rocks, geochemistry, A7:41-42


basalt, A4:25
basement units, A6:47
lithologic units, A7:5-6; A8:3-5
photomicrograph, A7:120

magma output, hot spots, A1:57; B1:4-7, 38

magma sources, igneous rocks, A1:9-11


alkalis, A7:40
igneous provinces, A1:2


geochronology, A1:9; B1:25
plate tectonics, A1:50-51

magnesium, mobility, B15:9-10

magnesium/iron ratio, lithologic units, A1:22; B1:11

magnesium number

basalt, A5:35
basement units, A6:48; A8:18; A9:26-27
vs. depth, A5:98, 121, A6:133; A8:65
vs. major elements, A6:134; A8:64

magnesium oxide

alteration, A7:153; B1:12
basalt, A5:34-35
basement, A1:7, 34-35
basement units, A6:48; A7:132; A8:18; A9:26-29
felsic rocks, A7:41
garnet, B16:2
lava, A1:14
lithologic units, A1:22; A4:19
lithology, A7:39
tholeiitic basalt, A8:19
volcanic rocks, A7:40-42
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:118
vs. aluminum oxide/calcium oxide ratio, A5:118; A6:137
vs. depth, A4:59; A6:133; A7:134; A9:92
vs. iron oxide, A5:118; A6:137
vs. major oxides, A9:94
vs. major oxides and trace elements, A4:57
vs. nickel, A5:118
vs. silica, A5:118; A7:133, 137
vs. titanium oxide, A5:118; A6:137; A7:40, 133, 137; B1:42
vs. titanium/zirconium ratio, A1:64

magnesium-saponite, secondary minerals, A1:14

magnetic carriers, lava, B12:1-28

magnetic declination, basalt, A4:25

magnetic fabric, basement, A6:55-56

magnetic field, basement units, A8:23-24

magnetic inclination

basalt, A4:25, 91; A8:112
basement units, A9:36-37
discrete basalt samples, A6:192; A7:202
lava, B12:6
lithologic units, A5:189
sediments, A7:47-48; A8:22-23
vs. depth, A3:31-33, 35; A4:70-71; A5:142-145; A6:144-148, 150-151; A7:155-158, 160-161; A8:76-77, 79; A9:107, 109, 111; B13:10-12

magnetic intensity

basalt, A4:91; A8:112
basement units, A7:48-49; A9:36-37
discrete basalt samples, A6:192
lithologic units, A4:90; A5:188-189
sediments, A7:47-48; A8:22-23; A9:36
vs. depth, A3:31-33, 35; A4:70-71; A5:142-145; A6:144-151; A7:155-161; A8:76-79; A9:107-109, 111

magnetic polarity

biostratigraphy, A7:48
remanent magnetization, A3:14
sediments, A4:23-24

magnetic properties, basement units, A6:55-56; A7:48-49

magnetic reversals, characteristic remanent magnetization, B12:6

magnetic susceptibility

basement units, A7:48-49; A9:36-37
lithologic units, A3:16; A4:27-28, 90; A5:188; A8:26; A9:40
lithology, A6:58; A7:52
low-temperature properties, B12:8-9
MST data, A5:50
sediments, A7:47-48; A8:23
vs. depth, A3:31-33, 35, 38-39; A4:70-71, 76-77; A5:142-145, 150-151; A6:144-151, 157; A7:155-161, 167; A8:76-79, 84; A9:107-109, 114, 116, 117


basement units, A9:26
demagnetization, A5:148
domains, A4:24-26
median destructive field, A5:47-48

magnetization, anisotropy, A4:74

major elements

basalt alteration, B15:19-20
basalts, A4:19-20; A5:34-36, 183-185; A6:137
basement units, A5:47-48; A7:39; A8:110; A9:130
felsic rocks, A5:186
igneous rocks, B15:37-39
igneous units, A6:188-189
lithologic units, A4:88
pillow basalt, A8:18
sediments, B7:5, 24
X-ray fluorescence data, A7:198-200

manganese, mobility, B15:9-10

manganese oxide

alteration, A7:153
vs. depth, A8:70

mantle, basement, A1:9; B1:14-16

marine environment

biostratigraphy, A4:10, 13-14
lithologic units, A1:22; A5:8; A7:8, 25-26; A8:7
palynomorphs, B3:6-9

mass accumulation rates

sediment fluxes, B7:7-8
See also sedimentation rates

mass boundaries, biogeography, B4:17

mass flows, volcaniclastics, A4:13

mass susceptibility, temperature, B12:21-22


lithologic units, A5:176
vs. depth, A5:86; A6:140
See also vesicles/matrix ratio

Maud Rise, carbon isotopes vs. depth, B4:38

McDonald Island, basement, B1:7

median destructive field

basalt, A4:25; B12:11-12, 18
basement units, A6:55-56; A7:49; A8:24; A9:37
demagnetization, A5:141, 147
discrete samples from each, A5:47-48
sediments, A8:22-23; A9:35-36

medium induction logs, vs. depth, A8:92

megapillows, lava flows, A8:15

megaspores, sporomorphs, B3:7-8


basement units, A5:15, 22; A6:25-26, 37-38; A9:14-16
photograph, A9:51, 58

melt inclusions, photomicrograph, A5:115; A8:53, 58

mesolite, alteration, B15:8


alteration, A7:46; A9:31-32
basalt, A5:31, 38-43
basement units, A5:15, 22, 25; A6:23, 32, 36, 38, 47; A7:19-35; A8:15; A9:13, 17-21
lava flows, A6:52-53
lithologic units, A1:28; A4:20-21
photograph, A5:89, 133; A9:52, 69-70, 76
photomicrograph, A7:128
vs. depth, A5:140

mesostasis, glassy, photomicrograph, A6:127


biostratigraphy, A4:9-10
foraminifers, A3:12-13
nannofossils, A6:14-16
planktonic foraminifers, A6:19-21

Mesozoic-Cenozoic succession, paleogeography, B4:26

metamorphism, basement, A1:11

metasedimentary rocks

basement units, A8:13-15
photograph, A8:49

micrite, sedimentation, A5:8

micritization, lithologic units, A7:7-8

microcrystallites, lithologic units, A4:11


structures, A4:22-23
See also faults


lava, A1:14
photomicrograph, A4:52; A5:102
xenoliths, A4:18-19; A5:34

microlites, photomicrograph, A8:57; A9:89


basement units, A6:47
photomicrograph, A6:131; A7:118; A9:87
quartz, A7:41

microquartz, lithologic units, A8:6

microspherulites, photomicrograph, A5:109

microspores, sporomorphs, B3:7

microvesicles, lithologic units, A5:15

mineralogy, basement, A5:30-34


basement, A1:35
diatom datums, B9:44
foraminifers, A1:29
lithologic units, A1:19-22, 23, 27, 30, 34; A6:5
nannofossil distribution, B8:17
nannofossils and diatoms, A8:6-9
paleoceanography, B1:23-24
paleoenvironment, A1:26
planktonic foraminifers, A5:10-13
sedimentation rates, B9:11
synthetic seismograms, A6:60
See also Oligocene-Holocene succession; Oligocene-Miocene succession; Oligocene/Miocene boundary

Miocene, lower

diatom biostratigraphy, B9:7
lithologic units, A7:4-5
magnetic polarity, A7:48
nannofossils, A6:12
terrigenous and pelagic sediments, B7:1-31

Miocene, lower-middle

diatom biostratigraphy, B6:1-21
lithologic units, A8:3-5
silicoflagellate biostratigraphy, B11:4-5

Miocene, middle

correlation of tephra horizons, B9:42
diatoms, A6:21
lithologic units, A7:5-6; A9:5-6
nannofossil biostratigraphy, B8:1-19
planktonic foraminifers, A8:9-10
remanent magnetization, A6:54
synthetic seismograms, A7:55
tehpra, B9:13

Miocene, middle-upper, planktonic foraminifers, A6:18

Miocene, upper

biostratigraphy, A6:11
diatom biostratigraphy, B9:7
lithologic units, A5:4-5; A6:4
planktonic foraminifers, A6:17-19; A8:11
radiolarian biostratigraphy, B10:1-17
silicoflagellates, A8:12

Miocene, uppermost, disconformities, B9:11

Miocene/Pliocene boundary

disconformities, B9:11-12
paleoceanography, B1:23-24
planktonic foraminifers, A8:11

MO1 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

MO2 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

MO3 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

MO4 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

MO5 reflection, Maastrichtian, A6:61

mobility, chemical elements, B15:9-10

Moessbauer spectrometry, subaerial basalt, B12:9, 23

monazite, garnet-biotite clasts, B1:9

monocolpates, pollen, B3:8

monolete spores, sporomorphs, B3:7-8

mordenite, alteration, B15:7

mosses, sporomorphs, B3:7

mottles, lithologic units, A7:5

Mount Bureau, sodium oxide+potassium oxide vs. silica, A1:58

Mount Rabouillere, sodium oxide+potassium oxide vs. silica, A1:58

mudstone, alteration, A8:20-22

mudstone, well-indurated normally graded, basement units, A9:25-26

multidomains, sediments, B13:16


nannofossil events, biostratigraphy, B4:50-52


biostratigraphic datums, B8:14-16
chronology, B7:7
lithologic units, A4:5-6
Paleocene-Eocene, B1:22; B4:1-59
paleoproductivity, B4:12
photomicrograph, B4:53-59; B8:18-19
reworking, B4:12-13

nannofossils, calcareous

biostratigraphy, A3:7-10; A4:7-8; A5:9-10; A6:11-16; A7:9-11; A8:6-10; B4:41-46
Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, B1:28; B4:47-48
distribution, B8:17
Oligocene-Holocene biostratigraphy, B8:1-19

natrolite, alteration, B15:7-8

neodymium isotopes

basalt, A8:19; B1:10-14, 26
lava, A1:7-8

neodymium-143/neodymium-144 ratio, vs. strontium-87/strontium-86 ratio, A1:59; B1:45


age-depth plot, B9:41
diatom biostratigraphy, B9:1-53
lithologic units, A1:30
paleoceanography, A3:6-7
planktonic foraminifers, A6:17-19; A7:12; A8:9-12
stratigraphy, B9:36

neritic environment

lithologic units, A6:10
sediments, A1:37

neritic facies, lithologic units, A7:8

neutron porosity logs, vs. depth, A5:159, 162; A8:92


basalt, A5:34
basement units, A6:48; A8:18; A9:28
lava, A1:14, 34
lithologic units, A1:22, 33
mobility, B15:9-10
sediments, B7:5
tholeiitic basalt, A8:19
vs. depth, A1:81; A6:135; A8:66; A9:93
vs. magnesium oxide, A4:57; A5:118
vs. niobium/zirconium ratio, A9:96
vs. zirconium, A1:94; A9:95

Ninetyeast Ridge, basement, A1:6


basalt, A5:35-37; B1:9
basalt alteration, B15:5, 14
basement units, A7:132; A8:18; A9:27-28
felsic rocks, A7:41
felsic volcanic rocks, A5:36-37
lava, A1:14
lithologic units, A1:29, 33; A4:19
lithology, A7:39
magmas, A7:40
vs. barium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123
vs. cerium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123
vs. depth, A4:59; A7:134; A9:93
vs. rubidium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123
vs. titanium, A7:138
vs. yttrium, A1:75; A4:60; A5:123
vs. zirconium, A1:75, 93; A5:123; A7:133; A8:68; A9:95
See also lanthanum/niobium ratio; thorium/niobium ratio

niobium/cerium ratio

basalt, A5:35; A9:28-29
continental component, A4:20
lava, A1:15, 19
lithologic units, A1:32-33
vs. depth, A5:122
vs. zirconium/yttrium ratio, A1:72; A4:61; A5:125

niobium/yttrium ratio

basalt, A5:36
basement, A1:17, 19, 35-36
garnet-biotite gneiss, A5:37
lithologic units, A1:22
vs. titanium, A7:138
vs. zirconium/yttrium ratio, A1:76, 82-84; A5:126; A6:49, 139; A8:19, 69

niobium/zirconium ratio

basement units, A7:41; A8:18; A9:27-29
continental component, A4:20
lithologic units, A1:29
vs. depth, A5:122; A8:66; A9:93
vs. nickel, A9:96
vs. phosphorus oxide, A9:96
vs. titanium, A9:96
vs. zirconium, A9:96
vs. zirconium/titanium ratio, A9:96
vs. zirconium/yttrium ratio, A1:72; A4:61; A5:125; A7:133, 138; A9:96


basalt, A8:119
lithologic units, A7:211; A9:41
sediments, A5:51-52, 200; A6:59, 204; A7:54, 211; A8:27, 118; A9:137; B7:22-23
volcanic rocks, A5:201; A6:205
volcanics and volcaniclastics, A7:212

nitrogen, total

sediments, A3:18, 59; A4:29, 95
volcaniclastics and basalt, A4:96

nodules, chert, lithologic units, A3:4-6; A6:5-7; A7:5

nodules, lithologic units, A3:4-6; A5:5

nodules, pyrite, lithologic units, A5:5

noncarbonate flux, vs. age, B7:19, 21

nonmarine environment, sedimentation, A5:7-8


lithologic units, A4:5, 11-13; A5:13, 16
photograph, A4:41; A5:137