5. Site 11941

Shipboard Scientific Party2


Site 1194 (proposed Site CS-02A; Fig. F1) lies on regional line MAR13 (shotpoint [SP] 3951) and at the crossing of line MAR24 (SP 355) and MAR27 (SP 1123) in 368 m of water (Fig. F2). The site is located ~31 km east of Site 1193 (Fig. F2). Two holes were drilled at this site. Hole 1194A penetrated 169.9 meters below seafloor (mbsf), and Hole 1194B penetrated 427.1 mbsf. Recovery was 100% until a hardground was encountered at 115 mbsf, below which recovery dropped to ~25% for the remainder of the drilled interval. The sediments at this site were early Miocene to Pleistocene in age and predominantly hemipelagic, with a 60 m interval of late Miocene neritic sediments (117.4-177 mbsf). Approximately 3 m of acoustic basement, which consisted of reddish black, metamorphosed rhyolitic rocks, was recovered at Hole 1194B.

Drilling at Site 1194 provided information on the age and facies making up Megasequences A, B, and D. This site was primarily located to investigate the growth history of the northern carbonate platform recorded in the adjacent marginal slope sediments. The prominent horizon overlying these slope sediments can be traced to the drowning unconformity on the adjacent platform recovered at Site 1193. At Site 1194, this horizon was represented by a submarine hardground surface. This horizon is likely to contain a detailed record of the northern platform drowning. Site 1194 also provided information on the age and duration of the unconformities within the prograding, proximal slope sediments shed from the adjacent platform that are part of Megasequence B; the age of Megasequence A that represents the initial marine transgression over basement; and the nature of the basement.

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