Table T6. LDEO-TAP tool specifications (memory mode).

Specification Measurement
Acceleration measurement range -2 G to +2 G
Acceleration resolution 1 mm/s2
Acceleration sampling rate:
LR mode 4 Hz
HR mode 8 Hz
Temperature measurement range -4C to +85C
Temperature resolution 0.005C
Pressure measurement range 0 to 10, 000 psi
Pressure resolution 1 psi
Pressure measurement precision 0.1% FS
Temperature/pressure sampling rate 1 Hz
Total data recording time:
HR mode 5 hr
LR mode 8 hr
Power source 8 alkaline batteries (D type)
Total operation time off one set of batteries ~40 hr

Notes: HR = high resolution, LR = low resolution. LDEO = Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, TAP = temperature/acceleration/pressure.