Table T4. Logging tool and measurement acronyms and units of measurement.

Tool Output Explanation Units
Hostile environment natural gamma-ray sonde

HSGR Standard (total) gamma ray gAPI

HCGR Computed gamma-ray (HSGR - uranium contribution) gAPI

HFK Formation potassium wt%

HTHO Thorium ppmv

HURA Uranium ppmv
Natural gamma-ray tool

SGR Standard total gamma ray gAPI

CGR Computed gamma-ray (SGR - uranium contribution) gAPI

POTA Potassium wt%

THOR Thorium ppmv

URAN Uranium ppmv
Accelerator porosity sonde

APLC Near array porosity (limestone corrected) Fraction

FPLC Far array porosity (limestone corrected) Fraction

SIGF Neutron capture cross section of the formation (Sf) c. units

STOF Tool standoff (computed distance from borehole wall) in
Hostile environment lithodensity sonde

RHOM Bulk density (corrected) g/cm3

PEF Photoelectric effect barn/e-

LCAL Caliper-measure of borehole diameter in

DRH Bulk density correction g/cm3
Dual induction tool-spherically focused log

IDPH Deep induction phasor-processed resistivity Wm

IMPH Medium induction phasor-processed resistivity Wm

SFLU Shallow spherically focused resistivity Wm
Geological high-resolution magnetic tool

MAGS Magnetic susceptibility (limited range) IU

RMGS Low resolution magnetic susceptibility (wider range) IU

MAGC Earth conductivity IU

MAGB Earth total magnetic field nT
Dipole sonic imager

DT 1S Shear slowness ms/f

DT 2S Shear slowness ms/f

DT 4P Compressional slowness ms/f
Formation MicroScanner

C1, C2 Caliper cm
Lamont-Doherty temperature/acceleration/pressure tool C, mm/s2, psi
General-purpose inclinometer tool

DEVI Hole deviation from vertical

HAZI Azimuth of deviation

Notes: gAPI = American Petroleum Institute unit of measurement for gamma ray. IU = instrument units.