560-mbsf Fractured Interval, structures, 196A4:21


Accreted Facies
deformation, 190/196B9:1–15
lithologic units, 190A9:8–9
Izu Collision Zone, 190A1:3
tectonics, 190A2:2
accretionary prisms
clay, 190/196B4:1–28
evolution, 190A1:27; 190/196B1:9–10
See also prism backthrust
accretionary prisms, frontal, formation, 190A1:3
accretionary prisms, upper, lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:4
accretionary wedges, décollement zone, 190/196B12:4
Advanced CORK
accretionary prisms, 196A1:1–29
installation, 190/196B1:7–8; 196A1:7–8, 11; 196A3:3–4, 28–29, 72–73, 90; 196A4:4
vs. depth, 196A1:23, 25
age, sediment thickness, 190A1:34, 84
age vs. depth
magnetostratigraphy, 190A1:78
Site 1173, 190A4:63
Site 1174, 190A5:68
Site 1175, 190A6:43
Site 1176, 190A7:37
Site 1177, 190A8:43
air falls, lithologic units, 190A4:7
pore water, 190A4:17, 64; 190A8:17, 44
sediments, 190A5:24, 70; 190A6:17; 190A7:14; 190A9:18–19
vs. depth, 190A4:64, 69; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44; 190A9:51
sediments, 190/196B13:1–10
vs. depth, 190/196B13:8
along-strike variation, geology, 190A1:7
basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
illite–smectite reaction, 190/196B6:10–12
lithologic units, 190A4:9
photograph, 190A8:38
sediments, 190A9:18
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4–9
pore water, 190A4:19, 64; 190A8:17, 44
sediments, 190A5:23–24, 70; 190A6:17; 190A7:14–15; 190A9:19
vs. depth, 190A4:69; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44; 190A9:51
amphibole, X-ray diffraction data, 190A6:8
amygdale, photomicrograph, 196A3:76
andesite, high-magnesian, igneous activity, 190A1:3
anisotropy, vs. depth, 196A3:74
Antarctic Bottom Water, clay, 190/196B4:8
Antarctic Intermediate Water, clay, 190/196B4:8
Ashizuri Transect
clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:3
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–9
transects, 190A1:1–87
clay, 190/196B6:11–12
décollement zone, 190/196B1:6
axial trench wedge unit, microstructures, 190/196B7:3


comparison of near-surface populations, 190A4:139; 190A5:142; 190A6:87; 190A7:77; 190A9:103
methane, 190A1:36
microbiology, 190/196B1:8
sediments, 190/196B14:3
sulfate, 190A1:36
total enumeration, 190A4:23–24, 138–139; 190A5:28, 141; 190A6:19–20, 86; 190A7:17, 76–77; 190A8:19–20; 190A9:22–23, 102–103
vs. depth, 190A1:86; 190A4:68; 190A5:74; 190A6:48; 190A7:41; 190A9:54
vs. in situ methane, 190A4:70
vs. temperature, 190A4:68
barium, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
geochemistry, 196A3:32, 96
lithologic units, 190A4:9; 196A3:18
photograph, 190A1:72; 190A4:46; 190A8:36, 39
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A3:59
basalt, ocean-floor, composition, 190A1:3
basalt, plagioclase-phyric
basement lithologic units, 196A3:30
lithologic units, 190A8:9
lithologic units, 190A8:9; 196A3:30–31
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A3:59
basement, coring, installation, 196A1:7–8
bathymetry, maps, 190A2:10; 190/196B4:17
bathymetry, multibeam, tectonics, 190A2:3
photograph, 190A5:54
stereographic projections, 190A4:50; 190A6:37; 190A7:32; 190A9:38
vs. depth, 190A9:37
bedding dips
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A4:19–20
sediments, 190A6:9, 35
structures, 196A1:6–7
vs. depth, 190A4:48–49; 190A5:49; 190A6:35; 190A7:31; 190/196B9:12; 196A3:55; 196A4:48
bedding dips, steep, lithologic units, 190A9:9
bedding strike, vs. depth, 196A4:48
beidellite, Slope–Apron Facies, 190/196B4:5–6
Bernard ratio
sediments, 190A1:34–35; 190A5:26; 190A8:18–19
vs. depth, 190A5:73; 190A9:53
Big Lost excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
microbial activity, 190A1:35–36
vs. depth, 190A1:86
biostratigraphic events
interval and depth constraints, 190A4:121; 190A5:122; 190A6:79; 190A7:69; 190A8:74; 190A9:89
nannofossils, 190A4:120–121; 190A5:121; 190A6:78; 190A7:68; 190A8:73; 190A9:88
accretionary prisms, 190A1:27
chronostratigraphy, 190A1:28
correlation, 190A1:77; 190A4:11–13; 190A5:14–17, 121–124, 128; 190A6:10–11, 78–80; 190A7:8–10, 68–70; 190A8:10–12; 190A9:11–14
bioturbation, lithologic units, 190A4:6–8; 190A5:9
Biwa III excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
black seams
Brecciated Zone, 190/196B9:3
photograph, 190A9:39; 190/196B9:13
Blake excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
borehole images, structures, 196A1:12
in situ stress, 196A4:22
resitivity logs, 196A1:27; 196A4:29
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A4:52–53
structures, 196A1:12
domains, 190A5:12
lithologic units, 196A3:18
photograph, 190A9:43
structure, 190A4:10
breccia, chaotic, structure, 190A4:10
breccia, foliated, photograph, 190A4:52
breccia, incipient, photograph, 190A9:39
Brecciated Zone
deformation, 190/196B9:3
photograph, 190/196B9:13
data, 190A4:10, 51
décollement zone, 190A5:13
photograph, 190A4:51
sediments, 190A9:10
bromine, pore water, 190A1:30
bromine isotopes, pore water, 190A1:30
Brunhes Chron, sediments, 190A5:17; 190A6:13; 190A7:11; 190A9:15
Brunhes/Matuyama boundary
comparison of Site 1174 to Site 1173, 190A5:19–20
sediments, 190A4:15; 190A5:19; 190A6:12; 190A7:11
bulk mineralogy, lithologic units, 196A3:19–20; 196A4:16
bulk powders, X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:10–12, 19–25
burial, sediments, 190/196B7:6–7
burial, diachronous, sediments, 190A1:26


basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
lithologic units, 190A4:8–9, 111, 114; 196A3:19–20; 196A4:16
vs. depth, 190A4:47; 190A5:46; 190A6:34; 190A7:30; 190A8:37; 190/196B4:21
X-ray diffraction data, 190A5:9; 190A6:8; 190A8:9; 190/196B5:13–14
calcite, biogenic, sediments, 190A6:16
pore water, 190A4:18, 64; 190A5:23, 70; 190A6:16–17; 190A7:13–15; 190A8:16–17, 44
sediments, 190A9:18
vs. depth, 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44
calcium/magnesium ratio, sediments, 190A9:18
caliper logs, vs. depth, 190A4:81; 190/196B16:9; 196A3:52–53, 63; 196A4:42
Cape Muroto
negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
subduction, 190/196B3:3
carbon, sediments, 190A5:137–140; 190A6:18, 85; 190A7:75; 190A9:101
carbon, inorganic
sediments, 190A5:25; 190A7:16; 190A8:17–18; 190A9:19–22
vs. depth, 190A5:72; 190A6:47
carbon, organic, sediments, 190/196B13:1–10
carbon, total organic
sediments, 190A4:23, 135–137; 190A7:15; 190A8:17–18, 85; 190A9:19–22
vs. depth, 190A1:86; 190A4:66, 69; 190A5:72; 190A7:40; 190A8:17; 190A9:52; 190/196B13:7
carbon/nitrogen ratio
sediments, 190A4:21; 190A5:25, 27; 190A8:18
vs. depth, 190A4:19, 66; 190A8:45
carbon preference index
sediments, 190/196B14:2, 8
vs. depth, 190/196B14:5
carbonate compensation depth, accretionary prisms, 190A1:27
carbonate content
sediments, 190A5:25; 190A7:16
vs. depth, 190A4:67; 190A5:72; 190A6:47
carbonates, photograph, 190A4:54
clay, 190/196B6:13
lithologic units, 190/196B12:8
chaotic bedding, photograph, 190A1:65; 190A6:32; 190A7:24
chemical tracers, contamination, 190A4:23–24, 141; 190A5:28–29; 190A6:20; 190A8:20; 190A9:23
chert, clasts, 190A7:6
chert, radiolarian
composition, 190A1:3
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:26, 28
chert fragments, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:28
faults, 190A7:15
gas hydrates, 190A9:17
geochemical gradients, 190A1:30–32, 81
pore water, 190A1: 6, 8–9, 81; 190A4:16–17, 64; 190A5:21–22, 70; 190A6:15; 190A7:12, 15; 190A8:14–15, 44; 190A9:16–18
subduction, 190/196B1:11
vs. depth, 190A1:79, 81; 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44; 190A9:51
chlorine isotopes, pore water, 190A1:30
chlorinity, vs. depth, 196A1:25; 196A4:33
basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
clay, 190/196B4:10–11
clay-sized fraction, 190/196B6:7–8
relative abundance, 190/196B6:5
Site 297, 190/196B5:6
vs. depth, 190/196B4:22, 23; 190/196B5:16, 18; 190/196B6:20–22
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B4:20
chlorite/kaolinite overlap, relative abundance, 190/196B6:5–6
lithologic units, 190A4:7–8; 190A6:6–7; 190A8:6
photograph, 190A5:41
Chron C1n-1, sediments, 190A6:13; 190A7:11
Chron C2An.2r, sediments, 190A9:15
Chron C3, sediments, 190A5:19
Chron C3A
magnetostratigraphy, 190A1:28
sediments, 190A8:13; 190A9:15
Chron C3An, sediments, 190A4:15
Chron C3B
magnetostratigraphy, 190A1:28
sediments, 190A8:13; 190A9:15
Chron C4, sediments, 190A9:15
Chron C4/C5 boundary, comparison of Site 1174 to Site 1173, 190A5:19–20
Chron C4A, sediments, 190A5:19
Chron C4An, sediments, 190A4:15
Chron C4r, sediments, 190A4:15
Chron C4r.1n, sediments, 190A9:15
Chron C5, sediments, 190A4:15; 190A8:13
Chron C5ACn, sediments, 190A4:15
Chron C5ADn, sediments, 190A4:15
Chron C5C, sediments, 190A8:14
Chron C5n, sediments, 190A4:15; 190A5:19
chronostratigraphy, synthesis, 190A1:28
clasts, lithologic units, 190A6:7
clasts, lithic
lithologic units, 190A9:6–9
photograph, 190A1:68; 190A7:29
clasts, mud, photograph, 190A9:33
clasts, quartz, photograph, 190A1:68
clasts, rip-up, photograph, 190A8:32–33
composition and sources, 190/196B4:1–28
décollement zone, 190/196B1:6
diagenesis, 190/196B6:11–12
geotechnical properties, 190/196B6:12–13
grain size, 190/196B8:9–11
in situ dehydration, 190A1:30
porosity, 190/196B11:6
vs. depth, 190/196B8:15–17
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B4:26–28
clay, incipient scaly and foliated, photograph, 190A1:76; 190A9:46
clay, silty
lithologic units, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7–8; 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5; 190A9:6–9
photograph, 190A1:56; 190A4:42–44; 190A7:24
clay fabric, sediments, 190/196B7:7–11
clay microfabric, scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:23, 27
clay mineral preferred orientation, inclined, scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:21–22
clay mineral preferred orientation, penetrative, scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:20–27
clay minerals
clay-sized fraction, 190/196B4:6–7; 190/196B6:7–8
lithologic units, 190A4:6–9, 16; 190A5:7–8; 196A3:19–20
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B6:3–4
preferred orientation, 190/196B7:6–13
relative abundance, 190/196B5:17
sedimentation, 190/196B1:9
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
vs. depth, 190A4:47; 190A5:46; 190A6:34; 190A7:30; 190A8:37; 190/196B4:21; 190/196B5:15–16, 18; 196A1:23
X-ray diffraction data, 190A5:9; 190A6:8; 190A8:9; 190/196B5:1–28; 190/196B6:5–7
clay-sized fraction
clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:7–8
linear regression, 190/196B8:18
claystone, photograph, 190A8:38
claystone, bioturbated silty
lithologic units, 196A3:18
photograph, 190A1:57; 190A4:45–46
claystone, carbonate-cemented, lithologic units, 190A8:6
claystone, interbedded siliceous, photograph, 190A1:57; 190A4:45
claystone, silty
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A5:8–9; 190A8:5–9; 190A9:6–9; 190/196B12:3–4; 196A3:18; 196A4:15
lithology, 196A1:9
photograph, 190A1:70; 190A4:45–46; 190A5:41, 43–44; 190A8:29–31, 35
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
cleavage planes, volcanic ash, 190/196B2:5
clinoptilolite–heulandite mixture, X-ray diffraction data, 190A5:10
clinopyroxene, basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
coercivity, remanent magnetization, 196A3:32–33
collision zone
Izu–Bonin arc, 190A1:37
metasedimentary rocks, 190A1:27
tectonics, 190A2:2
common depth point, vs. depth, 196A1: 22, 24; 196A4:32
common midpoints, seismic reflection, 190/196B12:6–7; 190/196B15:12
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A8:5; 190/196B12:8
logs, 196A3:35
compaction, vertical, structure, 190A4:10
composite logs, construction, 196A3:16
compressibility, permeability, 190/196B10:1–16
compressional wave velocity
cores, 196A3:91
correction, 190/196B11:4
ISONIC, 196A3:26; 196A4:25–26, 62
processing, 190/196B16:3
sediments, 190/196B7:3–5; 190/196B11:3
vs. depth, 190A4:76, 83; 190A5:78; 190A6:53; 190A7:45; 190A8:51; 190A9:25; 190/196B7:16–17; 190/196B11:18; 190/196B15:14; 190/196B16:12, 14; 196A1:25; 196A3:70, 74; 196A4:33
vs. porosity, 190A4:84; 190A5:79
See also shear wave velocity; velocity
compressional wave velocity, vertical, vs. porosity, 190/196B7:18–19
compressional wave velocity anisotropy, vs. depth, 190A5:79; 190A8:51
compressional wave velocity logs, vs. depth, 190A4:81
compressional wave velocity slowness logs
vs. depth, 190/196B16:12, 14; 190/196B17:12, 13
vs. shear wave velocity slowness logs, 190/196B16:15
confining pressure
evolution, 190/196B10:12
permeability, 190/196B10:1–16
conglomerate, lithologic units, 196A4:15
conglomerate, mudstone-clast, lithologic units, 190A8:6
clay, 190/196B6:13
décollement zone, 190/196B12:4
lithofacies of lower Shikoku Basin Facies, 190/196B1:22
porosity, 190/196B11:6
sediments, 190/196B7:5–7; 190/196B12:9
Shikoku Basin Facies, 190/196B12:18
bacteria, 190A4:23–24, 71–72, 140–141; 190A5:28–29, 143–144; 190A6:20, 88–89; 190A8:20–21
drilling fluid intrusion, 190A5:143; 190A6:88; 190A8:88; 190A9:23
fluorescent microsphere tracers, 190A5:144; 190A6:89; 190A8:89; 190A9:105
sediments, 190A9:22–23
contorted bedding
photograph, 190A8:35
structure, 190A6:9–10, 35–39, 75
turbidite, 190/196B3:4
contour plots, hydrosweep data, 190A2:11
convergent margins
fault planes, 190/196B15:5–8
subduction, 190/196B1:3
cores, physical properties, 196A3:29–30
biostratigraphy, 190A1:77; 190/196B4:19
hole-to-hole, 196A3:15–16
lithofacies, 190A1:49
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:19
log units with lithologic units, 196A3:19–20; 196A4:16–17
magnetostratigraphy, 190A1:77
resistivity logs, 196A3:45
Cretaceous, Shimanto Belt, 190A1:2
lithologic units, 190A4:9
vs. depth, 190A4:47
X-ray diffraction data, 190A5:9; 190A6:8
cristobalite/quartz transition, décollement zone, 196A1:13
cross laminations
lithologic units, 190A6:7
photograph, 190A7:28; 190A9:34
cross sections, geology, 196A1:18


databases, geology and geophysics, 190A1:4
debris flows, lithologic units, 190A6:7; 190A8:6
décollement zone
comparison, 190A1:79
correlation, 190A1:30, 80
development, 190A1:28–30
diagenesis, 196A1:13
fault zones, 196A1:12–13
fractures, 190A5:59
initiation and evolution, 190/196B1:5–7
permeability, 190/196B10:6
photograph, 190A1:62–63; 190A5:57
physical properties, 190/196B12:1–18
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A4:21–22, 50–51
scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:23, 27
sediments, 190/196B7:8–9; 196A1:10
seismic data, 190A1:4–5; 190/196B12:1–18
stereographic projections, 190A5:58
stratigraphic equivalent, 196A3:35–36
structural and hydrologic evolution, 190A1:8
structure, 190A5:13, 57–59; 196A1:6–7
transects, 190A1:36–37
underthrust section, 196A4:30
velocity, 190/196B11:7–9
See also protodécollement horizon
deepwater circulation, transport, 190/196B4:7
accretionary prisms, 190A1:27
data, 190A4:9–11
fluid flow, 190/196B1:1–25; 190/196B11:2–3
framework along strike, 190A1:9
geology, 190A1:5
logs, 190/196B1:4–5; 196A3:22–23
magnetic fabric, 190/196B9:1–15
sediments, 190A1:26
slowness analysis, 190/196B17:5–6
spatial distribution and temporal progression, 190A1:7–8
structures, 196A1:7
summary, 196A1:1–29
timing, 190/196B9:6–7
deformation, brittle, décollement zone, 190A1:29
deformation, ductile, geology, 190A1:4
deformation, penetrative, burial, 190/196B9:7
deformation bands
photograph, 190A1:60; 190A5:50
scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:24
stereographic equal-area lower hemisphere projections, 190A1:61
stereographic projections with paleomagnetic re-orientation, 190A5:51
structure, 190A5:10–11
deformation structures, vs. depth, 190A5:48–49; 190A9:37
deformation zones
sediments, 196A1:9–10
thrust zones, 190A1:6
dehydration, smectite, 190A1:8; 190/196B5:6–7
dehydration, in situ, clay, 190A1:30
Delta excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
demagnetization, vector diagrams, 190A4:59
demagnetization, alternating-field
magnetic inclination, 190A6:14–15
remanent magnetization, 196A3:32–33
sediments, 190A4:15; 190A8:13; 190A9:14
demagnetization, thermal, magnetic intensity zones, 190A5:66
comparison with downhole measurements, 190A4:29
fault planes, 190/196B15:4–6
grain size, 190/196B8:7–10
sediments, 190A4:25–26, 73; 190A5:30–31, 33–34, 75; 190A6:21–22, 50; 190A7:18, 20, 42; 190A8:21–22; 190A9:24–25; 196A1: 7, 10
density, bulk
vs. clay percent, 190/196B8:19
vs. depth, 190A4:73; 190A5:75, 78; 190A6:50; 190A7:42; 190A8:49; 190A9:55; 190/196B15:14; 196A3:74
density, grain, vs. depth, 190A4:73; 190A5:75; 190A6:50; 190A7:42; 190A8:49; 190A9:55; 196A3:61, 74; 196A4:55
density logs
comparison of Sites 808 and 1173, 196A4:24–25, 57
porosity, 196A3:23–24, 62–64; 196A4:23–25, 26
sediments, 190A4:31–32, 81; 196A3:23, 60–61, 89; 196A4:23
vs. depth, 190A4:81; 196A1:23, 24; 196A3:47, 50, 52–54, 60, 62–64, 83, 89; 196A4:32, 38–40, 42, 50, 54
vs. resistivity logs, 196A4:18, 43
deposition, turbidite, 190/196B3:9–12
detritus, provenance, 190/196B6:10–11
dewatering structures, photograph, 190A4:53; 190A5:60
clay, 190/196B6:11–14
illite–smectite reaction, 190/196B6:10–12
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A8:5; 196A3:18
opal-CT/quartz transition, 190/196B12:4
silica, 196A1:13
subduction, 190/196B3:3
temperature, 196A1:4
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:3–9
diagenesis, progressive in situ, fluid flow, 190A1:9
diatoms, lithologic units, 190A6:6
dip, vs. depth, 190A4:48–49; 190A5:49; 190A6:35; 190A7:31; 190/196B9:12; 196A1:22; 196A4:48
sediments, 190/196B14:3, 10
vs. depth, 190/196B14:7
dipole pole excitation, models, 190/196B16:11
dispersal system, clay, 190/196B4:8–11
dissociation, methane, 190A9:17–18
sediments, 190A9:18
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:5
dissolution cleavage, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:27
dolomite, lithologic units, 190A4:8
dolomitization, sediments, 190A6:17
lithofacies, 190A9:6–9
sediments, 190A9:9–11
downhole measurements, 190A4:30–34, 146
drilling, troughs, 190A1:47
drilling fluid, contamination, 190A8:88


recurrence of class M8 history, 190A1:46
stratigraphy, 196A1:3–4
effective stress
sediments, 190/196B7:5
vs. intrinsic permeability, 190/196B19:7
vs. permeability, 190/196B10:10; 190/196B18:18–19
electrical conductivity
formation factor, 190A4:144; 190A5:146–148; 190A6:91; 190A7:79; 190A8:90–91; 190A9:24, 59
sediments, 190A4:27–28, 142, 144–145; 190A5:32–33, 145–146; 190A6:23, 54, 90; 190A7:19, 46, 78; 190A8:23–24; 190A9:25–26
electrical conductivity anisotropy
formation factor, 190A9:25–26
sediments, 190A4:28
vs. depth, 190A4:77; 190A5:80; 190A8:52
embayment, tectonics, 190A2:2
Emperor excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
epoch boundaries, nannofossils, 190A4:122; 190A5:123; 190A8:75; 190A9:90
sediments, 190A5:25–27, 135–136; 190A9:20
thermogenic vs. biogenic, 190A1:85
vs. depth, 190A4:65, 133; 190A5:71; 190A8:45
Eurasian Plate
microstructures, 190/196B7:2
tectonics, 190A2:2
extension, deformation, 190/196B1:4
extension, lateral, structure, 190A4:10


photograph, 190A9:46
See also clay fabric; clay microfabric; magnetic fabric; microfabric
fatty acids
sediments, 190/196B14:1–10
vs. depth, 190/196B14:6
fatty acids, terrigenous/aquatic ratio, vs. depth, 190/196B14:6, 9
fault planes
negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
stereographic projections, 196A3:58
See also negative polarity
fault zones, fluid pressure, 196A1:12–13
burial, 190/196B9:7
clay, 190/196B6:12–13; 190/196B12:9
log response, 196A1:12–13
logs, 196A3:22–23
photograph, 190A7:33
sediments, 190A7:7
stereographic projections, 190/196B1:18
structure, 190A6:10
See also microfaults
faults, antithetic
photograph, 190A4:51
structure, 190A4:10, 51
faults, bifurcating healed normal, photograph, 190A5:55
faults, core-scale healed
domains, 190A5:12
stereographic projections, 190A5:56
faults, frontal thrust, negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
faults, healed, photograph, 190A8:38
faults, high-angle normal, photograph, 190A4:51
faults, incipient thrust, sediments, 190/196B7:8
faults, normal
sediments, 190/196B7:7
stereographic projections, 190A6:38
faults, prism, stereographic projections, 190A5:53
faults, thrust
deformation, 190/196B1:3
geology, 190A1:5–8
lithologic units, 190A9:6–9
sediments, 190A7:8
stratigraphy, 196A1:4
three dimensional perspective, 190/196B15:13
See also Protothrust Zone; underthrust domain
lithologic units, 190A4:6–9; 190A5:7–8
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
quartzose and sedimenticlastic sand, 190/196B3:8
sand, 190/196B3:5
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
turbidite, 190/196B3:4
fissility, lithologic units, 190A9:9
fluid escape structures. See dewatering structures
fluid flow
chemical gradients, 190A1:8–9
deformation, 190/196B1:1–25
geology, 190A1:5–9
indicators, 196A1:4–5
microstructures, 190/196B7:2
summary, 196A1:1–29
vs. hydraulic gradient, 190/196B18:12–17
fluid pressure
fault zones, 196A1:12–13
permeability, 190/196B10:6
seismic profiles, 190A1:9
fluorine, pore water, 190A1:30
folds, stereographic projections, 190A6:37
deformation, 190/196B9:3–4
photograph, 190/196B9:13
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190/196B9:5–6
vs. depth, 190A9:37
See also magnetic foliation
foliation, bedding-oblique, photograph, 190A1:74; 190A9:42
foliation dip, vs. depth, 190/196B9:12
lithologic units, 196A4:15
photograph, 190A5:43
formation factor
electrical conductivity, 190A4:144–145; 190A5:146–148; 190A6:91; 190A7:79; 190A8:90–91; 190A9:24, 59
needle-probe method, 190A4:142–143; 190A5:145; 190A6:90; 190A7:78; 190A9:24–25
vs. depth, 190A4:77; 190A5:80; 190A6:54; 190A7:46; 190A8:52; 190A9:25–26
Formation Microscanner imaging
bioturbated interval, 190A4:86
sediments, 190A4:33, 85–87
Unit II/III boundary, 190A4:87
volcanic ash, 190A4:85
vs. resitivity logs, 196A3:82
fracture dips, vs. depth, 196A1:25; 196A3:56; 196A4:33, 44
fracture planes, photograph, 190/196B10:11
fracture strike, vs. depth, 196A3:56; 196A4:44
fracture zones, scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:26–27
fracture zones, brecciated, photograph, 190A8:38
Brecciated Zone, 190/196B9:3
décollement zone, 190A5:59
domains, 190A5:12
frequency vs. depth, 196A4:44
interpretation, 196A1:26
logs, 196A3:22–23
photograph, 190A1:63; 190/196B10:13
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A3:57; 196A4:18–19, 45
sediments, 190A7:7; 190/196B7:8; 196A1:9–10
stereographic projections, 190/196B1:18; 196A4:47
stereographic projections related to prism faults, 190A5:53
structures, 190A8:10; 196A1:6–7
vs. depth, 190A5:59; 190/196B9:12
See also 560-mbsf Fractured Interval
fractures, brittle, vs. depth, 190A9:37
fractures, high-angle
photograph, 190A8:39
structure, 190A4:10
fractures, inclined
lithologic units, 190A9:6–9
photograph, 190A5:52, 54
fractures, oblique, photograph, 190A9:43
fractures, spaced, lithologic units, 190A9:9
fragments, trapezoidal, photograph, 190A9:43
friction coefficient, permeability, 190/196B10:1–16
Frontal Out-of-Sequence Thrust Zone
geology, 190A1:6
structural subdivisions, 190A2:5


gamma rays
sediments, 190A4:28–29, 79; 190A6:23–24, 56; 190A7:20, 48; 190A8:23–24
vs. depth, 190A4:79; 190A6:56; 190A7:48; 190A8:55
gamma-ray logs
sediments, 190A4:31–32, 81
vs. depth, 190A4:81–82; 196A1:24; 196A3:47, 50, 52–54, 83; 196A4:32, 38–40, 42
vs. photoelectric effect logs, 196A3:20, 49; 196A4:17, 43
gas, free, negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
gas hydrates
geology, 190A1:31–32
sediments, 190A9:17–18
Gauss Chron, sediments, 190A4:15; 190A5:19; 190A8:13; 190A9:15
geochemical gradients
data, 190A1:30–31
fluid flow, 190A1:8–9
geochemistry, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
geochemistry, inorganic
Site 1173, 190A4:16–19, 64, 131
Site 1174, 190A5:20–24, 70, 133
Site 1175, 190A6:15–18, 46, 83
Site 1176, 190A7:11–15, 38, 73
Site 1177, 190A8:14–17
Site 1178, 190A9:15–19
geochemistry, organic
sediments, 190A1:34–36, 85
Site 1173, 190A4:19–22, 65–67, 133, 135
Site 1174, 190A5:24–27, 71–72, 135, 137
Site 1175, 190A6:18–19, 47, 84–85
Site 1176, 190A7:15–16, 39–40, 74–75
Site 1177, 190A8:17–19
Site 1178, 190A9:19–22
geodesy, geology, 190A1:3–4
geomagnetic polarity time scale, sediments, 190A4:14
geotechnical properties, clay, 190/196B6:12–13
geothermal gradient
microbial activity, 190A1:35–36
sediments, 190A8:18–19
Gilbert Chron, sediments, 190A4:15; 190A5:19; 190A8:13; 190A9:15
glacioeustatic cycles, clay, 190/196B4:10
glass inclusions, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
grabens, deformation, 190/196B1:19
graded bedding, photograph, 190A1:59
grain fabric, sediments, 190A9:11
grain size
density, 190/196B8:8
physical properties, 190/196B8:1–25
vs. depth, 190/196B8:15–17
granules, photograph, 190A5:40
lithologic units, 190A7:6; 190A8:6
photograph, 190A1:68; 190A9:33
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
gravel, muddy, lithologic units, 190A6:7
gravel, mud-supported, photograph, 190A9:32
gravity-flow deposits
clay, 190/196B4:10
lithologic units, 190A6:8


heat advection, deformation, 190/196B1:4
heat flow
authigenesis, 190/196B6:12
illite–smectite reaction, 190/196B6:9–10
heave compensator experiment, instruments, 196A3:85–86
hemipelagic environment, lithologic units, 190A4:6–7
lithologic units, 190A4:8
logging-while-drilling sonic data, 190/196B17:1–15
magnetic susceptibility, 190A1:26
sonic logs, 190/196B16:1–15
stratigraphy, 196A1:4
thrust zones, 190A1:6
trench, 190A1:4–5
heulandite. See clinoptilolite–heulandite mixture
hexane, sediments, 190A9:20–21
hiatuses, sediments, 190A9:15
Honshu, collision, 190A1:3
Honshu–Izu collision zone, metasedimentary rocks, 190A1:27
hop-17(21)-ene, vs. depth, 190/196B14:7, 10
hop-21-ene, vs. depth, 190/196B14:7, 10
hop-22(29)-ene, vs. depth, 190/196B14:7, 10
hopanes, vs. depth, 190/196B14:5
sediments, 190/196B14:1–10
vs. depth, 190/196B14:6
hopenes, sediments, 190/196B14:3
horsts, deformation, 190/196B1:19
hydraulic gradient, vs. fluid flow, 190/196B18:12–17
concentration, 190A4:20–21
headspace gases, 190A4:65, 133–134; 190A5:25–27, 135–136; 190A6:84; 190A7:74; 190A8:18, 84; 190A9:19–21, 99–100
sediments, 190A1:34–36, 85; 190A4:19, 65, 133; 190A6:18–19, 47, 84; 190A7:16
thermogenic vs. biogenic, 190A1:85
vs. depth, 190A1:85
hydrogen, sediments, 190A4:21, 135–137; 190A5:137–140; 190A6:18, 85; 190A7:75; 190A8:17–18, 85–86; 190A9:101
hydrology, décollement zone, 190A1:8
hydrosweep data, shaded relief maps, 190A2:12
hyperthermophiles. See thermophiles/hyperthermophiles


igneous petrology, Nankai Trough, 196A3:30–32
clay-sized fraction, 190/196B4:10; 190/196B6:7–14
illite/smectite clays, 190/196B6:5–6, 24
relative abundance, 190/196B6:5
vs. depth, 190/196B4:22–23; 190/196B5:16, 18; 190/196B6:20–22
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B4:20; 190/196B5:6
illite/smectite clays, composition, 190/196B6:6
illite–smectite reaction
models, 190/196B6:9–14, 26, 37
sedimentation, 190/196B1:9
illitization, illite–smectite reaction, 190/196B6:10–12
Imbricate Thrust Zone
geology, 190A1:5–6
structural subdivisions, 190A2:5
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190/196B12:9, 14
vs. depth, 190A6:53; 190A7:45
vs. porosity, 190/196B12:15
inorganic reactions, geochemistry, 190A4:16–18; 190A5:21–23; 190A6:15–17; 190A7:12–14; 190A9:16–18
interbeds, inclined, photograph, 190A7:24
intergranular texture, basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
iron oxide, basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
isobutane, sediments, 190A9:20–21
data processing, 196A3:15, 44
velocity, 196A1:13–14
isopentane, sediments, 190A9:20–21
Izu collision zone
accretion, 190A1:3
turbidite, 190/196B3:11
Izu forearc basin, clay, 190/196B4:10
Izu–Bonin arc
clay, 190/196B4:9
collision, 190A1:3
sedimentation, 190/196B4:11
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190/196B6:10–11
See also proto-Izu–Bonin arc
Izu–Honshu collision zone
clay, 190/196B4:9
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190/196B6:10–11


Jamaica excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
Japan Island arc, sediments, 190A1:26
Japan Sea, ocean floors, 190A1:3
Japan SW
geologic maps, 190/196B3:19
igneous activity, 190A1:3
subduction, 190/196B3:3–4
Japanese forearc region SW, geologic map, 190A1:43
Japanese Island arc system, sediments, 190A1:1–87
Jaramillo Subchron, sediments, 190A6:13


clay-sized fraction, 190/196B6:7–8
vs. depth, 190/196B4:22–23; 190/196B6:20–22
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B4:20
See also chlorite/kaolinite overlap
Kazusa group, clay, 190/196B4:10
Kii Peninsula
geology, 190A1:3–4
subduction, 190/196B3:3–4
Kinan Seamounts
geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
sediments, 190A1:26
subduction, 190/196B1:3–4, 10
Kuroshio Current, clay, 190/196B4:9, 11
Kuroshio–Oyashio convergence, transport, 190/196B4:7
Kyushu–Palau remnant arc, sediments, 190A1:26


laminations, lithologic units, 190A4:6–8; 190A6:6; 190A9:6–8
Landward-Dipping Reflector Zone
geology, 190A1:7
structural subdivisions, 190A2:5
lapilli, lithologic units, 190A4:7
Large Thrust–Slice Zone
geology, 190A1:6–7
structural subdivisions, 190A2:5
Laschamp excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
Lavantine excursion, sediments, 190A7:11
limestone, pelagic, composition, 190A1:3
lithic fragments, quartzose and sedimenticlastic sand, 190/196B3:8
lithification, domains, 190A5:12
correlation, 190A1:49–51
domains, 190A9:6–9
lithologic units, 190A8:5
logs, 196A3:33–36
porosity, 190A1:32–33
sediments, 190A1:26–27
velocity, 190A1:32–33
vs. depth, 196A1:24; 196A4:32
lithologic Unit I, log units, 196A3:18
lithologic Unit II, log units, 196A3:18; 196A4:15
lithologic Unit II/III boundary, diagenesis, 196A3:18
lithologic Unit III, log units, 196A3:18; 196A4:15
lithologic Unit IV, log units, 196A3:18; 196A4:15–16
lithologic Unit V, log units, 196A3:18
lithologic units
basement, 196A3:30–31
bulk mineralogy, 196A3:19–20; 196A4:16
compared with log units, 190A4:106
log units, 196A3:17–18
Site 1174, 190A5:7–10, 38, 101
Site 1175, 190A6:4–8, 27, 69
Site 1176, 190A7:5–7, 23, 61
Site 1177, 190A8:5–9, 27
Site 1178, 190A9:6–9, 29, 75
Unit I, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7; 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5; 190A8:5; 190A9:6–8
Unit II, 190A4:7; 190A5:7–8; 190A6:6; 190A7:5; 190A8:5; 190A9:8–9
Unit III, 190A4:7–8; 190A5:8–9; 190A6:6–8; 190A7:5–6; 190A8:5–7
Unit IV, 190A4:8; 190A5:9; 190A8:7–9
Unit V, 190A4:9; 190A5:9; 190A8:9
comparison with logs, 196A4:17–18
resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A3:20–21, 52–54, 59
vs. depth, 196A1:22, 24
lithosphere, oceanic, subduction, 190A1:3
clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:3–4
correlation, 190/196B4:19
Site 1173, 190A4:6–9, 40; 190/196B6:20
Site 1174, 190A5:7–10, 38, 101; 190/196B6:21
Site 1175, 190A6:4–8, 27, 69
Site 1176, 190A7:4–7, 23, 61
Site 1177, 190A8:5–9, 27, 64; 190/196B6:22
Site 1178, 190A9:6–9, 29, 75
slope basin, 190/196B4:3–4
Slope–Apron Facies, 190/196B3:5–6
turbidite, 190/196B3:3–4, 17
upper accretionary prisms, 190/196B4:4
log Unit 1
correlation with lithologic units, 196A4:16
gamma rays, 196A4:14
lithology, 196A1:6, 9; 196A3:2
neutron porosity, 196A3:17
log Unit 2
correlation with lithologic units, 196A4:17
gamma rays, 196A4:14
lithology, 196A1:6, 9
resistivity, 196A3:17–18
structures, 196A1:12
log Unit 2/3 boundary, seismic reflection, 196A1:7; 196A3:2
log Unit 3
correlation with lithologic units, 196A4:17
gamma rays, 196A3:17; 196A4:14
lithology, 196A1:6, 9
log Unit 4
density, 196A3:17
gamma rays, 196A4:14
lithology, 196A1:6, 9
log Unit 4a, correlation with lithologic units, 196A4:17
log Unit 4b, correlation with lithologic units, 196A4:17
log Unit 5, lithology, 196A1:6
log units
definition, 196A3:16–21, 47; 196A4:13–18
lithologic units, 196A3:17–18
lithology, 196A1:6, 9; 196A3:2, 17–18; 196A4:2, 15–16
properties, 196A3:88; 196A4:67
statistical definition, 196A3:47–48; 196A4:41
visual interpretation, 196A3:46
accretionary prisms, 196A1:1–29
numerical modeling, 190/196B17:3–4
logging-while-drilling sonic data, turbidite and hemipelagite, 190/196B17:1–15
logs. See well-logs
Lower Shikoku Basin Facies
lithologic units, 190A4:7–8; 190A5:9; 190A8:5; 190/196B12:3
physical properties, 190A1:33
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:9–12
See also Upper Shikoku Basin Facies/Lower Shikoku Basin Facies boundary
Lower Shikoku Turbidite Facies, lithologic units, 190A8:5–7


pore water, 190A4:18, 64; 190A5:23, 70; 190A6:16–17; 190A7:13–15; 190A8:16–17, 44
sediments, 190A9:18
vs. depth, 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44
magnesium oxide, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
magnetic chrons, depths and ages, 190A4:130; 190A5:132; 190A6:82; 190A7:72; 190A8:82
magnetic declination
magnetic disturbance experiment, 190A6:14, 44
sediments, 190A4:14; 190A6:12–15; 190A7:10; 190A9:14
vs. depth, 190A4:58; 190A5:63; 190A6:41, 44–45; 190A7:35; 190A8:41; 190A9:47
magnetic disturbance experiment
cores, 190A6:13–14, 44
overprint removal experiment, 190A6:45
magnetic fabric
deformation, 190/196B9:1–15
summary, 190/196B9:15
magnetic foliation, deformation, 190/196B9:4–5
magnetic foliation dip, vs. depth, 190/196B9:14
magnetic inclination
remanent magnetization, 196A3:32–33, 97
sediments, 190A4:14; 190A5:17–20; 190A7:10; 190A9:15
vs. depth, 190A4:57; 190A5:63; 190A6:41, 44–45; 190A7:35; 190A8:41; 190A9:47
magnetic intensity
sediments, 190A4:14; 190A5:18; 190A6:12–15; 190A7:10; 190A8:13; 190A9:14–15
vs. depth, 190A4:60–62; 190A5:63, 65; 190A6:41; 190A7:35; 190A8:41; 190A9:47
zones, 190A5:65
magnetic intensity Zone 1, sediments, 190A5:18
magnetic intensity Zone 2, sediments, 190A5:18
magnetic intensity Zone 3, sediments, 190A5:18
magnetic intensity Zone 4, sediments, 190A5:18
magnetic polarity
ages, 196A3:81
basalt, 196A3:33
sediments, 190A4:15, 62, 130; 190A5:17–20; 190A8:13
magnetic polarity reversals
correlation of Sites 808, 1173 and 1174, 190A5:69
vs. depth, 190A5:69
magnetic susceptibility
correlation, 190A1:49–51
deformation, 190/196B9:4–5
hemipelagite, 190A1:26
sediments, 190A4:15, 28, 78; 190A5:18, 33, 81; 190A6:23, 55; 190A7:20, 47; 190A8:23–24; 190A9:26; 190/196B12:3
vs. depth, 190A4:60, 78; 190A5:81; 190A6:55; 190A7:47; 190A8:54; 190A9:60; 190/196B9:14
chronostratigraphy, 190A1:28
comparison of Site 1174 to 1173, 190A5:19–20
correlation, 190A1:77
sediments, 190A4:15, 62, 130; 190A5:19, 67; 190A6:12–13; 190A7:11, 36; 190A8:13–14; 190A9:14–15, 97
vs. depth, 190A4:62; 190A5:67; 190A6:42; 190A7:36; 190A8:42; 190A9:49
Mariana Trench, clay, 190/196B4:8
mass accumulation rates
sediment thickness, 190A1:34, 84
See also sedimentation rates
mass movements, lithologic units, 190A6:5
maturation, organic matter, 190A1:35; 190A9:21
Matuyama Chron
sediments, 190A4:15; 190A5:19; 190A6:13; 190A7:11; 190A8:13
See also Brunhes/Matuyama boundary
Matuyama/Gauss boundary, comparison of Site 1174 to 1173, 190A5:19–20
mélange, composition, 190A1:3
mesophiles/thermophiles, temperature boundaries, 190A1:36; 190A5:28
metamorphic rock fragments
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25–27
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
sand, 190/196B3:6
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:9
metasedimentary rocks
clasts, 190A7:6
Honshu–Izu collision zone, 190A1:27
bacteria, 190A1:36
concentration, 190A4:20–21
migration, 190A5:26–27
reduction, 190A4:18, 64
sediments, 190A1:35; 190A4:21; 190A5:25–27, 135–136; 190A8:18–19; 190A9:20
vs. depth, 190A4:65, 69–70, 133; 190A5:71; 190A6:47; 190A7:39–40; 190A8:45
methane/ethane ratio
sediments, 190A6:19
vs. depth, 190A1:86
Methanobacteriales, microbiology, 190/196B1:8
Methanosarcinales, microbiology, 190/196B1:8
mica, X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:7
microbial activity, biogeochemistry, 190A1:35–36
microbially mediated reactions, geochemistry, 190A4:18–19; 190A5:23–24; 190A6:17–18; 190A7:14–15; 190A9:18–19
Nankai Trough accretionary prism, 190/196B1:8
Site 1173, 190A4:23–24
Site 1174, 190A5:27–29, 74, 141–142
Site 1175, 190A6:19–20, 48–49, 86–87
Site 1176, 190A7:16–17, 76–77
Site 1177, 190A8:19–21
Site 1178, 190A9:22–23, 54, 104–105
microcline, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:27
microcrystalline texture, basement lithologic units, 196A3:30
décollement zone, 190/196B1:6
scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:23, 27
sediments, 190/196B7:6–7
See also fabric
microfaults, high-angle, structure, 190A4:10
microstructures, scanning electron microscopy, 190/196B7:1–27
microstructures, open, scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:20
Middle Slope–Basin Facies, lithologic units, 190A6:6
mineral fragments
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
sand, 190/196B3:5
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
lithologic units, 190A5:9; 190A9:7–9; 196A3:18
nannofossils, 190A4:13; 190A5:16–17; 190A8:11–12; 190A9:13–14
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–9
sediments, 190/196B12:3
turbidite, 190A1:27; 190/196B3:10
See also Pliocene–Miocene Turbidite Unit; Pliocene/Miocene boundary
Miocene, lower, lithologic units, 190A8:7–9
Miocene, lower–middle, lithologic units, 190A4:7–8
Miocene, lower–upper, lithologic units, 190A8:5–7
Miocene, middle, lithologic units, 196A3:18
Miocene, upper
clay, 190/196B4:10–11
lithologic units, 190A8:5
siliciclastic turbidite, 190A1:26
Miocene–Pleistocene interval, sandstone, 190/196B3:1–28
Miocene–Pliocene interval, magnetostratigraphy, 190A8:13–14
Miura group, clay, 190/196B4:10
moisture, grain size, 190/196B8:7–10
montmorillonite, Slope–Apron Facies, 190/196B4:5–6
mottling, lithologic units, 190A4:6–8; 190A9:6–8
lithologic units, 196A4:15
photograph, 190A9:32
mud, nannofossil-rich hemipelagic, lithologic units, 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5; 190A9:6–8
mud, pebbly, lithologic units, 190A6:7
mud, sandy, lithologic units, 190A9:6–8
mud chips, photograph, 190A5:39
mudstone, basal, photograph, 190A1:72; 190A8:36
mudstone, hemipelagic
décollement zone, 190A1:29
lithologic units, 190A6:6–8; 190A7:5; 190A9:6–9
mudstone, indurated hemipelagic, lithologic units, 190A8:5–7
mudstone, pebbly
lithologic units, 190A7:6
photograph, 190A1:66; 190A6:33
mudstone, sandy, lithologic units, 190A6:6; 190A7:5
mudstone fragments, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:28
Muroto Peninsula, geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
Muroto Transect
clay, 190/196B4:8
cross section, 190/196B1:17
geology, 196A1:4
microstructures, 190/196B7:3
stratigraphy and structure of prism toe, 190/196B1:20
tectonics, 190A2:1–14
transects, 190A1:1–87
Murotomiskai Canyon, submarine canyons, 190A6:7


sediments, 190/196B14:1–10
vs. depth, 190/196B14:5
n-alkanes, terrigenous/aquatic ratio, vs. depth, 190/196B14:5, 8
Nankai subduction zone
deformation, 196A1:1–29
geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
sediments, 190A1:26
Nankai Trough accretionary prism
clay, 190/196B4:1–28
cross section, 190/196B4:18; 190/196B11:13
deformation, 190/196B1:1–25
geologic map, 190/196B4:24
geology, 190A1:2–7; 190/196B1:2–4; 190/196B11:2–3; 190/196B12:3–4
microstructures, 190/196B7:1–27
mudstone clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:1–37
negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
organic carbon, 190/196B13:1–10
permeability, 190/196B10:1–16; 190/196B18:1–22; 190/196B19:1–12
physical properties, 190/196B12:1–18
physical properties and grain size, 190/196B8:1–25
porosity, 190/196B11:1–23
sediment source maps, 190/196B4:25
shaded relief map, 190A2:9
site summary, 190A1:87
summary, 190A1:1–87
tectonics, 190A2:1–14
transects, 190A1:1–87
turbidite sands and sandstones, 190/196B3:1–28
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
Nankai Trough forearc, crustal cross section, 190A1:44
Nankai Trough Trench Axial Zone
geology, 190A1:4–5
structural subdivisions, 190A2:4
Nankai–Shikoku Basin system
geology, 190A1:36–37
operational summary, 190A1:87
Nankai–Shikoku subduction zone, sedimentation, 190/196B4:11
lithologic units, 190A4:8; 190A5:7–9; 190A7:5
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–4
range chart, 190A6:80; 190A7:70–71; 190A8:76–81; 190A9:91–96
range chart (Zones NN9–NN6), 190A4:129
range chart (Zones NN18–NN6), 190A5:128–131
range chart (Zones NN18–NN9), 190A4:125–128
range chart (Zones NN21–NN19), 190A4:123–124; 190A5:124–127
nannofossils, calcareous, biostratigraphy, 190A4:11–13, 120–123, 125, 129; 190A5:14–17, 121–124, 128–131; 190A6:11; 190A7:8–10, 68–70; 190A8:11–12; 190A9:12–14
negative polarity, frontal thrust, 190/196B15:1–16
geomagnetic polarity time scale, 190A4:14
nannofossils, 190A5:15
neohop-13(18)-ene, vs. depth, 190/196B14:7, 10
neutron porosity logs
porosity, 196A3:26, 69
vs. depth, 196A3:69
sediments, 190A4:135–137; 190A5:137–140; 190A6:18, 85; 190A7:75; 190A8:17–18, 85–86; 190A9:101
vs. depth, 190A4:19, 66; 190A5:72
nodules, lithologic units, 190A4:8
normalization factors, X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:1–28
North Pacific Deep Water, clay, 190/196B4:8


ocean circulation, clay, 190/196B4:7–8
ocean floors, Japan Sea, 190A1:3
olivine phenocrysts
basement lithologic units, 196A3:30
photomicrograph, 196A3:75
clay, 190/196B6:13
lithologic units, 190A4:9
sediments, 190A6:17
clay, 190/196B6:13
lithologic units, 190A4:9
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
opal-CT/quartz transition
décollement zone, 196A1:13
lithologic units, 190/196B12:4
organic matter, maturation, 190A1:35; 190A5:27; 190A9:21
organic matter, woody, upper Miocene, 190A1:26
outer trench wedge unit, microstructures, 190/196B7:3
overburden stress, deformation, 190/196B10:14
overpressure, décollement zone, 190/196B1:6


Pacific Plate, subduction boundaries, 190A1:2
paleoceanography, clay, 190/196B4:9–10
paleogeography, reconstruction, 190A1:45
comparison of Site 1174 to 1173, 190A5:19–20
Site 1173, 190A4:14–16, 57–62, 130; 196A3:32–33
Site 1174, 190A5:17–20, 63–66, 69
Site 1175, 190A6:12–15, 41–42, 44–45, 82
Site 1176, 190A7:10–11, 35, 72
Site 1177, 190A8:12–14
Site 1178, 190A9:14–15
particulate tracers, contamination, 190A4:24, 141; 190A5:29; 190A6:20; 190A8:21; 190A9:23
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–4
photograph, 190A1:68
pebbles, quartz, photograph, 190A7:29
penetrative planar fabric, sediments, 190/196B7:6
pentane, sediments, 190A9:20–21
compressibility, 190/196B10:1–16
data, 190/196B10:15
sediments, 190/196B18:1–22; 190/196B19:1–12
vs. effective stress, 190/196B10:10; 190/196B18:18–19
permeability, gas
uncalibrated measurements, 190A4:10–11, 55–56; 190A5:13–14, 61; 190A6:10, 40; 190A7:8, 34; 190A8:10; 190A9:11
variations, 190A4:56
vs. depth, 190A4:55; 190A5:61; 190A6:40; 190A7:34; 190A8:40; 190A9:48; 190/196B18:10–11
permeability, intrinsic, vs. effective stress, 190/196B19:7
permeability, vertical, testing, 190/196B10:8–9
basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
Philippine Sea plate
geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
microstructures, 190/196B7:2
subduction, 190/196B1:3–4, 9–10
subduction boundaries, 190A1:2
tectonics, 190A2:2
pore water, 190A4:19, 64
vs. depth, 190A4:64
phosphorus oxide, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
photoelectric effect logs
gamma-ray logs, 196A4:17, 43
vs. depth, 190A4:81; 196A3:50, 54
vs. gamma-ray logs, 196A3:20, 49
physical properties
changes, 190A1:32–34; 190/196B7:3–5
comparison with downhole measurements, 190A4:29
cores, 196A3:29–30
décollement zone, 190/196B12:1–18
grain size, 190/196B8:1–25
logs, 196A3:23–26; 196A4:23–26
Nankai Trough, 196A1:10; 196A4:3
Site 1173, 190A4:24–30; 196A1:7; 196A3:3
Site 1174, 190A5:29–34, 75, 145–146
Site 1175, 190A6:21–24, 50–56, 90–91
Site 1176, 190A7:17–20, 42–48, 78–79
Site 1177, 190A8:21–24
Site 1178, 190A9:23–27
pillow basalt, composition, 190A1:4–5
pillow lavas, basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
basement lithologic units, 196A3:30
lithologic units, 196A3:19–20; 196A4:16
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
vs. depth, 190A4:47; 190A5:46; 190A6:34; 190A7:30; 190A8:37; 190/196B5:15
X-ray diffraction data, 190A6:8; 190A7:6; 190A8:9; 190/196B5:13–14
plagioclase microphenocrysts, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
plagioclase phenocrysts
basement lithologic units, 196A3:30–31
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
plant material, photograph, 190A8:32
lithology, 190A1:4–5
nannofossils, 190A4:11–12; 190A5:15; 190A6:11; 190A7:9; 190A9:12
stratigraphy, 196A1:4
turbidite, 190/196B3:11
Pleistocene, lower, clay, 190/196B4:9–10
Pleistocene/Pliocene boundary, nannofossils, 190A4:12; 190A5:15; 190A6:11; 190A9:12–13
lithologic units, 190A4:7–8; 190A5:8–9; 190A8:5–9; 190A9:6–8; 190/196B12:3; 196A3:18
lithology, 190A1:4–5
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–4
nannofossils, 190A4:12–13; 190A5:15–16; 190A6:11; 190A7:9–10; 190A8:11; 190A9:12–13
sediments, 190A1:26
stratigraphy, 196A1:3–4
turbidite, 190/196B3:11
See also Pleistocene/Pliocene boundary
Pliocene, upper, clay, 190/196B4:9–11
Pliocene–Miocene Turbidite Unit, sediments, 190A1:6–7
Pliocene/Miocene boundary, nannofossils, 190A4:13; 190A5:16; 190A8:11
plutonic rock fragments, quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
pore pressure, evolution, 190/196B10:12
pore water
chloride, 190A1:81
frontal thrust zone, 196A4:29
geochemistry, 190A4:16–17, 64, 131–132; 190A5:20–24, 70, 133–134; 190A6:15–18, 46, 83; 190A7:11–15, 38, 73; 190A8:14–17, 83; 190A9:15–19, 98
geology, 190A1:5–9
accretionary prism facies, 190A7:20
chemical gradients, 190A1:8
compaction, 190A9:26
comparison of Sites 808 and 1173, 196A4:24–25, 58
correction, 190/196B11:4
décollement zone, 190/196B1:6
density logs, 196A3:23–24, 62–64; 196A4:23–25
diagenesis, 196A1:13
fault planes, 190/196B15:5–8
fault zones, 196A1:13
grain size, 190/196B8:9–10
lithofacies, 190A1:32–33; 190A5:33–34
neutron porosity logs, 196A3:26, 69
overburden, 190A4:29
permeability, 190/196B18:4
physical properties, 190A6:24
sediments, 190A4:25–26, 28, 73; 190A5:30–31, 33–34, 75; 190A6:21–22, 50; 190A7:18, 20, 42; 190A8:21–22; 190A9:24–25; 190/196B7:3–5, 10; 190/196B12:8–9
Slope–Basin Facies, 190A7:20
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190A1:32
turbidites, 190A8:24
vs. clay percent, 190/196B8:19
vs. compressional wave velocity, 190A4:84; 190A5:79
vs. depth, 190A1:79, 82–83; 190A4:73; 190A5:75; 190A6:50; 190A7:42; 190A8:49; 190A9:55; 190/196B7:16–17; 190/196B11:15–17; 190/196B12:4; 196A3:62, 64, 74; 196A4:56
vs. depth below décollement zone, 190A5:76
vs. impedance, 190/196B12:15
vs. velocity, 190/196B11:1–23
vs. vertical compressional wave velocity, 190/196B7:18–19
vs. weight percent clay, 190/196B8:20
See also void ratio
porosity, critical, correction, 190/196B11:5–6
porosity logs
sediments, 190A4:31–32, 81
vs. depth, 190A4:81; 196A1:23, 25; 196A3:36; 196A4:33, 50
See also neutron porosity logs
authigenesis, 190/196B6:12
illite–smectite reaction, 190/196B6:9–10
pore water, 190A4:17; 190A5:22, 70; 190A6:16; 190A7:13, 15; 190A8:16, 44
vs. depth, 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44
potassium feldspar, sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
potassium logs, vs. depth, 190A4:82
potassium oxide, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
preferred orientation, clay minerals, 190/196B7:6–13
clay, 190/196B6:13
porosity, 190A9:26–27
sediments, 190A4:34, 91; 190A5:34–35, 82–84; 190A9:26–27
Site 1173, 190A4:34, 91
Site 1175, 190A6:24, 60
Site 1176, 190A7:20–21, 49–53, 80
vs. time, 190A4:91; 190A5:85; 190A6:60; 190A7:53; 190/196B1:23
prism backthrust, photograph, 190A5:52
migration, 190A5:26–27
sediments, 190A4:21; 190A5:25–27, 135–136; 190A9:20
thermogenic vs. biogenic, 190A1:85
vs. depth, 190A4:65; 190A5:71
proto-Izu–Bonin arc, rifting, 190A1:3
proto-turbidite, Nankai Trough, 190/196B3:10
protodécollement horizon, sediments, 190/196B7:11
Protothrust Zone
deformation, 190/196B1:3
domains, 190A5:11–12
geology, 190A1:5
microstructures, 190/196B7:3
seismic data, 190A1:4–8
structural subdivisions, 190A2:4–5
Protothrust Zone, seismically imaged, domains, 190A5:12
clay, 190/196B3:6–7
detritus, 190/196B6:10–11
sandstone, 190/196B3:1–28
pumice fragments
lithologic units, 190A6:6
photograph, 190A9:33
lithologic units, 190A4:6
X-ray diffraction data, 190A6:8
pyroclastic materials, lithologic units, 190A4:7
pyroxene, X-ray diffraction data, 190A6:8


lithologic units, 190A4:6–9; 190A5:7–8; 196A3:19–20; 196A4:4–6, 16
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:6
quartzose and sedimenticlastic sand, 190/196B3:8
relative abundance, 190/196B6:5
sand, 190/196B3:5
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
Slope–Apron Facies, 190/196B4:5–6
turbidite, 190/196B3:4
vs. depth, 190A4:47; 190A5:46; 190A6:34; 190A7:30; 190A8:37; 190/196B4:22–23; 190/196B5:15–16; 190/196B6:20–22
X-ray diffraction data, 190A5:9; 190A6:8; 190A7:6; 190A8:9; 190/196B4:20; 190/196B5:13–14
See also cristobalite/quartz transition; opal-CT/quartz transition
quartz grains, polygonal, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:26
clay, 190/196B4:8–9
lithologic units, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7–9; 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5–6; 190A9:6–8; 196A3:18
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–4
sediments, 190A1:26
Trench–Wedge Facies, 190/196B6:10–11
Quaternary, upper, nannofossils, 190A5:14–15


radiolarians, lithologic units, 190A6:6
recrystallization, lithologic units, 190A4:8
methane, 190A4:18, 64
See also sulfate reduction
diagenesis, 196A1:13
Inline 215, 190/196B15:16
remanent magnetization, characteristic, principal component analysis, 196A3:32–33
remanent magnetization, depositional, sediments, 190A8:13
remanent magnetization, isothermal, data, 190A5:18
remanent magnetization, multicomponent isothermal, magnetic intensity zones, 190A5:66
remanent magnetization, natural
magnetic declination, 190A6:12–15
sediments, 190A4:14; 190A5:17–18; 190A6:12
remanent magnetization, saturation isothermal, data, 190A5:18
resistivity logs
breakouts, 196A1:27
correlation, 196A3:25–26, 45, 68; 196A4:25–26, 61
correlation of deep vs. medium, 196A3:68
correlation of deep vs. ring, 196A3:68
correlation of deep vs. shallow, 196A3:68
correlation of ring vs. bit, 196A3:68
density, 196A1:7, 10
sediments, 190A4:31–32, 81
vs. density logs, 196A4:18, 43
vs. depth, 190A4:81; 196A1:23, 25; 196A3:47, 50–54, 57, 59, 65–67, 83; 196A4:33, 38–40, 42, 50
vs. Formation Microscanner imaging, 196A3:82
resistivity-at-the-bit images
accretionary prisms, 196A1:1–29
basaltic basement, 196A3:59
bedding dips, 196A4:19–20
breakouts, 196A4:52–53
décollement zone, 196A4:21–22, 50–51
fractures, 196A3:57; 196A4:18–19, 45
frontal thrust zones, 196A4: 20–21, 46, 49
lithology, 196A3:20–21, 52–54, 59
rhyolite fragments, banded, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:27
rifting, proto-Izu–Bonin arc, 190A1:3
rock magnetism, data, 190A5:18
rupture planes, photograph, 190/196B10:11


salinity, sediments, 190/196B7:10
composition, 190/196B3:5–9, 18
lithologic units, 196A4:15; 190A8:5–7
modal analysis, 190/196B3:21–24
photograph, 190A1:59; 190A6:39; 190A9:40, 45
provenance, 190/196B3:1–28
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
sand, clayey, lithologic units, 190A7:5
sand, fine, photograph, 190A1:75
sand, graded, photograph, 190A5:39
sand, quartzose
composition, 190/196B3:6–8
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:26
sand, sedimenticlastic, composition, 190/196B3:8–9
sand, silty
lithologic units, 190A4:6; 190A7:5; 190A8:5–7
photograph, 190A7:27–28; 190A9:35
sand, silty–muddy, lithologic units, 190A5:7–8
sand, volcaniclastic, 190/196B3:5–6, 12
sand beds, sedimentation, 190/196B1:9
composition, 190/196B3:18
lithology, 196A1:9
provenance, 190/196B3:1–28
sandstone, quartzose
composition, 190/196B3:8, 12
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:27
sandstone, sedimenticlastic, composition, 190/196B3:8–9, 12
sandstone, vitric, lithologic units, 196A4:15
scanning electron microscopy, microstructures, 190/196B7:1–27
Schlumberger Dipole Shear Imager, instruments, 190/196B16:8
seamounts, tectonics, 190A2:2
sediment thickness
mass accumulation rates, 190A1:34, 84
vs. biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic ages, 190A1:34, 84
sedimentary lithic fragments
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
sand, 190/196B3:6
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:8–9
sedimentation, tectonics, 190/196B1:8–9; 190/196B3:20
sedimentation rates
Brunhes/Matuyama boundary, 190A6:13, 43; 190A7:11, 36
changes, 190A4:15–16, 63
magnetostratigraphy, 190A5:19; 190A8:14
tectonics, 190/196B1:9
See also mass accumulation rates
sedimentology, volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
deformation, 190A1:26
permeability, 190/196B18:1–22; 190/196B19:1–12
source maps, 190/196B4:25
summary, 190A1:26–27
seismic Inline 215, reflectors, 190/196B15:16
seismic Inline 284, reflectors, 190/196B15:12, 15
seismic Line 268, trench, 190/196B12:17
seismic lines
interpretation, 190A1:48
seismic reflection, 190A4:92; 190A5:86; 190/196B12:13; 196A3:41
seismic profiles
Ashizuri Transect, 190A1:53
contrasting stratigraphic and deformational framework along strike, 190A1:9
Muroto Transect, 190A1:52, 54
Site 808, 196A4:35
Site 1173, 190A4:39
structural and stratigraphic interpretation, 190A1:80
seismic reflection
deformation, 190/196B1:4–5
logs, 196A1:7, 11; 196A3:3, 27–28; 196A4:3–4
negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
physical properties, 190/196B12:1–18
seismic lines, 190A4:92; 190A5:86
structural subdivisions, 190A2:3–5, 13
seismic reflection, three-dimensional
inversion, 190/196B12:5–6
stratigraphy, 190A6:61; 190A7:54; 190A8:56; 190A9:27
tectonics, 190A2:3, 14; 190/196B12:4–5
vs. depth, 190A9:63
seismic sections, 196A1:19–21
seismic stratigraphy
Site 1173, 190A4:34–35, 92
Site 1174, 190A5:35, 85–86
Site 1175, 190A6:24–25, 61
Site 1176, 190A7:21, 54
Site 1177, 190A8:25
Site 1178, 190A9:27, 63
seismic–logging integration, negative polarity, 190/196B15:1–16
seismicity, geology, 190A1:3–4
seismograms, synthetic
logging-while-drilling, 190/196B17:14–15
logs, 196A3:27–28, 71; 196A4:26–27, 63
serpentinization, geology, 190A1:4
Setouchi volcanic belt
clay, 190/196B4:7
turbidite, 190/196B3:10
settling, hemipelagic, lithologic units, 190A8:6
shale, hemipelagic, composition, 190A1:3
shale, highly sheared scaly, composition, 190A1:3
shale fraction
porosity, 190/196B11:6–7
vs. depth, 190/196B11:20
shear strength, sediments, 190A4:26, 74; 190A7:18, 43; 190A9:24–26, 55
shear strength, undrained, vs. depth, 190A4:74
shear strength, undrained peak, vs. depth, 190A6:51; 190A7:43
shear wave velocity, processing, 190/196B16:4
shear wave velocity logs, vs. depth, 190A4:81
shear wave velocity slowness logs
vs. compressional wave velocity slowness logs, 190/196B16:15
vs. depth, 190/196B16:13–14
shear zones, domains, 190A5:12
shell fragments, photograph, 190A9:32
Shikoku Basin
geology, 190/196B1:2–4
geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
sediments, 190A1:1–87
structural subdivisions, 190A2:4
velocity–porosity relationship, 190/196B11:7
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:1–28
Shikoku Basin Facies
clay minerals, 190/196B5:6–7
lithologic units, 196A4:15
microstructures, 190/196B7:3
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–9
Shimanto Belt, Cretaceous and Tertiary, 190A1:2
Shionomisaki Canyon
clay, 190/196B4:8
submarine canyons, 190A6:7
basalt, 196A3:32, 96
diagenesis, 196A1:13
lithologic units, 196A3:18
pore water, 190A4:17–18, 64; 190A5:22, 70; 190A6:16; 190A7:13; 190A8:17, 44
sediments, 190A9:18
vs. depth, 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44; 196A1:22
silica, cryptocrystalline, lithologic units, 190A4:8; 190A5:9
siliceous microfossils, lithologic units, 190A5:7–8
silicoflagellates, lithologic units, 190A6:6
silt, clayey, lithologic units, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7–8; 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5; 190A9:7–9
lithologic units, 196A4:15
lithology, 196A1:9
siltstone, clayey
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A5:8–9; 190A8:5–9; 190A9:6–9; 196A4:15
lithology, 196A1:9
Site 297, X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:1–28
Site 808, 196A4:1–68
background and objectives, 196A4:4–5
lithologic units, 190A4:106
logging-while-drilling sonic data, 190/196B17:1–15
magnetic intensity, 190A4:61
operations, 196A1:29; 196A4:5–12, 66
physical properties, 196A1:10; 196A4:3
site description, 196A4:1–68
structural geology, 196A1:9–10; 196A4:2–3
summary, 196A1:8–11; 196A4:1–4
Site 1173, 190A4:1–147; 196A3:1–97
background and objectives, 196A3:4–5
biostratigraphy, 190A4:11–13
coring, 190A4:93–105; 196A3:87
downhole measurements, 190A4:30–34, 146
geology, 190/196B12:3–4
grain size, 190/196B8:8
igneous petrology, 196A3:30–32
in situ temperature and pressure, 190A4:34, 88–91, 147
inorganic geochemistry, 190A4:16–19, 64, 131
lithostratigraphy, 190A4:6–9; 190/196B11:14
logging-while-drilling sonic data, 190/196B17:1–15
microbiology, 190A4:23–24
microstructures, 190/196B7:6–7
mudstone clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:1–37
operations, 190A4:4–6; 196A1:28; 196A3:5–14, 84
organic geochemistry, 190A4:19–22, 65–67, 133, 135
paleomagnetism, 190A4:14–16, 57–62, 130; 196A3:32–33
permeability, 190/196B18:1–22; 190/196B19:1–12
physical properties, 190A4:24; 196A1:7; 196A3:3
sand, 190/196B3:5–6
seismic stratigraphy, 190A4:34–35, 92
site description, 190A4:1–147; 196A3:1–97
structural geology, 190A4:9–11, 115; 196A1:6–7; 196A3:2–3
summary, 190A1:9–12, 55; 190A4:1–4; 196A1:5–8; 196A3:1–4
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
volcanology, 196A3:30–32
well-logging, 196A3:14–15
wireline logging, 190/196B16:1–15
Site 1174, 190A5:1–149
biostratigraphy, 190A5:14–17, 121–124, 128–131
coring, 190A5:87–100
geology, 190/196B12:4
grain size, 190/196B8:8–9
in situ temperature and pressure, 190A5:34–35, 82–84, 149
inorganic geochemistry, 190A5:20–24, 70, 133
lithostratigraphy, 190A5:7–10, 38, 101
microbiology, 190A5:27–29, 74, 141–142
microstructures, 190/196B7:7–9
mudstone clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:1–37
operations, 190A5:4–7
organic geochemistry, 190A5:24–27, 71–72, 135, 137
paleomagnetism, 190A5:17–20, 63–66, 69
permeability, 190/196B18:1–22; 190/196B19:1–12
physical properties, 190A5:29–34, 75, 145–146
sand, 190/196B3:5–6
seismic stratigraphy, 190A5:35, 85–86
site description, 190A5:1–149
structural geology, 190A5:10–14, 48, 112
summary, 190A1:12–15, 58; 190A5:1–4
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
Site 1175, 190A6:1–92
biostratigraphy, 190A6:10–11, 78–80
coring, 190A6:62–68
grain size, 190/196B8:9
inorganic geochemistry, 190A6:15–18, 46, 83
lithostratigraphy, 190A6:4–8, 27, 69
microbiology, 190A6:19–20, 48–49, 86–87
operations, 190A6:3–4
organic geochemistry, 190A6:18–19, 47, 84–85
paleomagnetism, 190A6:12–15, 41–42, 44–45, 82
physical properties, 190A6:21–24, 50–56, 90–91
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:6–7
seismic stratigraphy, 190A6:24–25, 61
site description, 190A6:1–92
structural geology, 190A6:9–10, 35–39, 75
summary, 190A1:15–17, 64; 190A6:1–3
Site 1176, 190A7:1–80
biostratigraphy, 190A7:8–10, 68–70
coring, 190A7:55–56
in situ temperature and pressure, 190A7:20–21, 49–53, 80
inorganic geochemistry, 190A7:11–15, 38, 73
lithostratigraphy, 190A7:4–7, 23, 61
microbiology, 190A7:16–17, 76–77
operations, 190A7:4
organic geochemistry, 190A7:15–16, 39–40, 74–75
paleomagnetism, 190A7:10–11, 35, 72
physical properties, 190A7:17–20, 42–48, 78–79
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:6–7
seismic stratigraphy, 190A7:21, 54
site description, 190A7:1–80
structural geology, 190A7:7–8, 31–33, 66
summary, 190A1:17–20, 67; 190A7:1–3
Site 1177, 190A8:1–91
coring, 190A8:57–63
grain size, 190/196B8:9
inorganic geochemistry, 190A8:14–17
lithostratigraphy, 190A8:5–9, 27, 64
microbiology, 190A8:19–21
mudstone clay mineralogy, 190/196B6:1–37
operations, 190A8:4–5
organic geochemistry, 190A8:17–19
paleomagnetism, 190A8:12–14
physical properties, 190A8:21–24
quartzose and sedimenticlastic sands and sandstones, 190/196B3:8
seismic stratigraphy, 190A8:25
site description, 190A8:1–91
structural geology, 190A8:9–10
summary, 190A1:20–22, 69; 190A8:1–4
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:1–9
Site 1178, 190A9:1–108
biostratigraphy, 190A9:11–14
coring, 190A9:64–74
deformation, 190/196B9:1–15
fatty acids, 190/196B14:1–10
hopanoids, 190/196B14:1–10
in situ temperature and pressure, 190A9:26–27
inorganic geochemistry, 190A9:15–19
lithostratigraphy, 190A9:6–9, 29, 75
microbiology, 190A9:22–23, 54, 102–103
n-alkanes, 190/196B14:1–10
operations, 190A9:4–6
organic geochemistry, 190A9:19–22
paleomagnetism, 190A9:14–15
physical properties, 190A9:23–27
seismic stratigraphy, 190A9:27, 63
site description, 190A9:1–108
structural geology, 190A9:9–11, 37–40, 80–87
summary, 190A1:23–25, 73; 190A9:1–4
slate fragments, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
scanning electron microscopy photomicrograph, 190/196B7:21, 27
sediments, 190A7:8; 190A9:10; 190/196B7:7
sliding, permeability, 190/196B10:6
Slope to Prism Transition facies, lithologic units, 190A6:6–8; 190A7:5–6
Slope–Apron Facies
lithologic units, 190A5:7
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B3:5–6
Slope–Basin Facies
lithologic units, 190A6:8; 190A7:5–6
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–5
See also Middle Slope–Basin Facies; Upper Slope–Basin Facies
slowness analysis, logging-while-drilling, 190/196B17:4–5, 10
slump folding, structure, 190A6:9–10, 35–39, 75
slump folding hinge, photograph, 190A6:36
slumped bedding, turbidite, 190/196B3:4
clay-sized fraction, 190/196B4:7; 190/196B6:7–14
dehydration, 190A1:8; 190/196B5:6–7
lithologic units, 190A4:9; 190A5:9
mudstone, 190/196B6:8–9, 25
relative abundance, 190/196B6:5
sediments, 190/196B7:10
Slope–Apron Facies, 190/196B4:5–6
types, 190/196B6:6–7
vs. depth, 190/196B4:22–23; 190/196B5:16, 18; 190/196B6:20–22
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B4:20; 190/196B5:6
See also illite–smectite reaction; illite/smectite clays
pore water, 190A4:17; 190A5:22, 70; 190A6:16; 190A7:12–13, 15; 190A8:16, 44
vs. depth, 190A4:64; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44
sodium/chloride ratio, vs. depth, 190A7:38
sodium oxide, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
soft sediment deformation, lithologic units, 190A9:7
sonic velocity logs
reprocessing, 190/196B16:1–15
sediments, 190A4:32–33, 83–84
Spectrex laser particle counter, instruments, 190/196B8:3–7, 21–22
spreading centers, deformation, 190/196B1:3
data, 190/196B10:15
permeability, 190/196B10:1–16
strain discontinuity, décollement zone, 190A1:29
stratification, lithologic units, 190A9:6–9
stratigraphic units
summary, 190A4:106
See also lithologic units; lithostratigraphy
framework along strike, 190A1:9
summary, 190A1:26–27
strength, sediments, 190/196B7:5
data, 190/196B10:15
deformation, 190/196B1:4–5
See also effective stress
stress, in situ, breakouts, 196A4:22
stress magnitudes, structures, 196A1:12
stress orientations, structures, 196A1:12
strontium, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
structural features in Domain III, stereographic projections, 190A9:41
structural features in Domain IV, stereographic projections, 190A9:44
structural geology
Nankai Trough, 196A1:9–10; 196A4:2–3
Site 1173, 190A4:9–11, 115; 196A1:6–7; 196A3:2–3
Site 1174, 190A5:10–14, 48, 112
Site 1175, 190A6:9–10, 35–39, 75
Site 1176, 190A7:7–8, 31–33, 66
Site 1177, 190A8:9–10
Site 1178, 190A9:9–11, 37–40, 80–87
structural subdivisions, seismic reflection, 190A2:3–5, 13
structure, incipient weblike, photograph, 190A1:75
data, 190A4:115–119; 190A5:112–120; 190A7:66–67; 190A8:71–72; 190A9:80–87
décollement zone, 190A1:8
logs, 196A3:22–23; 196A4:18–22
stress magnitudes, 196A1:12
See also microstructures
structures, core-scale, deformation, 190/196B1:4–5
subduction zones
geology, 190/196B1:2–4
geology and geophysics, 196A1:3–4
Pacific Plate, 190A1:2
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–9
bacteria, 190A1:36
pore water, 190A8:15, 44
sediments, 190A4:18, 64; 190A5:23–24, 70; 190A6:17; 190A7:14; 190A9:19
vs. depth, 190A4:64, 69; 190A5:70; 190A6:46; 190A7:38; 190A8:44
sulfate reduction zone
concentration, 190A4:20–21
hydrocarbons, 190A6:18; 190A7:16
sediments, 190A1:35; 190A4:135–137; 190A5:137–140; 190A6:18, 85; 190A7:16, 75; 190A8:17–18, 85–86; 190A9:101
vs. depth, 190A7:40; 190A9:52
Suruga Trough, clay, 190/196B4:8
suspended sediments, transport, 190/196B3:7–8


Tanzawa massif, accretion, 190A1:3
tectonic domains, maps, 190A2:13
geology, 190A2:1–14
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–9, 24–25
turbidite, 190/196B3:3–4
velocity, 190/196B11:7–9
diagenesis, 196A1:4
sediments, 190A4:26–27, 57, 75, 147; 190A5:31, 77; 190A7:18–19, 44
vs. depth, 190A4:57, 75, 90; 190A5:77, 84; 190A6:52, 59; 190A7:44, 52; 190A9:62; 196A1:22
vs. time, 190A4:89; 190A5:82–83; 190A6:57; 190A7:49–51; 190A9:61
See also unblocking temperature
temperature, in situ
porosity, 190A9:26
sediments, 190A4:34, 88–90, 147; 190A5:34–35, 82–84, 149; 190A9:26–27
Site 1173, 190A4:34, 88–91, 147
Site 1175, 190A6:24–25, 57–59, 92
Site 1176, 190A7:20–21, 49–53, 80
temperature, sea-surface
alkenone, 190/196B13:1–10
vs. depth, 190/196B13:9
temperature boundaries, thermophiles/hyperthermophiles, 190A1:36
Tenryu Canyon, clay, 190/196B4:8
tephra layers, trench, 190A1:4–5
Tertiary, Shimanto Belt, 190A1:2
textures, basement lithologic units, 196A3:93–95
thermal conductivity
cores, 196A3:30, 92
sediments, 190A4:26–27, 57, 75; 190A5:31, 77; 190A7:18–19, 44; 190A8:22
vs. depth, 190A4:57, 75; 190A5:77; 190A6:52; 190A7:44; 190A8:50; 190A9:57; 196A3:74
thermal structure, geology, 190A1:3–4
Thermococcus, microbiology, 190/196B1:8
thermophiles. See mesophiles/thermophiles
thermophiles/hyperthermophiles, temperature boundaries, 190A1:36
thorium logs, vs. depth, 190A4:82
thrust zones
sediments, 196A1:9–10
See also Large Thrust-Slice Zone
thrust zones, frontal, resistivity-at-the-bit images, 196A4:20–21, 29–30, 46, 49
thrust zones, imbricate, stratigraphy, 196A1:4
time boundaries, correlation, 190A1:49–51
titanomagnetite, basement lithologic units, 196A3:31
trench sediments
permeability, 190A5:14
sedimentation, 190/196B1:9
Trench–Basin Transition Facies
lithologic units, 196A4:15
logs, 196A3:21, 53
microstructures, 190/196B7:3
Trench-Fill Facies
lithologic units, 196A4:15
resistivity, 190/196B1:21
turbidite, 190/196B3:4
Trench–Slope Facies
clay, 190/196B4:1–28
lithologic units, 190A6:5
sedimentation, 190/196B1:9
Trench–Wedge Facies
lithologic units, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7–8; 196A3:18
logs, 196A3:21, 52
magnetic susceptibility, 190/196B9:5–6
porosity, 190A1:32; 190/196B12:8–9
Quaternary, 190/196B6:10–11
Tsushima Current, sedimentation, 190/196B4:11
tuff, lithologic units, 190A4:7; 196A4:15
tuff, vitric, volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
tuffaceous fragments, silicic, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:26
composition, 190A1:3
lithologic units, 190A9:6–9; 196A4:15
lithostratigraphy, 190/196B4:3–4
logging-while-drilling sonic data, 190/196B17:1–15
Miocene, 190A1:27
permeability, 190A5:14
photograph, 190A6:27
Pliocene–Miocene Turbidite Unit, 190A1:6–7
provenance, 190/196B3:1–28
sedimentation, 190/196B1:8–10
sonic logs, 190/196B16:1–15
stratigraphy, 196A1:4
trench, 190A1:4–5
See also proto-turbidite
turbidite, sandy
lithologic units, 190A6:6–8; 190A7:5–6
photograph, 190A4:42; 190A6:30; 190A9:34
turbidite, sandy–muddy, lithologic units, 196A3:18
turbidite, siliciclastic
photograph, 190A8:32–33
upper Miocene, 190A1:26
turbidite, trench–wedge, magnetostratigraphy, 190A1:28
turbidite, wood-rich sandy, photograph, 190A1:70; 190A8:31
Turbidite Facies
logs, 196A3:21, 52
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:7
turbidity currents
clay, 190/196B4:9
lithologic units, 190A4:6–7; 190A5:7–8; 190A8:6; 196A4:15


unblocking temperature, remanent magnetization, 190A5:18
underthrust domain
décollement zone, 196A4:30
porosity, 190/196B11:1–23
structure, 190A5:13
unsaturation index, alkenone, 190/196B13:3–4
Upper Shikoku Basin Facies
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A5:8–9; 190A8:5; 190/196B12:3–4
physical properties, 190A1:32–33
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:3
Upper Shikoku Basin Facies/Lower Shikoku Basin Facies boundary
lithologic units, 190/196B12:3–4, 6–10, 14
logs, 196A3:34–35
Upper Slope–Basin Facies, lithologic units, 190A6:4–6
uranium logs, vs. depth, 190A4:82


variolitic texture, photomicrograph, 196A3:77
veins, structure, 190A4:10, 54; 190A8:10
veins, calcite, lithologic units, 190A8:9
veins, chlorite, lithologic units, 190A8:9
veins, mineralized, photograph, 190A4:54
veins, quartz, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:26, 28
veins, subhorizontal, photograph, 190A8:39
comparison with downhole measurements, 190A4:29
ISONIC, 196A1:13–14
lithofacies, 190A1:32–33
vs. depth, 190A1:82–83
vs. porosity, 190/196B11:1–23
velocity, acoustic, sediments, 190A4:27, 76; 190A5:31–32, 78; 190A6:22–23, 53; 190A7:19, 45; 190A8:22–23; 190A9:25
velocity, seismic, two-way traveltime, 190/196B12:16
velocity anisotropy, vs. depth, 190A4:76
velocity logs. See sonic velocity logs
void ratio
grain size, 190/196B8:9–10
vs. clay percent, 190/196B8:19
See also porosity
volcanic ash
distribution and thickness, 190A5:45; 190A8:28
lithologic units, 190A4:6–9, 41; 190A5:7–9; 190A6:4–6; 190A7:5–6; 190A9:6–9; 196A3:18
nannofossils, 190A7:9
petrography, 190/196B2:1–9
photograph, 190A1:56; 190A4:43–44; 190A5:42; 190A6:29; 190A7:24–26
vs. depth, 190A4:6–9, 41; 190A5:45, 62; 190A6:28–29, 31; 190A8:28
X-ray diffraction data, 190A4:114; 190A5:47, 102; 190A6:74; 190A7:7, 65; 190A8:68
volcanic ash, graded, photograph, 190A9:30
volcanic ash, inclined, photograph, 190A9:31
volcanic ash, laminated bioturbated, photograph, 190A1:71; 190A8:34–35
volcanic ash, overturned bed, photograph, 190A6:31
volcanic debris, clay, 190/196B4:9
volcanic glass
lithologic units, 190A4:8; 190A5:8–9; 190A8:5–9
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
volcanic rock fragments
photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25, 27
quartzose sand, 190/196B3:7
sand, 190/196B3:6
sedimenticlastic sandstone, 190/196B3:9
volcanic rock fragments, devitrified silicic, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:27
volcanic rock fragments, silicic, photomicrograph, 190/196B3:25
Volcaniclastic Facies
hydrocarbons, 190A8:18
lithologic units, 190A4:8; 190A8:7–9; 196A3:18
lithology, 196A1:6
logs, 196A3:21–22, 54
subduction, 190/196B3:3
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:3
X-ray diffraction data, 190/196B5:7
lithologic units, 190A6:4–6; 190A8:8–9; 196A3:18
sand, 190/196B3:5–6
volcaniclastics, acidic, composition, 190A1:4–5
volcanism, sedimentation, 190/196B6:10–11
volcanology, 196A3:30–32


water content
grain size, 190/196B8:9–10
vs. clay percent, 190/196B8:19
water pressure, vs. time, 190/196B10:9
water-escape structures. See dewatering structures
waveforms, logging-while-drilling, 190/196B17:2–3, 11
web structure
Brecciated Zone, 190/196B9:3
photograph, 190A6:39
sediments, 190A6:10
web structure, incipient, photograph, 190A9:40, 45
accretionary prisms, 196A1:1–29
log quality, 196A1:5–6, 8–9; 196A3:14–15, 42–43; 196A4:1, 12–13, 37
summary, 190A4:146
comparison with lithology, 196A4:17–18
décollement zone, 196A3:83
deformation, 190/196B1:4–5
lithofacies, 196A3:33–36
physical properties, 196A3:23–26; 196A4:23–26
quality assessment, 196A3:24–25
seismic data, 196A3:27–28
seismic reflection, 196A1:7, 11; 196A3:3, 27–28; 196A4:3–4
structures, 196A3:22–23; 196A4:18–22
synthetic seismograms, 196A4:26–27, 63
wireline logging
sonic logs, 190/196B16:1–15
vs. depth, 190/196B16:10
wood fragments, photograph, 190A8:30; 190A9:35
woody material, clasts, 190A7:6


X-ray diffraction data
clay mineralogy, 190/196B4:26–28; 190/196B6:5–7, 23, 27–36
clay-size fraction, 190/196B5:26–28
lithologic units, 190A4:9, 107, 111, 114; 190A5:9–10, 102–103, 108; 190A6:8, 34, 70–74; 190A8:9, 68–69; 190A9:9, 36, 76–79
mineral abundances and peak area ratios, 190A4:111–113; 190A6:72–73; 190A7:64; 190A8:69–70; 190A9:78–79
normalization factors, 190/196B5:1–28
normalized relative mineral abundances, 190A5:108–111
peak intensities and peak areas, 190A4:107–110; 190A5:103–107; 190A6:70–71; 190A7:62–63; 190A8:65–67; 190A9:76–77
sediments, 190A7:6–7, 30, 62, 64
volcanic ash, 190A5:47, 102; 190A6:74; 190A8:68


Yap Trench, clay, 190/196B4:8
yttrium, basalt, 196A3:32, 96


lithologic units, 190A4:8; 190A5:9
volcanic ash, 190/196B2:4
Zijderveld plots
remanent magnetization, 196A3:78
sediments, 190A5:18, 64
zirconium, basalt, 196A3:32, 96
lithologic units, 190A4:7; 190A6:6–7; 190A8:6–7
photograph, 190A5:44; 190A8:29