Figure F1. A. Xenolith of spinifex-textured basalt within vesicular dacite glass, dredged at Satanic Mills (CSIRO sample 142421, dredge MD-138). The xenolith also contains small vesicles and miarolitic cavities between olivine blades. It appears wedged apart without fracturing by dacite glass at upper right and lower left. B. Altered xenolith of spinifex rock in altered and veined dacite (Sample 193-1188A-7R-2 [Piece 1, 17–21 cm]; CSIRO 142652). Former olivine blades in the xenolith are replaced by pyrite. Both the xenolith and its host are cut by a network of anhydrite-cristobalite veins. A later vein of coarse anhydrite occurs along the upper edge of the specimen.