Figure F3. Logarithmic plot of Fe and Mn contents in calculated hydrothermal end-members of borehole fluids from Holes 1188B and 1189B and PACMANUS chimney vent fluids (Table T2; data from T. Gammo and C.J. Yeats, pers. comm., 1996 and 2001, respectively). Borehole fluids from Hole 1188 are plotted at 100 times the analyses cited in Table T1. Unfiltered fluids collected by vent funnel (VUNL) at Snowcap seeps and by hydrocasts within the PACMANUS plume (1550–1683 mbsl, between Satanic Mills and Roman Ruins) are also plotted for comparison (CSIRO data). Numbers in parenthesis = CSIRO numbers.