Figure F11. Profiles of strontium isotope ratios for Sites 1188 and 1189. "Anhydrites" are hand-picked from veins, breccia matrixes, and vesicle linings (data from Roberts et al., 2003; Bach et al., this volume). "Silicates" refer to altered rocks from which anhydrite was removed (Paulick et al., this volume) and elutriated clay fractions (Lackschewitz et al., 2004). "Leachates" refer to disseminated anhydrites leached from altered rocks (Paulick et al., this volume). Lines on the Site 1188 plot represent (A) the isotopic composition of fresh glassy lavas from Pual Ridge (CSIRO data), (B) seawater, and (C) end-member hydrothermal fluid as defined by PACMANUS vent fluids (Douville et al., 1999) and chimney barites (CSIRO data). Circled symbols denote anhydrite from breccia matrixes at Site 1189.