1/strontium ratio, vs. strontium isotopes, B7:15


acid sulfate alteration. See bleaching
aerobic culture, photomicrograph, A4:196
albite, geochemistry, B8:4–5
alkali earths, altered/parent rocks, B6:16
alkalinity, pore water, A4:48
altered/parent rocks, B6:16
rhyodacite, A6:8
See also sodium oxide + potassium oxide
breccia, A4:41–44
classification, B1:18, 62
Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A4:221
geochemistry, A3:69, 71; A4:47–48; B1:46–49; B8:1–18
hydrothermal fields, A1:7
mass transfer, B1:64
mineralization, B1:27–28
permeability, B13:5–9
photograph, A1:51–52, 75; A3:142–143, 150; A4:69, 132, 172, 185
photomicrograph, A1:81; A3:141, 147, 152; A4:98; B6:15
summary, A6:35; B1:8, 36–38
summary and types, A3:278; A4:24, 233–234, 236–239
volume expansion, B1:59
xenoliths, B6:3
See also anhydrite-pyrite-pyrophyllite alteration; bleaching; chlorite-hematite alteration halo; chlorite-pyrite alteration; cristobalite-clay alteration; green silica-clay alteration; hydrothermal alteration; illite-chlorite alteration; metasomatism; potassium feldspar-illite alteration; silica-chlorite alteration; silica-clay alteration; silicification; wallrock alteration
alteration, silica-clay, photograph, A4:76–77
alteration, silica-sulfate, photograph, A4:174
alteration films, iron oxyhydroxide, A3:37
alteration halos
lithologic units, A6:5–6
photograph, A3:110, 121, 145, 159, 167, 201, 208, 211, 219–220; A4:93–94, 133
photomicrograph, A1:54; A3:146, 149, 205–206, 212; A4:122, 125–126, 175–176
veins, A3:62–63; A4:42–45
See also chlorite-hematite alteration halo
alteration style, vs. depth, A1:49–50, 66–67; A3:36–37, 137–138; A4:24–25, 114–116; B11:7–9
alteration types, mineralogy, B8:14–16; B12:1–19
altered rocks
algorithms for precursor composition, B1:70
geochemistry, B1:18–20, 46–49
volume change, B1:20
aluminum, altered rocks, B1:47
aluminum oxide
alteration, A4:47–48
dacite lava, B2:8
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. silica, B2:21
xenoliths, B6:2
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
photomicrograph, A3:169
amphibole, lithologic units, A4:14
distribution and types, A3:276
lithologic units, A3:26–33; A4:18
photomicrograph, A1:45; A3:129, 134, 166; A4:123, 151, 163
amygdules, chlorite, photomicrograph, A4:103
amygdules, elongate, photograph, A3:126
amygdules, quartz, photomicrograph, A4:127
amygdules, quartz-pyrite, photomicrograph, A3:162; A4:99, 125–126
amygdules, quartz-sphalerite, photomicrograph, A4:100
anaerobic culture, photomicrograph, A4:197
anatase, hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
andesite, lithology, A1:4
alteration, A3:51; B1:21
amygdules, A3:29–30
bleaching alteration, A3:39–41
fresh and altered dacite, B12:3–4
geochemistry, B7:1–23
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
lithologic units, A4:15–41
photograph, A1:58–60; A3:106, 111, 151; A4:69, 90, 182–183
photomicrograph, A1:45, 57, 68; A3:139, 182, 197; A4:122, 128–129, 161, 164, 171; B1:56; B6:15; B8:10; B9:25
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
separates from hydrothermal veins and vug fills, B7:16–23
strontium and sulfur isotopes, B1:30–32
veins, A1:26; A3:59–65
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
xenoliths, B6:3
anhydrite, anhedral, photomicrograph, B6:14
anhydrite-pyrite-pyrophyllite alteration, geochemistry, B8:1–18
anhydrite crystals, photomicrograph, A4:198
anhydrite intergrowths, photomicrograph, B6:14
anhydrite matrix, photomicrograph, A4:105
anhydrite overgrowths, photomicrograph, A4:140
anisotropy, magnetic susceptibility, A3:237, 301; A4:209, 259; A6:11, 31, 45
geochemistry, B8:4–5
plagioclase, B2:25
altered rocks, B1:49
jasperoids, B9:6
pore water, B4:4–5
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
jasperoids, B9:5
apophysis, photograph, A4:91
altered rocks, B1:49
galena, B3:3
jasperoids, B9:6
pyrite, B3:3
autobrecciation, photograph, A3:124


backarc basins, geology, A1:1–84
biomineralization, B1:35–36
dacite, A6:26
photomicrograph, A4:196–198
total enumeration, A3:72; A4:49, 250–251; A6:9, 39
bacteria, mineralized, bacterial habitation, A3:226
bacterial counts, data, A3:294
bacterial habitation
mineral particles, A3:225–226
photomicrograph, A4:198–199
lithologic units, A4:34
massive sulfides, B10:5–7
photomicrograph, A4:140
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
strontium and sulfur isotopes, B1:31–32
altered rocks, B1:18–20, 36–37, 47–48
chimneys, B1:35
jasperoids, B9:5
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pore water, B4:4
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194
geochemistry, B6:3–4, 19
lithology, A1:4
photomicrograph, B6:7–15
xenoliths, B6:1–19
bathymetry, maps, A1:34; B1:51; B2:15
biomass, data, A3:294
biomass activity, bacteria, A3:72; A4:49–50
biomineralization, biosphere, B1:35–38
biosphere, biomineralization, B1:35–38
Bismarck Sea, geology, A1:1–84
altered rocks, B1:49
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:4
pore water, B4:4
semimassive sulfides, B1:23
black patches
lithologic units, A4:14
photomicrograph, A4:82–85
black smokers, hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7
alteration, A3:39–41, 51; A4:27–29
geochemistry, B1:27
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16–17
petrology, A5:5–6
photograph, A1:52; A3:108, 110, 144, 150–151, 153, 201; B1:57
borehole images, logging-while-drilling data, A3:90–91
casing, A3:99
photograph, A3:99–100
bornite, semimassive sulfides, A4:39
boron, pore water, B4:4
alteration, A1:27; B1:21
dilation, B1:28–29
green silica-clay alteration, A3:38–39
photograph, A1:75; A4:134, 170, 180
structure, A4:41–44
See also granule breccia; pebble breccia; pseudobreccia
breccia, altered, photomicrograph, A4:141
breccia, altered polymict, lithologic units, A4:17–23
breccia, autoclastic, photograph, A4:91
breccia, clast-supported, photograph, A4:181
breccia, flow-banded volcanic, photomicrograph, B8:11–12
breccia, flow-top, volcanism, B1:9–11
breccia, hydrothermal
lithologic units, A3:25–26; A4:10–23
photograph, A4:69, 74–75
photomicrograph, A4:82
breccia, jigsaw
lithologic units, A3:24, 31
photograph, A4:135, 172, 182
breccia, matrix-supported
lithologic units, A4:15–23
photograph, A4:87, 131, 180
breccia, mineralized pumice, photomicrograph, B8:11
breccia, monomict volcaniclastic, lithologic units, A4:21, 31–32
breccia, polymict volcanic, photomicrograph, B8:11, 13
breccia, polymict volcaniclastic
lithologic units, A4:13, 21, 32
photograph, A4:96, 138
photomicrograph, A4:109
breccia, volcanic, photomicrograph, B8:8–13
breccia, volcaniclastic
alteration and mineralization, A4:13, 21
lithologic units, A3:24–25; A4:16–23
photograph, A4:90, 92
photomicrograph, A4:8; B8:9
breccia cement, jasperoidal silica, photomicrograph, A4:130
breccia flows, volcanism, B1:9–12
jasperoids, B9:6–7
microfractures, B9:4–7
photograph, A3:124; A4:172
See also autobrecciation
brecciation, hydrothermal, photograph, A4:113
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
photomicrograph, A3:169
Brunhes/Matuyama boundary, oceanic crust, A1:4–5
bulk density logs, vs. depth, A4:217, 226


jasperoids, B9:6
pore water, B4:4–5
jasperoids, B1:48; B9:5–7
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pore water, B4:4–7
xenoliths, B6:3
See also potassium/calcium ratio
calcium oxide
alteration, A3:69; A4:47–48
dacite lava, B2:8
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. europium/europium ratio, B2:24
vs. silica, B2:21
caliper logs, vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217, 226
carbon dioxide, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
Category Z, wallrocks, B1:21, 28
cations, sulfate, A3:287
cavities, miarolitic, photomicrograph, B6:7–8, 10
cavity linings, photomicrograph, B9:23
celadonite, lithologic units, A4:14
cement, anhydrite, photograph, A4:170
cement, anhydrite-quartz-pyrite, photograph, A4:131
cement, pyrite, photograph, A4:170
cement, quartz, photograph, A4:170
cerium, pore water, B4:5
cesium, jasperoids, B1:47; B9:5
chalcophile elements
altered/parent rocks, B6:17
altered rocks, B1:48–49
chemical composition, B3:15–17
chloritized zones, B3:3
lithologic units, A4:15–41
massive sulfides, A4:36; B1:6; B10:4–7
petrography, A3:54, 57
photograph, A1:71; A4:144
photomicrograph, A1:55; A3:183, 188; A4:145, 151–154, 166
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
vs. depth, A4:117
chalcopyrite disease, photomicrograph, A4:156–157, 164
chalcopyrite fills, photomicrograph, A4:160–161
chemosynthesis, hydrothermal fields, A1:7
chert, hematitic, photomicrograph, A4:154
hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7; B1:6
metal sources, B1:33–35
sulfides, A1:23–28; B1:28
alteration phases, B5:1–10; B11:1–19
breccia, A4:41–44
geochemistry, B8:5
hydrothermal alteration, B1:14–16
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:24–25
lithologic units, A3:26–33; A4:24–41
photograph, B1:57
photomicrograph, A3:166; A4:101; B1:56
silicification alteration, A3:41–47
vs. depth, B5:5–6
xenoliths, B6:3
See also illite-chlorite alteration; silica-chlorite alteration
chlorite-hematite alteration halo, photomicrograph, A3:149
chlorite-pyrite alteration, geochemistry, B8:1–18
chlorite intergrowths, photomicrograph, B6:14
chrome spinel
photomicrograph, B6:8
xenoliths, B6:2
chemical composition, B3:27
mineralization, B3:4
chromium, xenoliths, B6:3
chromium oxide, xenoliths, B6:2
clastic zones
lithologic units, A3:32
photograph, A4:113
abrasion, A4:138
bleaching alteration, A3:39–41
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:24–25
lithologic units, A3:21–33
movement, A3:25; A4:13
photograph, A3:111–112, 116, 151; A4:87, 92, 113, 131
photomicrograph, A3:135–136, 163
clasts, altered perlitic, photomicrograph, A4:105
clasts, altered volcanic, lithologic units, A4:15–23
clasts, bleached, photograph, A4:96, 138
clasts, chalcopyrite-sphalerite, photomicrograph, A4:139
clasts, glassy, photomicrograph, A4:112
clasts, perlitic
photograph, A4:96, 138
photomicrograph, A4:112
clasts, porous, photograph, A4:96, 138
clasts, porphyritic, photomicrograph, A4:112
clasts, spherulitic, photomicrograph, B8:13
clasts, tube pumice, photomicrograph, A4:103
clasts, vitric, photomicrograph, A3:117–118
clasts, volcanic
photograph, A4:78–79, 90–92, 118, 134, 138
photomicrograph, A1:68, 72; A4:80–81, 104, 107–109
alteration, A3:26; B11:1–19
amygdules, A3:29–30
photomicrograph, A6:17
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
xenoliths, B6:3
See also cristobalite-clay alteration; green silica-clay alteration; silica-clay alteration
clay intergrowths, photomicrograph, B6:14
clay mineralogy, alteration phases, B5:1–10
clay minerals
chimneys, A1:25
hydrothermal alteration, B1:13–16
lithologic units, A6:5
no bacterial habitation, A3:227
photograph, A3:125, 151, 159, 211
photomicrograph, A3:135–136, 212; A4:101, 106, 196–197; B1:56
mineral chemistry, B2:8–9
photograph, A1:77
xenoliths, B6:2–3
clinopyroxene phenocrysts
lithologic units, A4:12, 18; B2:5
petrology, A5:4; A6:4
photograph, A5:7
photomicrograph, A1:78; A4:98; A5:8; B2:18
clinopyroxene phenocrysts, euhedral, photomicrograph, B2:16, 19
altered rocks, B1:49
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:4
pore water, B4:5
compressional wave velocity
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76; A4:54, 255
rhyodacite, A6:10, 41
rocks, A3:296
vs. depth, A3:230; A4:202
compressional wave velocity logs
measurements, A3:94
vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217
conductive minerals
Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A4:220
resistivity-at-the-bit, A4:229
contamination, microorganisms, A3:74
convergence, volcanism, A1:3–5
altered rocks, B1:19, 37, 48–49
chimneys, B1:35
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pyrite, B3:3
semimassive sulfides, B1:23
vs. depth, A3:224
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:69
copper sulfides, semimassive sulfides, A4:39
covellite, semimassive sulfides, A4:39
cracks, perlitic, photomicrograph, A3:117–119, 142; A4:102
cracks, photograph, A1:46
alteration, A3:38; B11:1–19
bleaching alteration, A3:40
domain significance, B1:25–26
hydrothermal alteration, B1:14
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:25
lithologic units, A4:24–41
photomicrograph, A3:131–132, 205–206; B1:56
silicification alteration, A3:42–47
veins, A3:59–65
vs. depth, A4:117
cristobalite-clay alteration
lithologic units, A6:5–6
photomicrograph, A1:81; A3:164; A6:19
cristobalite–quartz transition, lithologic units, A4:33–34
crust, oceanic, Brunhes/Matuyama boundary, A1:4–5
crystal aggregates, photomicrograph, A3:131–132
CSIRO sample 142421, xenoliths, B6:1–19
enrichment, A3:295; A4:51–52, 252–254
observations, A4:195


alteration, A3:36–51
bacteria, A6:26
bacterial habitation, A3:225
geochemistry, A4:47; B6:19; B8:1–18
hydrothermal fields, A1:7
lithology, A1:4
petrology, B2:4–8
photograph, A1:77; A5:7
volcanism, B1:10–12
dacite, altered
geochemistry, B8:1–18
hydrothermal minerals, B8:16
photograph, A3:172
photomicrograph, A1:45; A3:175–176
dacite, altered perlitic, photomicrograph, B8:7
dacite, amygdaloidal, photomicrograph, B8:8–9
dacite, aphyric
alteration, A4:26–41
photograph, A3:104
photomicrograph, B8:9
dacite, aphyric glassy, lithologic units, A4:9–23
dacite, bleached, photomicrograph, B8:7
dacite, brecciated, photomicrograph, B8:10
dacite, coherent, photomicrograph, B8:9
dacite, flow-banded, photomicrograph, B8:8, 12
dacite, fresh and altered, interlaboratory analyses, B12:1–9
dacite, porphyritic, alteration films, A3:37
dacite, pseudoclastic veined, photomicrograph, B8:8
dacite, spherulitic, photomicrograph, B8:8
dacite, unaltered, volcanism, B1:11–12
dacite, unaltered feldspar-phyric coherent, photomicrograph, B8:13
dacite, veined coherent, photomicrograph, B8:11
dacite, vesicular
petrology, A5:4–5
photomicrograph, B8:7
dacite, vesicular aphyric coherent, photomicrograph, B8:13
dacite/rhyolite boundary, geochemistry, B2:8
dacite lava, petrology and geochemistry, B2:1–31
deep resistivity logs
images, A3:253–254
vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217, 226
Deinococcus sp. n. ssp., biomineralization, B1:36
demagnetization, alternating-field, Zijderveld plots, A3:240–241
demagnetization, thermal
curves, A3:83–84, 246; A4:58–59, 215; A6:33, 46
rhyodacite, A6:12
demagnetization, Zijderveld plots, A4:212
density, bulk, altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77
density, grain
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77; A4:257
rhyodacite, A6:43
rocks, A3:299
vs. depth, A3:232; A4:204
density logs
measurements, A3:93–94; A4:61, 64
vs. depth, A3:256
See also bulk density logs
lithologic units, A3:24
photograph, A3:123
photomicrograph, A3:113, 115; A4:107
silicification alteration, A3:44–47
diaspore, hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
diffusion, alteration, A1:26
dilation, hydrothermal systems, B1:28–29
histogram in volcanic layering, A3:202
orientation, A3:58–59
primary layering, A6:7, 21
volcanic rocks, A4:41, 43
dip, primary volcanic layering, vs. depth, A4:169, 179; A6:21
dip, vein
vs. depth, A3:204; A4:178, 190; A6:23
vs. dip, A3:222
dipping units, Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A4:222
Djaul transform fault, lithology, A1:4
bacterial habitation, A3:225
photograph, A3:127–128
photomicrograph, A3:131–133, 135–136, 164
downhole measurements, A1:17, 21; A3:86–96; A4:59–65
dufreynosite, massive sulfides, B10:4


East Sherburne volcanic zone, volcanism, A1:5
electrical conductivity, fluid flow, B1:30
electron probe data, sulfides and oxides, B3:7–8
enrichment cultures, microorganisms, A3:72–73; A4:50; A6:9, 40
Eocene–Oligocene transition, volcanism, A1:3–5
epifluorescence, photomicrograph, A4:196–197
erbium, fresh and altered dacite, B12:4
altered rocks, B1:48
dacite lava, B2:8
europium/europium ratio
vs. calcium oxide, B2:24
vs. silica, B2:24
vs. strontium, B2:24
vs. strontium isotopes, B7:15
exopolymeric clusters
bacterial habitation, A3:226
photomicrograph, A4:199
exsolution laths, photomicrograph, A3:189
normal faults, A1:33
veins, A3:63–64


fluid flow, B1:30
photomicrograph, B9:18
xenoliths, B6:2–3
See also microfabric
fault scarps, lithology, A1:4; A4:22
fault zones, Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A4:223
faults, normal, extension, A1:33; B1:5
faults, rift, lithology, A1:4
faults, transform, volcanism, A1:4–5
feldspar, photomicrograph, A4:109
feldspar microcrysts, petrology, A6:4
feldspar needles, photomicrograph, A3:113
fissure eruptions, lithology, A1:4
fissures, hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7
flaky particles, bacterial habitation, A3:226
flow banding
groundmass, B2:7
lithologic units, A3:24, 31; A4:12, 19–20
petrology, A5:5
photograph, A1:48, 70; A3:107, 109, 143, 201; A4:72, 74–75, 89–93, 118, 134–138, 181–183, 185
photomicrograph, A3:148, 205–206; A4:82, 106–108, 119, 171; A5:9; B2:18
flow banding, folded, photograph, A3:200; A4:138
flow banding, laminar, photograph, A3:116
flow banding, relict, photograph, A3:125
flow laminations
photograph, A3:154
photomicrograph, A3:155
flow structures, photograph, A3:126
fluid flow
alteration, A1:26
geochemistry, B1:26–27
lithologic units, A3:25–26, 32; A4:32
models, B1:32–33
permeability, B13:5–9
sources, B1:29–35
fluid flux, alteration, A3:48–51
fluid inclusions
fluid flow, B1:33
massive sulfides, B10:7
photomicrograph, A3:139, 218; B9:24
temperature, B1:24
fluid temperature, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
fluid venting, permeability, B13:5–9
fluorine, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
orientation, A3:58–59
photograph, A1:48; A3:109
folds, isoclinal, lithologic units, A3:24, 31
foliation, vs. lineation, A4:209; A6:31
formation evaluation
geochemical logs, A3:95–96
logging, A4:62, 64–65
logging-while-drilling data, A3:89–90
well-log units, A3:95–96
Formation MicroScanner imagery
formation evaluation, A3:96
vs. depth, A3:259–261; A4:62, 65, 220–224
vs. resistivity-at-the-bit, A1:76; A4:65, 230
Formation MicroScanner imagery logs, vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217
alteration, B1:21
bleaching alteration, A3:39–41
dilation, B1:28–29
fluid flow, B1:29–30
Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A3:260–261; A4:65, 221, 223–224
photograph, A1:48; A3:109–110, 153, 159; A4:70
photomicrograph, B9:14
veins, A3:59–65
See also microfractures


gadolinium, fresh and altered dacite, B12:4
chemical composition, B3:19
groundmass, B3:3
massive sulfides, A4:36; B10:5–7
parageneses, A4:159
photomicrograph, A4:152–153
gamma ray logs
measurements, A3:93; A4:60–61, 64
vs. depth, A3:250, 256; A4:217
vs. resistivity-at-the-bit logs, A3:252
gamma rays
altered volcanic rocks, A3:75; A4:53–54
rhyodacite, A6:10
vs. depth, A3:229; A4:201; A6:28
Geobacillus sp. n. ssp., biomineralization, B1:36
geochemical logs, formation evaluation, A3:95–96
altered dacite, B8:1–18
anhydrite, B7:1–23
dacite lava, B2:1–31
dacite/rhyolite boundary, B2:8
fluid flow, B1:26–27
jasperoids, B9:1–30
massive sulfides, B10:1–22
pore water, B4:1–15
Site 1188, A1:16; A3:65–71
Site 1189, A1:20; A4:46–48
Site 1190, A5:6
Site 1191, A1:23; A6:8
volcanism, B1:9–11
xenoliths, B6:3–4
geochemistry, bulk-rock
altered rocks, B1:18–20
dacite lava, B2:26–29, 31
geology, seafloor, basins, A1:37
geothermal gradient, hydrothermal fields, A1:7
germanium, jasperoids, B9:6
glauconite, lithologic units, A4:14
jasperoids, B9:5
lithologic units, A6:5
chemical composition, B3:20–23
mineralization, B3:4
pyrite inclusions, B3:22
sphalerite inclusions, B3:20
void fillings or vesicle linings in quartz, B3:21
See also native gold
grabens, Brunhes/Matuyama boundary, A1:4–5
granule breccia, lithologic units, A3:21–33
granules, photomicrograph, A4:123
gray smokers, hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7
green silica-clay alteration
petrology, A3:38–39, 49–51; A4:24–27
photograph, A4:118
photomicrograph, A4:119–120
greigite, alteration, A6:6
microcrysts, A5:5
petrology, A6:4
photomicrograph, B2:16–17
volcanic glass, B2:5–8
groundmass, quartz-clay, photomicrograph, A4:127
groundmass, quartz-illite, photomicrograph, A3:129, 162
groundmass, siliceous, photograph, A3:127
lithologic units, A4:34
photomicrograph, A1:68; A4:129
gypsum matrix, photomicrograph, A4:105


lithologic units, A3:30
photomicrograph, A3:161
helium, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
alteration, A3:50; A4:37
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
lithologic units, A6:5
mineralization, B3:4
parageneses, A4:159
petrography, A3:55
photograph, A4:96, 138
photomicrograph, A3:169, 180, 183, 186–187, 191, 193, 205–206; A4:83, 130, 158, 167; B9:12–13, 18–21
quartz inclusions, B9:4–7
See also chlorite-hematite alteration halo
hematite, bladed, photomicrograph, A4:166
hematite flakes, photomicrograph, B9:18, 22
hematite fronds, photomicrograph, B9:22–23
chemical composition, B3:29
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15–16
mineralization, B3:4
photomicrograph, A3:168
xenoliths, B6:2
holmium, fresh and altered dacite, B12:4
hyaloclastite, semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
hydrofracture, microfractures, B9:4–7
hydrothermal alteration
photomicrograph, A3:119
Site 1188, A1:14; A3:33–51
Site 1189, A1:18–19; A4:23–34
Site 1190, A1:22; A5:5–6, 11
Site 1191, A1:22; A6:4–6
temperature, B1:23–24
See also alteration; metasomatism; silicification
hydrothermal alteration, subseafloor, mineralization, B1:12–29
hydrothermal deposits, distribution map, A1:38
hydrothermal fields, geology, A1:5–7
hydrothermal fluids, phase separation, B1:29
hydrothermal systems
dilation, B1:28–29
distribution map, B1:53
event frequency, B1:24–25
mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
permeability, B13:1–19
hydrothermal systems, felsic-hosted
active systems, B1:1–71
dacite lava, B2:1–31


igneous petrology
Site 1188, A3:19–33
Site 1189, A4:8–22
Site 1190, A5:3–5
Site 1191, A6:3–4
igneous phases, remnant, vs. depth, A3:137–138; A4:114–116; B11:7–9
igneous rocks
petrography, A1:14, 18, 21–22
vs. depth, A1:49–50, 66–67
alteration phases, B5:1–10; B11:1–19
composition (position of AlOH absorption) vs. depth, B5:7–8
geochemistry, B1:26–27
hydrothermal alteration, B1:14–16
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:24–25
lithologic units, A3:30; A4:24–41
paragonitic to potassic composition, B5:3
photomicrograph, A1:53; A3:160–161, 163, 165; B1:56
silicification alteration, A3:41–47
vs. depth, B5:5–6
See also potassium feldspar-illite alteration
illite-chlorite alteration, photograph, B1:57
chemical composition, B3:28
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15–16
mineralization, B3:4
photomicrograph, A3:189–190, 193; B6:8–9
xenoliths, B6:2
alteration, A3:50
gold, B3:4
hematite, B9:4–7
magnetite, A4:36
photomicrograph, A1:56; A3:179, 183–188, 193–198, 218; A4:152–153, 156; B9:12–23
pyrrhotite, B3:3
spinel, B3:4
See also melt inclusions
inclusions, vermicular, photomicrograph, A3:177–178
index properties
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77; A4:54–55, 256; A5:15
rhyodacite, A6:10–11, 42
rocks, A3:297–298
volcanic rocks, A5:6
indium, jasperoids, B9:6
Indo-Australian plate, subduction zones, A1:3–5
intergrowths, photomicrograph, A3:190
intrusions, synvolcanic, photograph, A4:91
alteration, A3:50, 69
altered rocks, B1:47
jasperoids, B9:5–7
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pore water, B4:4
vs. manganese, B4:12
See also manganese/iron ratio; silicon/iron ratio
iron-manganese-silica deposits, jasperoids, B1:6; B9:7, 27, 29
iron oxide
alteration, A3:71; A4:40, 47–48
dacite lava, B2:8
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
photomicrograph, A4:108
silicification alteration, A3:43–47
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. silica, B2:21
iron oxyhydroxide
altered rhyodacite, A3:37
hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7
iron spinel. See hercynite


petrography and geochemistry, B9:1–30
photograph, B9:10–11, 17
photomicrograph, B9:12–16, 18–25
Jaulu volcanics, lithology, A1:4


kaolinite, hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
geochemistry, B1:26–27, 47
photograph, B1:57


lamellae, photomicrograph, A3:180
altered rocks, B1:48
pore water, B4:5
lanthanum/samarium ratio, vs. strontium isotopes, B7:15
photograph, A4:91
Tsukushi group, B1:12
lava, felsic, alteration, A1:26
lava, glassy, volcanism, B1:10–12
lava, unaltered felsic, volcanism, B1:11–12
lava flows, vesicular, lithology, A4:22
lava groups, distribution, B1:52
layers, orientation, A3:58–59
altered rocks, B1:19–20, 49
chimneys, B1:35
galena, B3:3
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pore water, B4:4
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:69
lead isotopes, massive sulfides, B10:4, 12
Leg 193, coring summary, A1:84
Lelet limestone, lithology, A1:4
Liesegang zoning, xenoliths, B6:3
photomicrograph, A4:85
primary layering, A6:7, 22
vs. foliation, A4:209; A6:31
altered rocks, B1:19
jasperoids, B9:5
pore water, B4:4
lithofacies, volcanism, B1:9–11
lithologic units
lithology and alteration, A3:265–268, 270–275
Site 1189, A4:9–11; A6:3–5
Unit 1, A3:21–33; A4:9, 15
Unit 2, A3:21–33; A4:9–10, 15
Unit 3, A3:21–33; A4:10, 15
Unit 4, A3:21–33; A4:10, 15
Unit 5, A3:21–33; A4:10, 15–16
Unit 6, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 7, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 8, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 9, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 10, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 11, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 12, A3:21–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 13, A3:22–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 14, A3:22–33; A4:10, 16
Unit 15, A4:10
Unit 16, A3:22–33; A4:10–11, 16
Unit 17, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16
Unit 18, A3:22–33; A4:16
Unit 19, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16
Unit 20, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16
Unit 21, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16
Unit 22, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16
Unit 23, A3:22–33; A4:11, 16–17
Unit 24, A3:22–33; A4:11, 17
Unit 25, A4:17
Unit 26, A4:17
Unit 27, A3:26–33; A4:17
Unit 28, A3:26–33; A4:17
Unit 29, A3:26–33; A4:17
Unit 30, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 31, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 32, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 33, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 34, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 35, A3:27–33; A4:17
Unit 36, A3:27–33; A4:18
Unit 37, A3:27–33
Unit 38, A3:27–33
Unit 39, A3:27–33
Unit 40, A3:27–33
Unit 41, A3:27–33
Unit 42, A3:27–33
Unit 43, A3:27–33
Unit 44, A3:27–33
Unit 45, A3:27–33
Unit 46, A3:28–33
Unit 47, A3:28–33
Unit 48, A3:28–33
Unit 49, A3:28–33
Unit 50, A3:28–33
Unit 51, A3:28–33
Unit 52, A3:28–33
Unit 53, A3:28–33
Unit 54, A3:28–33
Unit 55, A3:28–33
Unit 56, A3:28–33
Unit 57, A3:28–33
Unit 58, A3:28–33
Unit 59, A3:28–33
Unit 60, A3:28–33
Unit 61, A3:28–33
Unit 62, A3:28–33
Unit 63, A3:28–33
Unit 64, A3:28–33
Unit 65, A3:28–33
Unit 66, A3:28–33
Unit 67, A3:28–33
Unit 68, A3:29–33
Unit 69, A3:29–33
Unit 70, A3:29–33
Unit 71, A3:29–33
Unit 72, A3:29–33
vs. depth, A1:49–50, 66–67; A3:137–138; A4:114
dacite lava, B2:31
Site 1188, A1:40–42; A3:102, 120
Site 1189, A1:62–63; A4:68, 86
Site 1190, A5:11
summary, A4:233–234, 236–239; A6:35
lithophile elements, altered rocks, B1:47–48
lithophysae, lithologic units, A3:31
logging-while-drilling data
borehole images, A3:90–91
formation evaluation, A3:89–90
temperature, A3:87
loss on ignition, jasperoids, B9:5


macrofauna, hydrothermal fields, A1:7
maghemite, photomicrograph, A3:180
magma lobes, xenoliths, B6:4–5
alteration, A3:50, 69
altered rocks, B1:19–20, 47
pore water, B4:4–7
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:67
magnesium ion, geochemistry, B1:27
magnesium oxide
alteration, A3:69, 71
dacite lava, B2:8
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. silica, B2:21
xenoliths, B6:3–4
magnetic fabric, magnetic susceptibility, A3:237
magnetic foliation, magnetic susceptibility, A3:237
magnetic inclination, vs. depth, A3:239
magnetic inclination, stable, vs. depth, A4:57, 211
magnetic intensity
isothermal remanent magnetization, A3:81–83; A4:57–58, 213
natural remanent magnetization, A3:79; A4:56, 210; A6:11–12, 32
vs. depth, A6:32
vs. temperature, A3:246
magnetic intensity, backfield isothermal remanent magnetization, vs. applied impulse field, A3:245; A4:214
magnetic intensity, isothermal remanent magnetization, vs. applied impluse field, A3:242–244, 247
magnetic intensity, natural remanent magnetization, vs. depth, A3:238
magnetic intensity, uncorrected remanent magnetization, vs. depth, A3:235; A4:207
magnetic lineation, magnetic susceptibility, A3:237
magnetic properties, minicores, A3:300, 302–304; A4:56–57, 258; A6:11–12, 44, 46
magnetic susceptibility
altered volcanic rocks, A3:75; A4:53
anisotropy, A3:301; A4:209, 259; A6:11, 31, 45
archive-half core measurements, A3:78–79; A4:55–56
Flinn-type diagram of anisotropy, A3:237
rhyodacite, A6:10
vs. depth, A3:228, 236; A4:200, 208; A6:27
magnetic susceptibility, volume, vs. depth, A3:234; A4:206; A6:30
amygdules, A3:29–30
bacteria, A6:26
chemical composition, B3:24–26
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15–16
inclusions, A4:36
mineralization, B3:4
petrography, A3:55, 57
photograph, A3:128, 167; A4:94
photomicrograph, A1:73; A3:156, 166, 169–170, 177–179, 183–190, 193–198; A4:83, 148, 155, 158, 165–167, 184
silicification alteration, A3:41–47
veins, A3:59–65
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
magnetite, disseminated, photograph, A3:157
magnetite, lattice-textured, photomicrograph, A3:180
magnetite, microlitic, photomicrograph, A1:81
magnetite inclusions, lithologic units, B2:7
magnetite microphenocrysts
lithologic units, B2:5
photomicrograph, B2:16
magnetite phenocrysts
petrology, A5:4; A6:4
photograph, A1:77; A5:7
photomicrograph, A1:78; A5:8
major elements
alteration, B1:63
altered/parent rocks, B6:16
bulk samples, A3:288–289; A5:14; A6:38
fresh and altered dacite, B12:3–4
mass transfer, B1:64
oxides, A3:284–285, 290–291; A4:243–244
altered rocks, B1:19, 47
pore water, B4:4–5
vs. iron, B4:12
See also iron-manganese-silica deposits
manganese/iron ratio, pore water, B4:7
Manus Basin, anhydrite geochemistry, B7:1–23
Manus Basin E, geology, A1:1–84; B1:3–7; B2:3–4
Manus Trench, subduction zones, A1:3–5
Manus volcanic zone E, lithology, A1:4
bathymetry, A1:34
tectonics, A1:32
lithologic units, A6:5
photomicrograph, A1:82; A4:150; A6:20
marcasite, euhedral, lithologic units, A6:6
Marker 14, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
mass transfer, alteration, B1:64
matrix, anhydrite, photograph, A4:180
matrix, clay-rich, photograph, A3:122
matrix, pyrite, photograph, A4:180
matrix, quartz, photograph, A4:180
matrix, quartz-breccia, photomicrograph, A4:140
matrix, quartz-pyrite, photomicrograph, A4:145
matrix, quartz-rich, photograph, A4:144
medium resistivity logs, vs. depth, A4:217, 226
melt inclusions
chimneys, B1:34
lithologic units, B2:5, 7
photomicrograph, B2:16
altered/parent rocks, B6:17
chimneys, B1:33–35
metasomatism, silicification alteration, A3:42–47
methane, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
hydrothermal fields, A1:7
mineralization, A1:27
Site 1188, A1:16; A3:71–74
Site 1189, A1:20; A4:49–52
Site 1191, A1:23; A6:8–9
microcrysts, groundmass, A5:5
microfabric, photomicrograph, B6:15
fluid flow, B1:30
quartz, B9:4
bacterial habitation, A3:225
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
lithologic units, A4:15–23
petrology, A5:5
photograph, A3:112
photomicrograph, A3:105, 130, 134, 141, 155, 160; A4:146–147
micromorphology, microorganisms, A3:73–74; A4:52; A6:9
enrichment cultures, A3:72–73
micromorphology, A3:73–74
petrology, A6:4; B2:6
photomicrograph, A3:156
lithologic units, A3:24
photograph, A4:89
photomicrograph, A3:114–115
groundmass, B2:7
photomicrograph, A1:78; A4:108; A5:8–9
mineral chemistry, dacite lava, B2:8–9, 30–31
alteration, A1:27; B1:27–28
distribution map, B1:53
gold, B3:4
hydrothermal alteration, B1:12–29
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
sulfides, B3:3–4
sulfides and oxides, A3:52–58
hydrothermal alteration, B1:13–16
X-ray diffraction data, A3:279–283; A4:240–242; A5:13; A6:37; B8:18
minor elements, mass transfer, B1:64
models, tectonics, A1:33
Miocene, lithology, A1:4
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:4
pore water, B4:4–5
mottling, hydrothermal alteration, B1:17


native gold, massive sulfides, B10:6
neovolcanics, lithology, A1:4
neutron porosity logs
measurements, A3:93–94; A4:61
vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217
New Britain, volcanism, A1:3–5
New Britain Trench, volcanism, A1:3–5
New Hanover, volcanism, A1:3–5
New Ireland, volcanism, A1:3–5
jasperoids, B9:6
pore water, B4:4–5
xenoliths, B6:3
nodules, semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
nodules, spheroidal, lithologic units, A3:30–31
nonmetals, altered/parent rocks, B6:17


olivine, xenoliths, B6:2–3
olivine blades, photomicrograph, B6:7–9, 14
Ontong Java Plateau, volcanism, A1:3–5
opal, hydrothermal event frequency, B1:25
orthopyroxene, mineral chemistry, B2:8–9
orthopyroxene phenocrysts, lithologic units, B2:5
outflow zones, chimneys, A1:23–28
outgrowths, epitaxial, dacite, B6:12
outgrowths, photomicrograph, B9:19
bulk samples, A3:288–289
electron probe data, B3:7–8
major elements, A3:284–285, 290–291; A4:243–244
mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
parageneses, A4:159, 168
petrography, A1:14–15, 19; A3:51–58; A4:33–41; A6:6
oxygen isotopes, temperature, B1:23


Pacific Ocean, geology, A1:1–84
Pacific plate, subduction zones, A1:3–5
PACMANUS hydrothermal field
alteration phases, B5:1–10; B11:1–19
altered dacitic rock geochemistry, B8:1–18
anhydrite geochemistry, B7:1–23
basalt xenoliths, B6:1–19
core-scale permeability, B13:1–19
fresh and altered dacites, B12:1–9
geologic map, B2:13–14
geology, A1:5–7; B1:3–7; B2:3–4
permeability, resistivity, and X-ray computed tomography, B14:1–14
pore water geochemistry, B4:1–15
sulfide and oxide mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
paleoseafloors, volcanism, B1:9–11
Papua New Guinea
active felsic-hosted hydrothermal system, B1:1–71
geology, A1:1–84
secondary minerals, A3:199; A4:36–37, 40, 159, 168
sulfides and oxides, A3:52–58; A4:159, 168
veins, A3:53–58, 61–65
geochemistry, B8:5
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:25
See also pyrophyllite + paragonite
pebble breccia
lithologic units, A3:21–33
photograph, A3:111
perflurocarbon tracers, contamination, A3:74
lithologic units, A3:23; A4:18–19
photomicrograph, B8:7; B9:20
volcanism, B1:9–11
fluid flow, B1:29–30, 37
resistivity and X-ray computed tomography, B14:1–14
vs. confining pressure, B13:12–13
vs. depth, B13:14, 16
vs. porosity, B13:15, 17; B14:12
vs. pressure, B14:12
permeability, core-scale, hydrothermal systems, B13:1–19
igneous rocks, A1:14, 18, 21–22
jasperoids, B9:1–30
sulfides and oxides, A1:14–15, 19
xenoliths, B6:2–3
dacite lava, B2:1–31
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16–18
geochemistry, B1:27
pore water, A4:48
lithologic units, A3:23, 30; A4:12, 18; B2:5–6
petrology, A5:4; A6:4; B2:7–8
photomicrograph, A1:78; A5:8
See also microphenocrysts
phosphorus, jasperoids, B9:5
photoelectric factor logs, vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217, 226
physical properties
Site 1188, A1:16; A3:74–77; B13:19
Site 1189, A1:20; A4:52–55; B13:19
Site 1190, A5:6
Site 1191, A1:23; A6:10–11
alteration phases, B11:1–19
geochemistry, B1:47; B8:4–5
mineral chemistry, B2:8–9
no bacterial habitation, A3:227
photograph, A1:77
silicification alteration, A3:46–47
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
See also anorthite
plagioclase, calcic, hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
plagioclase, microlitic
bacterial habitation, A3:225
photomicrograph, A1:81; A3:160; A4:121; A6:19
plagioclase, skeletal, photomicrograph, A4:110
plagioclase, variolitic, photomicrograph, A4:85, 111
plagioclase laths
photomicrograph, B6:8–12, 15
xenoliths, B6:2–3
plagioclase microcrysts, photomicrograph, A3:165; A5:9
plagioclase microlites
groundmass, B2:5–8
lithologic units, A3:30–31
photograph, A4:71
photomicrograph, A4:97, 123; B2:16–17; B9:15
plagioclase needles, photomicrograph, A3:131–132; A6:16
plagioclase phenocrysts
distribution and types, A3:277
lithologic units, A3:23–33; A4:12, 18; B2:5
petrology, A5:4; A6:4; B2:7–8
photograph, A3:112, 124; A5:7
photomicrograph, A1:44, 53, 64, 78; A3:130, 135–136, 155, 161; A4:84, 97–98; A5:8; B2:18; B9:20
plagioclase phenocrysts, euhedral, photomicrograph, B2:16, 19
plagioclase phenocrysts, resorbed, photomicrograph, B2:17
Pleistocene. See Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary
Pliocene, lithology, A1:4
Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary, lithology, A1:4
plunge, vs. depth of vesicles, A4:179
pore water, geochemistry, A3:70–71, 293; A4:48, 249; B4:1–15
alteration, A1:25; B1:37
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77; B1:20
dacite, B1:11–12
fluid flow, B1:29–30
hydrothermal systems, B13:5–9
resistivity, B14:5–6
vs. depth, A3:233; A4:205; B13:16
vs. permeability, B13:15, 17; B14:12
alteration, A3:69; B1:36–37, 47
altered rocks, B1:19–20
pore water, B4:4
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:68
potassium/calcium ratio, altered rocks, B1:19, 28
potassium/sodium ratio, hydrothermal alteration, B1:13
potassium feldspar
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
vs. pyrophyllite + paragonite, B6:3
potassium feldspar-illite alteration, geochemistry, B8:1–18; B11:3
potassium ions, geochemistry, B1:27
potassium logs
formation evaluation, A3:95–96
vs. depth, A3:256, 193; A4:217, 226
potassium oxide
alteration, A3:69, 71
dacite lava, B2:8
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191
See also sodium oxide + potassium oxide
vs. permeability, B14:12
vs. resistivity, B14:12
vs. time, A4:227
pressure, confining
tomography, B14:9–12
vs. permeability, B13:12–13
pressure, effective, permeability, B13:5–9
pressure cooker model, conceptual cross section, B1:61
pseudobreccia, photograph, A4:93, 137, 185
photomicrograph, A4:158
silicification alteration, A3:44–47
lithologic units, A3:30; A4:14
photomicrograph, B6:14
Pual Ridge
dacite lava petrology and geochemistry, B2:1–31
geology, A1:1–84; B1:4–7
longitudinal section, B1:55
sulfide and oxide mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
three-dimensional shaded-relief image, B2:15
volcanic architecture, B1:9–12
pumice, photomicrograph, B8:11
alteration, A1:26; A3:51
amygdules, A3:29–30
chemical composition, B3:9–14
fresh and altered dacite, B12:3–4
hydrothermal alteration, B1:15
lithologic units, A3:28–33; A4:15–41; A6:5
massive sulfides, B10:5–7
mineralization, B3:3
no bacterial habitation, A3:227
petrography, A3:56–57
photograph, A1:58–60, 71; A3:172; A4:69, 88, 144
photomicrograph, A1:45, 55, 57, 68, 73; A3:166, 170, 179, 183, 185–188, 195–196, 198; A4:83, 128–129, 142, 145, 148–156, 158, 165–167, 175–176, 182–184; B1:56; B6:8; B9:24–25
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
sulfur isotopes, B1:32
veins, A3:54, 59–65
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
See also anhydrite-pyrite-pyrophyllite alteration; chlorite-pyrite alteration
pyrite, anhedral, semimassive sulfides, A4:38–39
pyrite, disseminated
parageneses, A3:52; A4:35–36
photograph, A4:131
photomicrograph, A4:127, 146
pyrite, disseminated euhedral, photomicrograph, A4:147
pyrite, disseminated Type 1, photomicrograph, A4:146
pyrite, euhedral
lithologic units, A6:6
photomicrograph, A3:18; B6:14
pyrite, framboidal
parageneses, A4:159
photomicrograph, A1:82; A4:162; A6:20
pyrite, subhedral, photomicrograph, A3:177
pyrite cubes, photomicrograph, A3:156
pyrite intergrowths, photomicrograph, B6:14
pyrite rims, photomicrograph, A4:160–161
chemical composition, B3:31
spinel, B3:5
alteration phases, B1:37; B5:1–10; B11:1–19
geochemistry, B8:5
hydrothermal alteration, B1:13–16
photomicrograph, A3:160
selvage, B1:17
temperature, B1:23–24
vs. depth, B5:5
See also anhydrite-pyrite-pyrophyllite alteration
pyrophyllite + paragonite, vs. potassium feldspar, B6:3
composition, B2:25
xenoliths, B6:2–3
See also clinopyroxene; orthopyroxene
pyroxene plates, photomicrograph, B6:8–11, 14
petrography, A3:55, 57
photomicrograph, A1:56; A3:184–185
pyrite inclusions, B3:3


alteration, B11:1–19
amygdules, A3:29–30
domain significance, B1:25–26
fluid inclusions, B1:24
hydrothermal alteration, B1:14–15
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:24–25
inclusions, B9:4–7
lithologic units, A3:26–33; A4:15–41
photograph, A1:74–75; A3:211; A4:88, 90, 96, 138
photomicrograph, A1:45; A3:152, 155, 158, 163, 165–166, 168–169, 177–178, 182–183, 190–192, 212; A4:101–102, 106, 128, 130, 150–151, 156, 162–163, 166, 182–184; B1:56
silicification alteration, A3:41–47
veins, A3:59–65
vs. depth, A3:171; A4:117
See also cristobalite–quartz transition
quartz, euhedral, photomicrograph, A3:197–198; B9:24
quartz, jasperoidal, photomicrograph, A1:69, 104, 130
quartz, micropoikilitic, photomicrograph, A4:109
quartz, poikiloblastic, photomicrograph, A4:125–126, 175–176
quartz, polycrystalline, photomicrograph, B9:23
quartz, secondary, photomicrograph, A3:197–198
quartz, Type 2a, photomicrograph, A4:149
quartz aggregates, photomicrograph, A3:133
quartz crystals, photograph, B9:11
quartz needles, photomicrograph, A3:113
quartz overgrowths, photomicrograph, A4:125–126
quartz phenocrysts, photomicrograph, A4:125–126
quartz-rich patches, lithologic units, A3:31


rare earths
altered rocks, B1:48
anhydrite, B7:7, 13–14
dacite lava, B2:8, 23; B9:26
fresh and altered dacite, B12:4
iron-manganese-silica deposits, B9:26
jasperoids, B9:5–7, 26
pore water, B4:4–7, 11
profiles, B6:18
semimassive sulfides, B10:11
xenoliths, B6:4
Rataman Formation, lithology, A1:4
rate of penetration logs, vs. depth, A3:250
reaction zones, chimneys, B1:35
remanent magnetization, isothermal
intensity vs. applied impulse field, A3:247
magnetic intensity, A3:81–83
remanent magnetization, natural
discrete measurements, A3:80–81
rhyodacite, A6:11–12
resistive units
Formation MicroScanner imagery vs. depth, A4:221, 223
resistivity-at-the-bit, A4:228
dacite, B1:11–12
vs. pressure, B14:12
X-ray computed tomography and permeability, B14:1–14
conductive minerals, A4:229
resistive units, A4:228
vs. Formation MicroScanner imagery, A1:76; A4:65, 230
resistivity-at-the-bit logs
vs. depth, A3:250–251
vs. gamma ray logs, A3:252
resistivity logs
measurements, A3:93; A4:60, 63
vs. depth, A3:250
See also deep resistivity logs; medium resistivity logs; shallow resistivity logs
alteration, A3:36–51
geochemistry, A3:69, 71
lithology, A1:4
photomicrograph, A6:16
See also dacite
rhyodacite, altered
photograph, A1:80; A6:15
photomicrograph, A4:146; A6:17–18
rhyodacite, altered vesicular aphyric, petrology, A6:3–4
rhyodacite, aphyric, photograph, A1:79; A6:14
rhyodacite, porphyritic, alteration films, A3:37
rhyodacite, unaltered, volcanism, B1:11–12
rhyodacite, vesicular, photograph, A1:43; A3:103
rhyodacite, vesicular microlite-bearing glassy, lithologic units, A3:21–33
rhyolite. See dacite/rhyolite boundary
rift zones, lithology, B1:5
rock magnetism
Site 1188, A1:16–17; A3:77–86
Site 1189, A1:20–21; A4:55–59
Site 1191, A1:23; A6:11–12
Roman Ruins
hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7; B1:7; B2:3–4, 6
iron-manganese-silica deposits, B9:7
location, A1:61
altered rocks, B1:19
pore water, B4:4
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
photomicrograph, A3:205–206


alteration, A3:71
pore water, A4:48
samarium. See lanthanum/samarium ratio
sandstone, alteration, A1:27
sandstone, graded volcaniclastic
lithologic units, A4:17–23, 32
photomicrograph, A4:112
Satanic Mills, hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7; B1:6; B2:3–4, 7–8
scandium, altered rocks, B1:48
seafloor spreading, volcanism, A1:3–5
secondary minerals
parageneses, A3:199
vs. depth, A1:49–50, 66–67; A3:35, 137–138; A4:114–116; B11:7–9
seismic profiles, Manus Basin, A1:35–36
seismicity, volcanism, A1:5
galena, B3:3
massive sulfides, B10:4
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:25
photograph, B1:57; B9:11
photomicrograph, B1:56; B9:15–16
pyrophyllite, B1:17, 47
quartz, B9:4–7
selvage, illitic, geochemistry, B1:26–27
shallow resistivity logs, vs. depth, A3:256
shear wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217
alteration, A3:69; A4:47–48
altered rocks, B1:19
dacite lava, B2:8
hydrothermal alteration, B1:14–15
photograph, A4:69
photomicrograph, A6:17
rhyodacite, A6:8
veins, A3:59–65
vs. aluminum oxide, B2:21
vs. calcium oxide, B2:21
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. europium/europium ratio, B2:24
vs. iron oxide, B2:21
vs. magnesium oxide, B2:21
vs. sodium oxide + potassium oxide, A6:24; B2:20
vs. titanium/zirconium ratio, B2:22
vs. zirconium/titanium oxide ratio, B1:65
See also green silica-clay alteration; iron-manganese-silica deposits; silica-chlorite alteration; silica-clay alteration
silica, green, alteration, A3:38–39
silica, microcrystalline, lithologic units, A6:5
silica, opaline, alteration, A3:38
silica-chlorite alteration, lithologic units, A4:10–23
silica-clay alteration
photograph, A4:137, 185
photomicrograph, A4:123
alteration, A3:41–51; A4:28–41
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16–18
lithologic units, A4:11–23
photograph, A3:110, 151, 157, 208; A4:76–77
photomicrograph, A3:129, 147–148, 158, 165, 196, 205–206
silicification, poikiloblastic
lithologic units, A4:24–25, 28–29
photomicrograph, A4:125–126
altered rocks, B1:47
jasperoids, B9:5–7
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:66
silicon/iron ratio, jasperoids, B9:7
silver, galena, B3:3
Site 1188, A3:1–305
alteration phases, B5:1–10; B11:1–19
anhydrite geochemistry, B7:1–23
basalt xenoliths, B6:1–19
core-scale permeability, B13:1–19
coring summary, A3:262–264
downhole measurements, A1:17; A3:86–96
fresh and altered dacites, B12:1–9
geochemistry, A1:16; A3:65–71
hydrothermal alteration, A1:14; A3:33–51
igneous petrology, A1:14; A3:19–33; B2:5–6
lithology, A1:40–42
location, A1:61
microbiology, A1:16; A3:71–74
operations summary, A3:6–18
physical properties, A1:16; A3:74–77
pore water geochemistry, B4:1–15
principal results, A3:1–6
rock magnetism, A1:16–17; A3:77–86
site description, A3:1–305
site objectives, A1:13; A3:6
site survey, A3:18–19
structural geology, A1:15; A3:58–65
sulfide and oxide mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
sulfide and oxide petrography, A1:14–15; A3:51–58
summary, A1:13–17
television surveys, A1:39
Site 1189, A4:1–259
alteration phases, B5:1–10; B11:1–19
alteration summary, A4:233–234, 236–239
anhydrite geochemistry, B7:1–23
basalt xenoliths, B6:1–19
core-scale permeability, B13:1–19
coring summary, A4:231–232
downhole measurements, A1:21; A4:59–65
geochemistry, A1:20; A4:46–48
hydrothermal alteration, A1:18–19; A4:23–34
igneous petrology, A1:18; A4:8–23; B2:6
jasperoids, B9:1–30
lithology, A1:62–63; A4:233–234, 236–239
location, A1:61; A4:67
massive sulfide geochemistry, B10:1–22
microbiology, A1:20; A4:49–52
operations summary, A4:5–7
physical properties, A1:20; A4:52–55
pore water geochemistry, B4:1–15
principal results, A4:1–5
rock magnetism, A1:20–21; A4:55–59
site description, A4:1–259
site objectives, A1:17; A4:5
site survey, A4:7–8
structural geology, A1:19–20; A4:41–46
sulfide and oxide mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
sulfide and oxide petrography, A1:19; A4:33–41
summary, A1:17–21
Site 1190, A5:1–15
coring summary, A5:10
geochemistry, A5:6
hydrothermal alteration, A1:22; A5:5–6
igneous petrology, A1:21; A5:3–5; B2:6–7
location, A4:67
operations summary, A5:2–3
physical properties, A5:6
principal results, A5:1
site description, A5:1–15
site objectives, A1:21; A5:1–2
site survey, A5:3
summary, A1:21–22
Site 1191, A6:1–46
coring summary, A6:34
fresh and altered dacites, B12:1–9
geochemistry, A1:23; A6:8
hydrothermal alteration, A1:22; A6:4–6
igneous petrology, A1:22; A6:3–4; B2:7–8
lithology and alteration, A6:35
microbiology, A1:23; A6:8–9
operations summary, A6:2–3
physical properties, A1:23; A6:10–11
principal results, A6:1–2
rock magnetism, A1:23; A6:11–12
site description, A6:1–46
site objectives, A1:22; A6:2
site survey, A6:3
structural geology, A1:22–23; A6:7–8
sulfide and oxide petrology, A6:6
summary, A1:22–23
breccia, A4:41–44
geochemistry, B8:5
conceptual cross section, B1:61
hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7; B1:6; B2:3–6
alteration, A3:69
altered rocks, B1:19
pore water, B4:4
See also potassium/sodium ratio
sodium oxide
alteration, A3:69, 71; A4:47–48
dacite lava, B2:8
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
sodium oxide + potassium oxide, vs. silica, A6:24; B2:20
Solomon microplate, volcanism, A1:3–5
sonic velocity logs, measurements, A3:94; A4:61
South Bismarck microplate, volcanism, A1:3–5
chemical composition, B1:6; B3:18
lithologic units, A4:15–41
massive sulfides, A4:36, 39–40; B10:5–7
petrography, A3:57
photomicrograph, A1:73; A4:152–153, 155–157, 163
semimassive sulfides, B1:22–23
veins and vesicle linings, B3:3
vs. depth, A4:117
sphalerite, subhedral iron-rich, photomicrograph, A3:181
sphalerite, zoned, photomicrograph, A4:164
sphalerite disease, photomicrograph, A4:157
bacterial habitation, A3:225
photomicrograph, A3:131–132
lithologic units, A3:23–24; A4:20
photograph, A4:136
photomicrograph, A3:113, 147, 164; A4:106–107, 109; B8:13
See also microspherulites
alteration, A3:50; A6:6
mineralization, B3:4
petrography, A3:55
photomicrograph, A3:168, 190, 192–193
spreading centers, volcanism, A1:4–5
stockwork zone
alteration, B1:21
chimneys, A1:25; B1:7
massive sulfides, B1:28; B10:5–7
photograph, A1:52; A3:106; A4:69
photomicrograph, A4:104–105; B8:10
Stoneley wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A3:256
anhydrite, B7:7
jasperoids, B1:48; B9:5
massive sulfides, B10:4
pore water, B4:4–5
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194; B7:12
vs. europium/europium ratio, B2:24
strontium isotopes
anhydrite, B1:30–32; B7:1–23
chimneys, B1:34, 37
pore water, B4:4–6
vs. 1/strontium ratio, B7:15
vs. depth, B1:60; B7:11
vs. europium/europium ratio, B7:15
vs. lanthanum/samarium ratio, B7:15
structural geology
Site 1188, A3:58–65
Site 1189, A1:19–20; A4:41–46
Site 1191, A1:22–23; A6:7–8
anhydrite veins, A3:215
veins, A1:15
structure, cockade, photomicrograph, A4:143
structure, frond-like, photomicrograph, B9:21
structure, ovoid, photomicrograph, A4:160–161
structure, plumose, photomicrograph, B6:13
subduction zones, geology, A1:3–5
subduction zones, intraoceanic, backarc basins, A1:3–5
cations, A3:287
lithologic units, A4:14
chimneys, A1:23–28
electron probe data, B3:7–8
mineral chemistry, B3:1–31
mineralization, B3:3–4
parageneses, A4:159, 168
petrography, A1:14–15, 19; A3:51–58; A4:34–41; A6:6
photograph, A4:96, 138, 182–183
sulfides, massive
bulk composition, B10:22
geochemistry, B10:1–22
photograph, A1:71; A4:78–79
sulfides, semimassive
bulk composition, B10:22
geochemistry, B10:1–22
lithologic units, A4:11–23, 29–30; B1:7
mineralization, B1:22–23, 37
photograph, A4:144
ternary diagram, B10:10
galena, B3:3
geochemistry, A3:69–70
jasperoids, B9:5–7
pore water, B4:4
xenoliths, B6:3
sulfur, total
altered rocks, B1:48
volcanic rocks, A3:286, 292
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194, 245–246
sulfur isotopes
anhydrite, B1:30–32; B7:1–23
hydrothermal fields, A1:7
massive sulfides, B10:5, 13
pyrite, B1:32
vs. depth, B7:11


talc, hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
maps, A1:32; B1:50
models, A1:33
television surveys, vibration-isolated, bathymetric contours, A1:39; A3:101
altered rocks, B1:48
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:4
semimassive sulfides, B1:23
xenoliths, B6:4
fluid flow, B1:33
hydrothermal alteration, B1:23–24
logging-while-drilling data, A3:87
measurements, A4:61–62, 64
vs. depth, A3:86–87, 257; A4:218
vs. magnetic intensity, A3:246
vs. time, A3:248–249, 258; A4:219, 227
temperature logs, measurements, A3:94–95
massive sulfides, B10:4–7
semimassive sulfides, A4:39
lithologic units, A3:22–26, 29–32
photomicrograph, A3:205–206
textures, breccia
alteration, A1:25
photomicrograph, A3:119
textures, clastic
lithologic units, A3:25; A4:20–21
photograph, A3:122, 125
photomicrograph, A3:135–136, 163
textures, clastic/mottled, lithologic units, A3:32
textures, fibrous laminar, photomicrograph, A1:72; A4:80
textures, fragmental, photograph, A3:127
textures, glomerophyric, photomicrograph, A1:78; A5:8
textures, granular, photomicrograph, A4:97
textures, hieroglyphic, photograph, A4:95, 132
textures, intergranular, photomicrograph, A4:110
textures, jackstraw, photomicrograph, B2:17
textures, jigsaw-fit
photograph, A4:76–77
photomicrograph, A3:117–119
textures, laminar, photograph, A4:74–75, 92
textures, palimpsest quench, dacite, B6:1–19
textures, perlitic
lithologic units, A3:23; A4:12, 18–19
photograph, A1:46, 52; A3:104, 106, 140, 142, 144; A4:70
photomicrograph, A1:47; A3:105; A4:101, 104–105
textures, pilotaxitic, photograph, A4:71
textures, poikiloblastic, photomicrograph, B9:19
textures, primary, silicification alteration, A3:41–47
textures, pseudoclastic
lithologic units, A3:25–26, 32; A4:13, 21–22
photograph, A1:46; A3:140, 142
textures, spheroidal
photograph, A3:123
photomicrograph, A3:131–132
textures, spherulitic
lithologic units, A3:23–24
photomicrograph, A3:113
textures, spinifex
basalt, B6:1–19
photomicrograph, B6:7–15
textures, vesicular
alteration, A1:25
lithologic units, A3:30–33
textures, vitriclastic, photomicrograph, A3:117–118
textures, volcanic, lithologic units, A3:22–24, 29–32; A4:11–15, 18–23
textures, volcaniclastic, lithologic units, A3:24–26; A4:12–13, 21
thermal conductivity
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76; A4:54
rhyodacite, A6:10
volcanic rocks, A5:6
vs. depth, A3:231; A4:203; A6:29
altered rocks, B1:48
pore water, B4:5
thorium logs
formation evaluation, A3:95–96
vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217, 226
titanium oxide
alteration, A4:48
dacite lava, B2:8
rhyodacite, A3:71
vs. depth, A3:223; A4:191, 193
vs. zirconium, B2:22
xenoliths, B6:2
See also zirconium/titanium oxide ratio
chemical composition, B3:30
mineralization, B3:4
photomicrograph, A3:189
tomography, X-ray computed, permeability, B14:1–14
trace elements
bulk samples, A3:288–289; A4:243–244; A5:14; A6:38
fresh and altered dacite, B12:3–4
jasperoids, B9:5–7
mass transfer, B1:64
volcanic rocks, A3:284–285, 290–291; A4:247–248
trace elements, magmatophile, hydrothermal fields, A1:7
trachytic alignment, photomicrograph, A3:165
translucent clusters, photomicrograph, A4:198–199
Tsukushi, hydrothermal fields, A1:6–7
Tsukushi group, lava, B1:12
tube pumice, lithologic units, A4:13
tube worms, hydrothermal fields, A1:7


altered rocks, B1:19–20, 36–37, 48
jasperoids, B9:5
massive sulfides, B10:4
uranium logs
formation evaluation, A3:95–96
vs. depth, A3:256; A4:217, 226


vanadium, xenoliths, B6:3
vein linings, sphalerite, B3:3
vein systems, multiple opening photograph and sketch, A3:216–217
petrology, A5:5–6
photomicrograph, B9:16
quartz, B9:4–7
silicification alteration, A3:42–47
veinlets, anhydrite-pyrite
photograph, A3:124, 145, 159
photomicrograph, A3:205–206
veinlets, cristobalite-pyrite, photomicrograph, A3:205–206
veinlets, opaline silica, photograph, A3:140
veinlets, quartz-pyrite-magnetite, photomicrograph, A3:149
alteration, A4:10–41; A6:6; B1:21
anhydrite, A1:26
bleaching alteration, A3:39–41
dilation, B1:28–29
dip vs. depth, A3:204; A4:178, 190
dip vs. overall dip, A3:222
distribution in different intervals of dip, A4:177, 189
geometry, A3:61, 64; A4:43, 45; A6:7–8
green silica-clay alteration, A3:38–39
jasperoids, B9:6–7
lithologic units, A3:30–33
mineralogy, A3:62; A4:42–45, 186; A6:7–8
mineralogy vs. lithologic units, A3:203, 209–210; A4:173, 187
parageneses, A3:61–65; A4:42–45
photograph and sketch, A3:213–214; A4:182–183
photomicrograph, A1:82; A3:205–206; A6:20; B9:20
structure, A1:15, 59–65
thickness, A3:203, 221; A4:177, 189
veins, anastomosing quartz, photomicrograph, A4:142
veins, anhydrite
alteration schematic diagram, photograph, B1:58
bleaching alteration, A3:41; B1:58
petrology, B1:17
photograph, A3:215; A4:92, 133, 181, 184
photomicrograph, A3:174
separates from hydrothermal veins and vug fills, B7:16–23
strontium and sulfur isotopes, B1:30–32
veins, anhydrite-pyrite
lithologic units, A4:15–23
photograph, A1:58–60; A3:121, 207
photomicrograph, A1:54, 57; A3:175–176, 205–206, 212
structure, A3:60
veins, anhydrite-pyrite-silica-magnetite, structure, A3:59–60
veins, anhydrite-quartz-cristobalite, photomicrograph, A3:174
veins, anhydrite-quartz-pyrite
lithologic units, A4:10–23
photograph, A3:173; A4:76–77, 88
photomicrograph, A4:120, 128, 141, 143
veins, anhydrite-silica-clay, photograph, A3:207–208
veins, anhydrite-silica-clay-pyrite, structure, A3:61
veins, cristobalite-anhydrite-pyrite, photomicrograph, B6:13
veins, quartz
hydrothermal fields, B1:28
photomicrograph, A3:119, 205–206; A4:119, 157
veins, quartz-anhydrite
photograph, A4:188
photomicrograph, A4:82, 175–176
veins, quartz-clay, photograph, A3:219–220
veins, quartz-pyrite
lithologic units, A4:15–23
photograph, A1:74; A3:211; A4:73, 172, 174
photomicrograph, A3:146, 148, 218; A4:122, 124, 171, 175–176
veins, quartz-pyrite-magnetite, photograph, A4:94, 133
veins, quartz-sphalerite-pyrite, photograph, A4:135
veins, quartz-sulfate, lithologic units, A4:10–23
veins, silica, photograph, A4:92–93, 137, 181, 185
veins, silica-anhydrite-magnetite-pyrite, parageneses, A3:53
veins, silica-pyrite
dip vs. depth, A6:23
lithologic units, A4:10–23
photograph, A3:201
photomicrograph, A3:205–206
veins, silica-pyrite-anhydrite
parageneses, A3:52–53
photograph, A1:48; A3:142–144, 153, 167, 200
photomicrograph, A3:205–206
veins, stockwork
photograph, A1:52; A3:106, 144, 153
photomicrograph, A4:105
veins, stockwork ladder, photomicrograph, A3:148
veins, sulfide, lithologic units, A6:5
velocity logs
measurements, A4:61
See also compressional wave velocity logs; shear wave velocity logs; sonic velocity logs; Stoneley wave velocity logs
vents, hydrothermal fields, A1:5–7
vesicle linings, sphalerite, B3:3
groundmass, B2:7–8
lithologic units, A3:22–23; A4:11–12, 18; B2:6
petrology, A5:4
photograph, A1:80; A4:71, 88; A6:4, 15
photomicrograph, A1:54; A3:145, 166, 182; A4:145, 149; B6:11
plunge vs. depth, A4:179
silicification alteration, A3:41–47
See also microvesicles
vesicles, tube, photomicrograph, A3:117–118
VIT. See television surveys
void ratio, altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77
volatiles, chimneys, B1:33–35
volcanic edifices, lithology, A1:4
volcanic facies
fluid flow, B1:32–33
volcanism, B1:9–12
volcanic fragments
photograph, A1:75; A4:69–70, 75, 180
photomicrograph, A4:82, 129
volcanic glass
bacteria, A6:26
bacterial habitation, A3:225–226
composition, B2:30
groundmass, B2:5–8
lithologic units, A3:23
no bacterial habitation, A3:227
petrology, A5:5; A6:4
photomicrograph, A1:78, 81; A5:8; A6:16; B2:17
silicification alteration, A3:44–47
xenoliths, B6:3
volcanic glass, perlitic
hydrothermal alteration, B1:16–18
photomicrograph, B6:13
volcanic glass, vesicular dacite, photomicrograph, B6:7–15
volcanic rocks
chemical classification, A6:24
point counts on thin sections, A3:269; A4:235; A5:12; A6:36
quartz-potassium-feldspar-plagioclase phases, A6:25
trace elements, A3:284–285, 290–291
volcanic rocks, altered
photograph, A4:170, 181–182, 188
photomicrograph, A4:99–100, 171
volcanic rocks, altered aphyric
lithologic units, A3:21–33; A4:15–23
photomicrograph, A4:101
volcanic rocks, altered felsic, X-ray diffraction data, B11:1–19
volcanic rocks, altered fractured, lithologic units, A3:21–33
volcanic rocks, altered vesicular, lithologic units, A3:21–33
volcanic rocks, aphyric, lithologic units, A4:16–23
volcanic rocks, aphyric silicified, lithologic units, A3:27–33
volcanic rocks, bleached
lithologic units, A3:21–33; A4:10–23
photomicrograph, A4:122
volcanic rocks, bleached fractured, photograph, A3:153
volcanic rocks, bleached silicified, lithologic units, A3:22–33
volcanic rocks, bleached vesicular, photomicrograph, A4:121
volcanic rocks, brecciated, lithologic units, A3:27–33
volcanic rocks, flow-laminated, photograph, A3:112, 200–201
volcanic rocks, layered, orientation, A4:41, 43; A6:7
volcanic rocks, magnetite-rich, lithologic units, A3:28–33
volcanic rocks, perlitic flow-banded, lithologic units, A3:21–33
volcanic rocks, plagioclase-phyric
lithologic units, A3:28–33
photograph, A3:124; A4:94
volcanic rocks, plagioclase-rich poikiloblastic, photomicrograph, A4:124
volcanic rocks, silicified
lithologic units, A4:16–23
photograph, A4:184
photomicrograph, A4:123
volcanic rocks, silicified amygdaloidal aphyric, photograph, A4:88, 128
volcanic rocks, silicified flow-banded, lithologic units, A3:22–33
volcanic rocks, silicified poikiloblastic, photograph, A4:73
volcanic rocks, silicified porphyritic, lithologic units, A3:27–33
volcanic rocks, veined vesicular phyric, photograph, A4:133
volcanic rocks, vesicular
lithologic units, A4:11–23
photograph, A1:51; A3:108, 110, 150
volcanic rocks, vesicular aphyric
lithologic units, A4:16–23
photograph, A1:65; A3:108; A4:95, 132; A5:7
bleaching alteration, A3:39–41
hydrothermal event frequency, B1:24–25
lithologic units, A3:21–33
lithology, A1:4
photograph, A3:111, 151
photomicrograph, A3:152
volcaniclastics, gravelly–sandy, volcanism, B1:9–11
architecture, B1:9–12
Eocene–Oligocene transition, A1:3–5
volume, altered rocks, B1:20
volume expansion, vs. depth, B1:59
vug fills, photograph, A4:87, 134–136


Wadati-Benioff Zone, volcanism, A1:3–5
wallrock alteration
Category Z, B1:21
photomicrograph, B9:15–25
silica, B1:25–26
water content
altered volcanic rocks, A3:76–77
volcanic rocks, A3:286, 292
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194, 245–246
weathering, lithologic units, A6:5
Weitin transform fault, lithology, A1:4
well-log Unit 1, formation evaluation, A3:95–96; A4:62, 64
well-log Unit 2, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 64
well-log Unit 3, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 64
well-log Unit 4, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 64
well-log Unit 5, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 65
well-log Unit 6, formation evaluation, A4:62, 65
well-log Unit 7, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 65
well-log Unit 8, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:62, 65
well-log Unit 9, formation evaluation, A3:96; A4:65
well-log Unit 10, formation evaluation, A4:65
well-log units, formation evaluation, A3:95–96; A4:62, 64
Willaumez extensional transform fault, volcanism, A1:5
wireline logs
heave, A3:255; A4:216, 225
vs. depth, A3:256


X-ray diffraction data
altered felsic volcanic rocks, B11:1–19
minerals, A3:279–283; A4:240–242; A5:13; A6:37; B8:18; B11:10–19
basalt, B6:1–19
fabric, B6:2–3
geochemistry, B6:3–4, 19
lithologic units, A3:31–32; A4:20
photomicrograph, A3:134; A4:110–111; A6:18; B6:7–15


altered rocks, B1:48
fresh and altered dacite, B12:4
altered rocks, B1:48
pore water, B4:4
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194


lithologic units, A6:5
photograph, A1:80; A4:71; A6:15
Zijderveld plots
demagnetization, A4:212
intensity-decay curves, A3:240–241
altered rocks, B1:19–20, 49
chimneys, B1:35
jasperoids, B9:6
massive sulfides, B10:3–7
pore water, B4:4–5
pyrite, B3:3
semimassive sulfides, B1:23
vs. depth, A3:224
vs. depth in altered volcanics and in precursors, B1:69
zircon, hydrothermal alteration, B1:16
dacite lava, B2:8
rhyodacite, A3:71
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194
vs. titanium oxide, B2:22
zirconium/titanium ratio
vs. silica, B2:22
xenoliths, B6:3
zirconium/titanium oxide ratio
alteration, A4:48
rhyodacite, A3:71
vs. depth, A3:224; A4:192, 194; B1:54
vs. silica, B1:65
zonation, bleaching alteration, A3:39–41