Table T5. Measured and calculated parameters, assumptions, and relationships for index properties calculations.
Parameters and assumptions
Measured parameters

Mt (wet mass)
Md (dry mass)
Vd (dry volume)

S (salinity of pore water) S = 0.035
salt (density of evaporated salt) salt = 2.20 g/cm3
pw (density of pore water) pw = 1.024 g/cm3
Calculated parameters

Mpw (mass of pore water) Mpw = (Mt - Md) / (1 - S) g
Ms (mass of solids) Ms = Mt - Mpw g
Msalt (mass of salt) Msalt = Mpw - Mt + Md g
Vpw (volume of pore water) Vpw = Mpw/pw cm3
Vsalt (volume of salt) Vsalt = Msalt /salt cm3
Vs (volume of solids) Vs = Vd - Vsalt cm3
Vt (total volume) Vt = Vs + Vpw cm3
Wt (water content of total mass) Wt = 100 Mpw/Mt %
Ws (water content of mass of solids) Ws = 100 Mpw/Ms %
b (bulk density) b = Mt/Vt g/cm3
d (dry density) d = Ms/Vt g/cm3
g (grain density) g = Ms/Vs g/cm3
(porosity) = 100 Vpw/Vt %
e (void ratio) e = Vpw/Vs