accretion, carbonate platforms, B2:5–7
lithologic units, A3:71
seismic reflectors, A3:71
age models
carbonate platforms, A4:20
hardground, A5:15–16
magnetostratigraphy, A8:15–16
marine isotope stages, B4:4–5
sedimentation rates, A4:20; A6:12
Site 1192, A3:13–14
Site 1193, A4:20
Site 1194, A5:15–16
Site 1195, A6:12
Site 1196, A7:24
Site 1197, A8:16–17
Site 1198, A9:14
Site 1199, A7:24
age vs. depth
control points, A3:13–14, 70; A4:106; A5:97; A6:84; A7:137; A8:76; A9:67
nannofossil datums, B1:5
sedimentation rates, A1:74; A3:45; A4:79; A5:62; A6:47; A7:86; A8:52; A9:42
pore water, A3:15; A4:21; A5:16; A6:13; A8:17; A9:15
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
allochems, lithologic units, A3:5–7
alteration, photomicrograph, A4:60
pore water, A3:16; A4:22; A6:13; A9:15
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
Amphistegina hauerina, photomicrograph, A4:61, 63
Amphistegina radiata, photomicrograph, A4:61, 65
Amphistegina spp.
photograph, A8:33
photomicrograph, A8:31–33, 42
amygdaloidal texture, lithologic units, A5:6, 8
anisotropy, velocity, vs. depth, A5:69; A6:56; A7:93, 100; A8:57; A9:48
bathyal environment, A8:9
percentage, A8:80; A9:71
sediments, A4:110–111; A5:101; A6:88; A7:139, 146
vs. depth, A6:50; A8:54; A9:45
X-ray diffraction data, A6:14; A8:18; A9:17
aragonite compensation depth, X-ray diffraction data, A8:18
arthropods, lithologic units, A3:5; A6:3
Assemblage A, benthic foraminifers, B2:8
Assemblage B, benthic foraminifers, B2:8
Assemblage C, benthic foraminifers, B2:8
Assemblage D, benthic foraminifers, B2:8–9
Assemblage E, benthic foraminifers, B2:9
Australia NE, carbonate platforms, A1:1–88
Australian plate. See Pacific/Australian plate boundary


lithologic units, A8:7–9
photograph, A8:41
photomicrograph, A4:60
basalt flows, lithologic units, A4:10
basement, acoustic
photograph, A4:59
seismic facies and geometry, A5:30; A8:24
seismic stratigraphy, A9:25
topography, A1:63
unconformities, A1:54–55
basement, seismic stratigraphy, A1:47; A4:30
bathyal environment
foraminifers, A4:16–17
lithologic units, A5:7
sediments, A8:13
bathymetry, maps, A1:61–63
beach facies, well-log units, A7:35–36
bioclastic debris, carbonate platform accretion, B2:6
carbonates, B5:27
lithologic units, A3:6; A4:8–10; A5:7; A6:3; B5:11
photograph, A4:43–44, 56
photomicrograph, A4:45–46, 55
post-basement flooding, B2:4
carbonate platform accretion, B2:6
lithologic units, A5:7; A7:6–7, 10–11
biogenic component, microfacies, B5:32–33
biosedimentation, paleoenvironment, B5:1–38
biostratigraphic datums
Site 1192, A3:68
Site 1193, A4:102
Site 1194, A5:94
Site 1195, A6:79
Site 1197, A8:72
Site 1198, A9:64
benthic foraminifers, B2:8–9
interpretation, A4:103–104; A5:95–96; A6:80–81; A7:132–136; A8:73–74; A9:65–66
neritic environment, A4:15–17
Site 1192, A3:8–11
Site 1193, A4:11–17; B1:1–7
Site 1194, A5:9–13
Site 1195, A6:6–10
Site 1196, A7:16–20
Site 1197, A8:9–14
Site 1198, A9:8–12
Site 1199, A7:20–22
lithologic units, A3:5–7; A4:6–10; A5:4–6
photograph, A3:29; A5:49, 51; A8:36
bivalve fragments
lithologic units, A3:5; A5:4; A6:3; A7:7
photograph, A5:42
photomicrograph, A4:41, 46
bryozoans, A4:17
environment, B5:16–17
See also rudstone/boundstone facies
boundstone, foraminiferal, photomicrograph, A9:37
boundstone, skeletal, lithologic units, A7:7
boundstone/rudstone mixture, photograph, A7:60
boundstone/rudstone mixture, coral, photograph, A7:54
boundstone/rudstone mixture, dolomitic coral, photograph, A7:70, 72
lithologic units, A8:7–9
photograph, A8:41
Brunhes Chron
magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
sediments, A8:15
Brunhes/Matuyama boundary, sediments, A3:12
bryozoan fragments
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
lithologic units, A3:5–7; A5:4; A7:7; A9:5–8
paleoenvironment, B2:9–10
periplatform environment, A4:16–17
photograph, A4:42–43; A5:42; A8:40
photomicrograph, A3:34; A4:41, 51, 54–55, 61–62; A5:43
lithologic units, A5:4–6; A6:4
photograph, A6:35, 37


lithologic units, A4:10
percentage, A8:80; A9:71
photograph, A7:60
photomicrograph, A4:39
recrystallization, A4:21–22
sediments, A4:110–111; A5:101; A6:88; A7:139, 146
vs. depth, A4:81; A5:66; A6:50; A7:87, 89; A8:54; A9:45
X-ray diffraction data, A4:22; A5:17–18; A6:14; A7:27; A9:17
calcite, blocky, photomicrograph, A7:53, 59
calcite, high-magnesium, X-ray diffraction data, A8:18
calcite cement
lithologic units, A5:4
photomicrograph, A4:46, 55
pore water, A3:15–16; A4:21; A5:17; A6:13; A8:17; A9:16
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
vs. magnesium, A3:47; A5:64; A6:49
calcium carbonate, sediments, A3:16–18
lithologic units, A7:15
photograph, A7:63
caliper logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80–82; A6:64; A7:105, 107, 111; A9:53
Rock-Eval data, A3:75; A4:115–116; A5:104; A6:14, 91; A8:83; A9:74
sediments, A3:74; A4:112–114; A5:102–103; A6:14–15, 89–90; A7:25, 140–142; A8:81–82; A9:72–73
carbon, inorganic
abundance in gravity cores, B4:13
sediments, A7:145; B4:4
vs. depth, B4:9–10
carbon, organic, sediments, B4:4
carbon, Rock-Eval total organic, vs. depth, A3:49; A4:82; A5:18, 67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46
carbon, total organic
abundance in gravity cores, B4:13
sediments, A3:16–18; A4:22–24; A8:18; A9:17–18; B4:4
vs. depth, A3:49; A4:82; A5:67; B4:9
carbon/nitrogen ratio
sediments, A3:17, 74; A4:112–114; A5:18, 102–103; A6:15, 89–90; A7:25–26, 140–142; A8:18, 81–82; A9:17, 72–73
vs. depth, A3:49; A4:82; A5:67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46
carbon/sulfur ratio
sediments, A3:17–18, 74; A4:112–114; A5:102–103; A6:14–15, 89–90; A7:25, 140–142; A8:81–82; A9:17, 72–73
vs. depth, A3:49; A4:82; A5:67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46
carbon isotopes
abundance in gravity cores, B4:13
vs. depth, B4:9
carbonate content
sediments, A4:22–24; A5:18; A6:14–15, 89–90; A7:25–27, 145; A8:18–19; A9:17–18
upper Quaternary, B3:1–9
vs. depth, A3:30, 49, 55; A4:82; A5:67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46; B3:6
carbonate matrix, photomicrograph, A5:46
carbonate platforms
accretion, B2:5–7
age models, A4:20
biostratigraphy, B2:1–31
evolution, A1:50–54
fluid flow, A1:55–57
growth, A9:7
lithologic units, A4:10–11
porosity and permeability, B6:1–217
sea-level changes, A1:1–88
well-log units, A7:35–36
carbonate unit, base, seismic stratigraphy, A6:27
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
Cenozoic, A1: 7–20, 36–44
deposition, B2:4–5
lithofacies, A1:5–6
middle Miocene, A1:13–15
Miocene, A1:33–35
photomicrograph, B6:7, 31–170
recrystallization, A5:17
vs. depth, A8:54
X-ray diffraction data, A4:22; A5:17–18; A7:25–27; A9:17
Cato Trough, tectonics, A1:4–5
lithologic units, A4:10–11
photomicrograph, A4:41; A5:41
lithology, A1:41–44
sediments, A1:36–40
seismic stratigraphy, A1:10–11
pore water, A3:15; A4:21; A5:16; A6:13; A8:17; A9:15
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
lithologic units, A3:6; A4:7; A6:4–6
photograph, A3:29; A6:36
Chron C1, magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
Chron C2An, magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
Chron C2n, magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
Chron C3Ar, magnetostratigraphy, A5:14
Chron C3Bn-C3Br1r-C3Br1n, magnetostratigraphy, A5:14
Chron C3n, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
Chron C3r, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
Chron C4n C4r sequence, sediments, A3:12
Chron C5An, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C5Ar, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C5Cn, magnetostratigraphy, A4:19
Chron C5n, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C5r, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C6Aan, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C6Aar, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C6Ar, magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Chron C6n, magnetostratigraphy, A4:19; A6:12
lithologic units, A7:14; A8:6–9
photograph, A8:41
clasts, bryozoan, lithologic units, A7:7
lithologic units, A3:6–7; A5:5; A6:4; A9:3–4
photograph, A8:36
photomicrograph, A4:49
sediments, carbonates, A5:18–19
clay, terrigenous, lithologic units, A5:4
lithologic units, A7:10
photomicrograph, A4:49
lithologic units, A8:4
progradation, B5:14–15
coccoliths, lithologic units, A3:6
Cochiti Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
coercivity, hardground, A5:15
color change
lithologic units, A3:5–7; A4:7–10
photograph, A8:35
vs. depth, B4:10
compaction, photomicrograph, A3:32
compressibility, shallow sediments, B7:1–28
compressional wave velocity
sediments, A3:20; A4:25–26; A5:20–21; A6:18–19; A7:28, 30–31; A8:20–21; A9:19–20
vs. depth, A3:52; A4:84; A5:69, 79; A7:93
vs. porosity, A4:85
vs. two-way traveltime, A3:59; A4:91
compressional wave velocity, adjusted, vs. depth, A5:69
compressional wave velocity, anisotropy, vs. depth, A5:69
concretions, lithologic units, A9:4
conglomerate, lithologic units, A4:9
grain size, B7:18
shallow sediments, B7:1–28
continental margin, tectonics, A1:4–5
coral fragments
lithologic units, A7:6, 13–15
paleoecology, B5:36
periplatform environment, A4:16–17
photograph, A7:55–56
coral molds, photograph, A7:73
coral patch reefs, environment, B5:16
Coral Sea Basin, tectonics, A1:4–5
coralline algae
lithologic units, A7:6–15; A8:5
paleoenvironment, B2:9–10
photograph, A7:74
photomicrograph, A7:31–32, 38
core-log correlation, sediments, A5:23–24; A7:41; A8:24; A9:23–26
cores, physical properties, A3:18–22; A4:24–27; A5:19–22; A6:16–21; A7:27–31; A8:19–22; A9:19–21
coring, video sequence, A4:34; A7:46
environment, B5:19–20
hole-to-hole, A3:22
log responses at Sites 1196 and 1199, A7:114–115
seismic stratigraphy, A1:75–76; A4:28–30; A6:25–27; B2:14–15, 30–31
Sites 1196 and 1199, A7:38–40
stratigraphy, A1:69–71
corrugated surfaces, lithologic units, A7:6–7, 10–11
cracks, lithologic units, A5:6, 8
Cretaceous, Lower, tectonics, A1:4–5
cross stratification, photograph, A7:54
Curie temperature, sediments, A4:19
current ripples, photograph, A4:56
cyclic processes, carbonate content, B3:3
Cycloclypeus sp., photomicrograph, A4:63
Cyclorbiculina, photomicrograph, A7:76


debris flows
lithologic units, A8:7
photograph, A8:41
deep resistivity logs, vs. depth, A6:64; A7:105, 107, 111–112; A9:53
deformation, porosity, B7:9–15
deltaic facies, deposition, B2:5
demagnetization, vectors, A7:85
density, bulk
sediments, A4:24–25
vs. depth, A3:50–51; A4:83; A5:68; A6:52–53; A7:91, 99; A8:56; A9:47
vs. two-way traveltime, A3:59, 89; A4:91
density, gamma-ray attenuation bulk, vs. depth, A3:50, 57; A4:83
density, grain, vs. depth, A3:51; A4:83; A5:68; A6:53–54; A7:91–92, 99; A8:56; A9:47
density, sediments, A3:18–20; A5:19–20; A6:16–18; A7:27–28, 30; A8:19–20; A9:19–20
density logs
vs. depth, A5:76, 79–80; A6:64; A7:105, 111–112; A9:53–54
vs. gamma-ray logs, A6:65
density underflows, Cenozoic, A3:7
architecture, B5:13–14
environment, B5:15–17, 35
plateaus, A1:79
post-basement flooding, B2:4
sea-level changes, B2:4–5
upper Miocene, B2:7–8
depth offsets, vs. depth, A3:57
diagenesis, photomicrograph, A7:53
diagenesis, vadose, photomicrograph, A4:41
dissolution, lithologic units, A7:6–7, 10–11; A8:4
distal mass flows, lithologic units, A5:8
distal slope facies, Cenozoic, A3:7–11
dolomicrite, lithologic units, A7:7–9, 13–14
lithologic units, A3:6–7; A4:7–10; A5:4; A8:5–9; A9:4–8
percentage, A8:80; A9:71
pore water, A3:15
sediments, A3:17; A4:110–111; A5:101; A6:88; A7:139, 146
vs. depth, A4:81; A5:66; A6:50; A7:87, 89, 92; A8:54; A9:45
X-ray diffraction data, A4:22; A5:17–18; A6:14; A7:25–27; A8:18; A9:17
dolomite, sucrosic, photomicrograph, A4:45
dolomite cement, photograph, A8:34
dolomite crystals, photomicrograph, A7:62
dolomite rhombs, photomicrograph, A5:46
dolomitic rock, photograph, A5:40
carbonate platform accretion, B2:6
lithologic units, A4:8; A5:4–6; A7:6–7, 10–11, 15; A8:4–9
photograph, A7:60
well-log units, A7:35–36
carbonate platform accretion, B2:5–7
lithologic units, A7:8–11, 14
photograph, A7:64
X-ray diffraction data, A7:25
dolostone, reddish, photograph, A7:65
dolostone, sucrosic, photograph, A4:44; A7:61
dolostone, variegated
photograph, A7:63
photomicrograph, A7:62
downhole measurements
Site 1194, A5:22–27
Site 1195, A6:21–23
Site 1196, A7:36–40
Site 1198, A9:21–22
Site 1199, A7:32–36
dysaerobic conditions, lithologic units, A5:7


echinoderm fragments
lithologic units, A3:5; A4:9; A5:3–7; A6:3; A7:7, 11–15; A9:4–8; B5:8–11
photograph, A7:74
photomicrograph, A4:54–55, 57; A5:41, 46; A8:30
Eocene, lithologic units, A6:5–6
euphotic shelf facies, photograph, A9:36
seismic stratigraphy, A1:47–49
See also isostasy; sea-level changes
exposure surfaces
lithologic units, A7:7
photograph, A7:63, 70
well-log units, A7:35–36
See also karstic exposure surfaces


faults, normal extension, tectonics, A1:4–5
lithologic units, A7:11
photograph, A7:61, 63
ferromanganese laminae, lithologic units, A5:4
ferromanganese mineralization
photograph, A5:38
photomicrograph, A5:39
fibrous rims, isopachous
lithologic units, A7:6
photomicrograph, A7:53
carbonates, A5:19
photograph, A3:29
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
lithologic units, A4:7–8; A7:13; A8:6–9
photograph, A4:47; A6:33
floatstone, dolomitic
lithologic units, A7:6–11, 15
photograph, A7:52, 54, 70, 72
floatstone, echinoderm-rhodolitic, microfacies, B5:11
floatstone, Lepidocyclina-Halimeda-rhodolitic, microfacies, B5:11
floatstone, nummulitids-Amphistegina-Halimeda-rhodolitic, microfacies, B5:10–11
floatstone, porous, photomicrograph, A4:41
floatstone, skeletal
lithologic units, A7:7–8, 13; A9:6
photograph, A4:40; A5:42; A7:48, 57–58, 73; A8:40; A9:36
photomicrograph, A7:59
floatstone/grainstone mixture, lithologic units, A9:5–8
floatstone/packstone mixture, Miogypsina-Lepidocyclina-red algal, microfacies, B5:9–10
floatstone/rudstone mixture, photograph, A4:47
floatstone/rudstone mixture, coral-red algal, microfacies, B5:8–9
floatstone/rudstone mixture, dolomitic, lithologic units, A7:6–8, 10–11, 12–15
Flosculinella botangensis, photomicrograph, A7:75
fluid flow, carbonate platforms, A1:55–57
bathyal environment, A4:16–17
Cenozoic, A1:17–20, 25–27, 36–40
lithologic units, A9:4–8
lithology, A1:41–44
middle Miocene, A1:14
Miocene, A1:21–23, 30–33
photograph, A7:48, 54, 58
photomicrograph, A3:31–34; A7:49; A9:33; B5:38
sediments, A3:17
foraminifers, benthic
biostratigraphy, A3:10–11; A4:14; A5:11–13; A6:9–10; A7:17–22; A8:12–14; A9:10–12; B2:1–31
lithologic units, A3:5–7; A4:7–10; A5:3–7; A6:5; A7:6–7, 10–11, 13–15
paleoenvironment, B2:9–10
photograph, A4:43; A5:42, 44; A9:36
photomicrograph, A4:39, 46, 51, 54–55, 57; A5:53; A7:32, 34, 38; A9:37; B2:16–29
foraminifers, hyaline, lithologic units, B5:11
foraminifers, planktonic
biostratigraphy, A3:9–10; A4:12–14; A5:10–11; A6:8–9; A8:10–11; A9:9–10
lithologic units, A3:5–7; A4:7–10; A5:3–7; A6:3–6; A7:6–7, 10–11; A8:4–9
photograph, A4:38; A5:35
photomicrograph, A4:39, 49, 51, 54, 64; A5:41; A8:30–31
foraminifers, porcellaneous benthic
lithologic units, B5:8–11
photograph, A7:73
Formation MicroScanner imagery, vs. depth, A5:81–83; A7:108–110, 113
fractures, photograph, A4:42
fragmentation, lithologic units, A5:5
framestone, dolomitic coral, lithologic units, A7:14


gamma-ray logs
vs. bulk density logs, A6:65
vs. depth, A5:76–80; A6:64–65; A7:105, 112; A9:53–54
gamma rays
sediments, A3:22; A4:27; A5:22; A6:20–21; A7:28–29, 31; A8:21–22; A9:21
vs. depth, A3:55–56; A4:88–89; A5:74; A6:60–62; A7:97–98, 104; A8:61; A9:52
vs. reflectance, A6:62
gases, headspace, composition, A3:72; A4:108; A5:99; A6:86; A8:78; A9:69
gastropod fragments, lithologic units, A3:5; A5:3–7; A6:3; A8:4
Gauss Chron
magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19; A9:13
sediments, A3:12
fluid flow, A1:55–57
Site 1192, A3:14–18
Site 1193, A4:20–24
Site 1194, A5:16–19
Site 1195, A6:12–16
Site 1196, A7:24–26
Site 1197, A8:17–19
Site 1198, A9:15–18
Site 1199, A7:26–27
geology, history, A1:4–7
geomagnetic polarity timescale, vs. magnetostratigraphy, A6:46
geopetal structures
lithologic units, A7:13
photograph, A7:68
photomicrograph, A4:41; A8:30
Gilbert Chron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54; B6:4
lithologic units, A3:6; A4:7–10; A5:5; A6:4; A8:5
photograph, A4:56; A6:34, 37; A7:65; A8:39–40
photomicrograph, A3:33; A4:51, 54–55, 57; A5:52; A6:38
physical properties, A6:20–21
remanent magnetization, A6:11
sediments, A3:17
glauconite pellets, photograph, A4:42
remanent magnetization, A4:77
sediments, A4:19
graded bedding, lithologic units, A8:8
grading, photograph, A7:69
grain size
consolidation, B7:18
shallow sediments, B7:1–28
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
lithologic units, A4:6–10; A6:5; A7:6–10; A9:3
photograph, A4:36, 52; A7:48; A8:36; A9:32
See also packstone/grainstone mixture; floatstone/grainstone mixture
grainstone, dolomitized
photograph, A5:47
photomicrograph, A5:48
grainstone, foraminiferal
lithologic units, A3:5–7
photograph, A6:33–34; A8:29
grainstone, laminated
photograph, A4:56
photomicrograph, A4:57
grainstone, skeletal
lithologic units, A4:9; A5:3, 6; A6:3–4; A7:14; A8:4–9; A9:5–8
photograph, A4:53; A5:35; A7:74; A8:29, 33, 35, 39
photomicrograph, A4:46, 54–55
grainstone/sandstone unit, lithologic units, A4:11
grainstone matrix
lithologic units, A7:12–15
photograph, A7:52
photomicrograph, A7:53
gravity cores, sedimentation, B4:1–13
Great Barrier Reef, bathymetry, A1:4–5


lithologic units, A7:6, 14
paleoenvironment, B2:9–10
photograph, A7:74
photomicrograph, A7:49
age models, A5:15–16
anhysteretic remanent magnetization/isothermal remanent magnetization ratio, A5:61
Cenozoic, A3:7
geochemistry, A9:18
lithologic units, A4:10–11; A5:4, 6; A8:9
photograph, A5:38; A9:31, 34
photomicrograph, A5:39, 41
X-ray diffraction data, A5:18
anhysteretic remanent magnetization/isothermal remanent magnetization ratio, A5:61
magnetization, A5:15
remanent magnetization, A4:76–78
sediments, A8:15
hemipelagic environment, lithologic units, A5:7–8; A6:6
age models, A9:14
biostratigraphy, A8:11
lithologic units, A5:4
magnetostratigraphy, A6:12
Miocene, A7:16
high-magnesium particles, photomicrograph, A5:41
lithologic units, A3:5
sedimentation, B4:1–13
Unit VI, A8:4, 9
hydrocarbons, Rock-Eval data, A3:75
hydrocarbons, volatile, sediments, A3:14; A4:20–21; A5:16; A6:12–13; A8:17; A9:15
hydrogen, total, sediments, A6:89–90; A7:140–142; A8:81–82; A9:72–73
hydrogen index
Rock-Eval data, A3:75; A7:143–144
sediments, A3:16–18, 74; A4:23, 112–114; A5:18, 102–103; A6:14; A7:25–26; A8:18–19; A9:17–18
vs. depth, A3:49; A4:82; A5:67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46
hyperpycnal flows, Cenozoic, A3:7


lithologic units, A3:5–7
photograph, A3:29
imbrication, lithologic units, A8:5
inertinite, carbon, A5:19
inner platform environment
carbonates, B5:17–18
lithologic units, A7:15
intertidal facies, biostratigraphy, A7:21–22
intraclasts, lithologic units, A3:5
pore water, A3:16; A4:22
vs. depth, A3:46
seismic stratigraphy, A1:47–49
See also eustatism; sea-level changes


Jaramillo Subchron, sediments, A3:12; A8:15
Jurassic, Upper, tectonics, A1:4–5


Kaena Subchron, sediments, A3:12
karstic exposure surfaces
lithologic units, A4:10–11
photograph, A4:42
See also exposure surfaces
karstification, photograph, A7:71


lagoonal environment, lithologic units, A7:15
lithologic units, A8:9; A9:4–8
photograph, A7:55–56; A8:33, 37
photomicrograph, A3:34; A5:39
Lepidocyclina howchini, photomicrograph, A4:62
Lepidocyclina spp.
photograph, A8:33
photomicrograph, A4:63, 65; A5:53; A7:32, 38, 43
LF Associations 1–5, benthic foraminifers, B2:8
lightness, vs. depth, A3:30, 55; A5:75; A6:60; A8:61; A9:52
carbonate platform accretion, B2:5–7
X-ray diffraction data, A7:25
limestone, bryozoan-rich, lithologic units, A4:7
limestone, planktonic foraminifer, lithologic units, A4:6
lithium, pore water, A3:15
lithoclasts, lithologic units, A6:5; A7:10–11
lithoclasts, phosphatized
lithologic units, A6:3
photograph, A6:33
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
carbonates, A1:5–6
evolution, B5:17–18
sea-level changes, B5:18–20
well-log units, A7:35–36
lithologic units
boundary age, A4:107; A5:3–8, 98; A6:85; A7:138; A8:77; A9:68
Site 1192, A3:5–8, 67
Site 1193, A4:6–10, 101
Site 1194, A5:93
Site 1195, A6:3–6, 78
Site 1196, A7:6–12, 130; B5:5–6
Site 1197, A8:4–9
Site 1198, A9:3–8, 63
Site 1199, A7:131; B5:6–7
Unit I, A3:5; A4:6; A5:3, 6; A6:3; A7:6–7, 10–11; A8:4, 9; A9:3–4, 8
Unit II, A3:5–6; A4:7; A5:3–4, 6; A6:4; A7:7–8, 11; A8:4, 9; A9:4–5, 7–8
Unit III, A3:6; A4:7–8; A5:4–7; A6:4–5; A7:8–10, 11; A8:4–5, 8; A9:5–7
Unit IV, A3:6; A4:8–9; A5:5, 7; A6:5; A7:10, 12; A8:5–6, 8; A9:6–7
Unit V, A3:6–7; A4:9; A5:5–7; A6:5–6; A7:10; A8:6–8; A9:6
Unit VI, A4:9–10; A5:6, 8; A8:6–7
Unit VII, A4:10
vs. two-way traveltime, A3:59
Cenozoic, A1:17–20, 25–27, 36–44
middle Miocene, A1:13–15
Miocene, A1:21–23, 30–35
summary, A3:28; A4:35; A5:34; A6:32; A7:47, 67; A8:28; A9:29
Lithophaga, lithologic units, A7:8
architecture, B5:26
Site 1192, A3:4–8
Site 1193, A4:6–11
Site 1194, A5:3–8
Site 1195, A6:3–6
Site 1196, A7:5–12; B5:5–6
Site 1197, A8:3–9
Site 1198, A9:3–8
Site 1199, A7:12–16; B5:6–7
lowstands, lithologic units, A5:8


photograph, A7:54, 64, 66
photomicrograph, A7:52
pore water, A3:15–16; A4:21; A5:17; A6:13; A9:16
vs. calcium, A3:47; A5:64; A6:49
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
vs. sulfate, A3:48; A5:65
magnetic inclination, vs. depth, A3:35–40, 42; A4:66–72; A5:56–58; A6:39–45; A7:78–79, 83–84; A8:44–48; A9:38–39
magnetic intensity, vs. depth, A8:51
magnetic intensity, log, vs. depth, A3:35–40, 42, 44; A4:66–72; A5:56, 58, 61; A6:39–45; A7:78, 83–84; A8:44–48
magnetic intensity, Z-intensity, vs. depth, A5:57
magnetic log ratio, vs. depth, A3:44
magnetic polarity
sediments, A6:11–12
transitions, A3:69; A4:105; A6:82–83; A8:75
magnetic reversals, age models, A4:20
magnetic susceptibility
sediments, A3:21–22; A4:27; A5:22; A6:20–21; A7:28–29, 31; A8:21; A9:21
vs. depth, A3:42, 55; A4:88–89; A5:74–75; A6:60–61, 63; A7:97–98, 104; A8:61; A9:52
vs. reflectance, A6:63
magnetic susceptibility/isothermal remanent magnetization ratio, vs. depth, A9:41
magnetization, A5:15
remanent magnetization, A4:76–78
sediments, A4:19
age vs. depth, A3:13
compared with geomagnetic polarity timescale, A6:46; A8:49
correlation, A4:18–19
sediments, A6:11–12; A7:22–24; A8:15; A9:13
vs. depth, A3:35–40
Mammoth Subchron, sediments, A3:12
manganese, pore water, A3:16; A4:22
marine isotope stages, oxygen isotopes, B4:4
Marion Plateau
carbonate platforms, A1:1–88; B6:1–217
foraminifer biostratigraphy, B2:1–31
geology, A1:4–7
Quaternary sedimentation, B4:1–13
See also Northern Marion Platform; Southern Marion Platform
Matuyama Chron
sediments, A8:15
See also Brunhes/Matuyama boundary
medium resistivity logs, vs. depth, A7:111–112
composition, A9:69
sediments, A3:14; A4:20–21; A5:16; A6:12–13, 86; A8:17; A9:15
lithologic units, A7:14; A8:4
photomicrograph, A3:31; A7:53; A8:30
correspondence factor analysis, B5:31
paleoenvironment, B5:7–13
photomicrograph, A3:31–34; A7:53
vs. depth, B5:28
Microfacies A, porcellaneous foraminiferal-red algal packstone, B5:8
Microfacies B, coral-red algal rudstone-floatstone mixture, B5:8–9
Microfacies C, Miogypsina-Lepidocyclina-red algal floatstone-packstone mixture, B5:9–10
Microfacies D, nummulitids-Amphistegina-Halimeda-rhodolitic floatstone, B5:10–11
Microfacies E, Lepidocyclina-Halimeda-rhodolitic floatstone, B5:11
Microfacies F, echinoderm-rhodolitic floatstone, B5:11
microfacies matrix, carbonates, B5:27
biostratigraphy, A3:8–11; A9:9–12
calcareous nannofossils, A4:12
lithologic units, A9:4–5, 7–8
lithology, A1:30–33
planktonic foraminifers, A4:13
sediments, A1:21–23, 33–35
seismic stratigraphy, A1:47–49
See also Oligocene/Miocene boundary
Miocene, lower
deposition, B2:4–5
lithologic units, A3:6–7; A5:5–7; A6:4–6; A9:4–8
nannofossils, B1:1–7
seismic stratigraphy, A1:11
Site 1197, A8:6–9
Miocene, lower–middle, lithologic units, A7:7–11, 14–15; A8:5–6, 9
Miocene, middle
carbonate platform accretion, A1:1–88; B2:5–7
foraminifers, A6:9
lithologic units, A3:6; A4:7–9; A5:4–7; A6:4–5; A9:4–8
nannofossils, B1:1–7
paleoenvironment, B5:1–38
sea-level changes, A1:77–78
seismic stratigraphy, A1:11
Miocene, middle/upper boundary
hiatuses, A7:16
lithologic units, A7:6–7, 10–13; A8:4–5, 9
well-log units, A7:35–36
Miocene/Pliocene boundary
biostratigraphy, A5:9
foraminifers, A6:8
magnetostratigraphy, A3:13
nannofossils, A3:8; A6:7
planktonic foraminifers, A3:10
Miocene, upper
deposition, B2:7–8
lithologic units, A3:5–6; A4:7–9; A5:3–4, 6; A6:4–6; A9:4–8
paleoenvironment, B5:1–38
seismic stratigraphy, A1:10–11
Unit VI, A8:4, 9
Miogypsina sp., photomicrograph, A4:65
lithologic units, A5:4; A7:6–9, 13–15
photograph, A4:44; A7:54, 64, 72
photomicrograph, A4:45
mollusk fragments
lithologic units, A6:5; A7:6–9, 12–15; A9:4–8
photograph, A7:58, 73
photomicrograph, A9:33
mottling, lithologic units, A7:14
MP3 platform, deposition, B2:8
lithologic units, A4:6–10; A9:4–8
photograph, A4:48; A6:36
See also wackestone/mudstone mixture
mudstone, bioturbated, photograph, A3:29
mudstone, carbonate, photomicrograph, A4:49
mudstone, clay-rich, lithologic units, A4:8–9
mudstone, foraminiferal, lithologic units, A3:5–6
mudstone, skeletal, lithologic units, A6:4–5
mudstone/wackestone mixture, lithologic units, A5:3–4, 6


nannofossil datums, summary, B1:7
abundance in gravity cores, B4:12
Cenozoic, A1:17–20, 25–27
vs. depth, B4:8
nannofossils, calcareous
biostratigraphy, A3:8–9; A4:12; A5:9–10; A6:6–8; A7:16–17; A8:10; A9:8–9; B1:1–7; B4:3–4
Miocene, B1:6
natrolite, sediments, A9:17
neritic environment
biostratigraphy, A4:15–17; A5:12; A8:12
Cenozoic, A3:7–11
deposition, B2:5
lithologic units, A4:11; A6:6; A7:10–11, 15; A8:7–9; A9:4–8
photomicrograph, A8:42
neutron porosity logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80; A6:64; A7:111–112; A9:53
sediments, A3:74; A4:112–114; A5:102–103
See also carbon/nitrogen ratio
nitrogen, total, sediments, A6:89–90; A7:140–142; A8:81–82; A9:72–73
nodules, photograph, A9:31
noncarbonate minerals
percentage, A8:80; A9:71
sediments, A4:110–111; A5:101; A6:88; A7:139, 146
vs. depth, A4:81; A5:66; A6:50; A7:87, 89; A8:54; A9:45
Northern Marion Platform, lithology, A1:1–88
Northern Transect, carbonate platforms, A1:50–51
nummulitids, lithologic units, A6:5
Nunivak Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19


ocean basins, tectonics, A1:4–5
ocean floors, photograph, A1:66
Olduvai Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:19; A9:13
Oligocene/Miocene boundary, calcareous nannofossils, A4:12
Oligocene, upper, lithologic units, A7:10
olivine basalt, lithologic units, A5:6, 8; A9:6
olivine basalt, weathered
photograph, A5:54
photomicrograph, A5:55
olivine phenocrysts, photomicrograph, A5:55
Operculina complanata, photomicrograph, A4:64
Operculina spp.
photograph, A8:33
photomicrograph, A8:32
organic matter
carbonate platform accretion, B2:6
reoxidation, A5:16–17
sediments, A3:17
ostracodes, lithologic units, A3:5
outer platforms, environment, B5:17–18
overgrowths, syntaxial, photomicrograph, A5:41
oxidation, lithologic units, A4:7–8
oxygen index
Rock-Eval data, A3:75; A7:143–144
sediments, A3:16–18; A4:23; A6:14; A7:25; A8:18; A9:17
oxygen isotopes
abundance in gravity cores, B4:13
marine isotope stages, B4:4
vs. depth, B4:9–10
oyster shells, photograph, A4:58


Pacific/Australian plate boundary, tectonics, A1:5
lithologic units, A4:6–10; A5:3–6; A6:4–5; A7:10–11
photograph, A3:29; A5:50
photomicrograph, A3:31, 34; A4:61, 65
packstone, foraminiferal
lithologic units, A3:5–6; A4:7–8
photograph, A6:34
packstone, porcellaneous foraminiferal-red algal, microfacies, B5:8
packstone, silt-sized
photograph, A5:49
photomicrograph, A5:53
packstone, skeletal
lithologic units, A4:7, 9; A5:4–6; A6:3–4; A8:4–9; A9:4–8
photograph, A4:37–39, 42, 50; A5:44, 51; A6:35–36; A8:35–36; A9:31
photomicrograph, A4:39, 51; A5:52; A8:38
packstone/grainstone mixture
lithologic units, A4:7–8; A5:4–6; A8:5–9
photograph, A5:45
packstone/grainstone mixture, skeletal, lithologic units, A8:5–9
Paleocene, lower, tectonics, A1:4–5
biostratigraphy, A4:15–17
deposition, B2:5
seismic stratigraphy, A1:47–49
paleoecology, coral fragments, B5:36
benthic foraminifers, B2:9–10
interpretation, A4:103–104; A5:95–96; A6:80–81; A7:132–136; A8:73–74; A9:65–66
microfacies, B5:7–13
Site 1192, A3:8–11
Site 1193, A4:15–17
Site 1194, A5:9–13
Site 1195, A6:6–10
Site 1196, A7:16–20; B5:1–38
Site 1197, A8:9–14
Site 1198, A9:8–12
Site 1199, A7:20–22; B5:1–38
Paleogene, seismic stratigraphy, A1:11
Site 1192, A3:11–13
Site 1193, A4:17–19
Site 1194, A5:13–15
Site 1195, A6:10–12
Site 1196, A7:22–23
Site 1197, A8:14–16
Site 1198, A9:12–14
Site 1199, A7:23–24
paleorelief, photograph, A8:41
paleotemperature, paleoenvironment, B2:9–10
paleowater depth, sediments, A8:13
pebbles, photograph, A8:40
pellets, lithologic units, A8:6–9
periplatform sediments
benthic foraminifers, B2:8–9
biostratigraphy, A4:16–17; A5:13
Cenozoic, A1:36–40; A3:7–8
fluid flow, A1:55–57
lithologic units, A8:9; A9:4–8
photograph, A9:31–32
photomicrograph, A9:33
carbonate platforms, B6:1–217
shallow sediments, B7:1–28
vs. porosity, B6:11–13
Cenozoic, A3:7
lithologic units, A4:9
photograph, A4:38
sediments, A3:17
phosphate crust
lithologic units, A8:9
photograph, A5:40; A8:29; A9:34
photomicrograph, A8:30
phosphate laminae
lithologic units, A5:4
photomicrograph, A9:35
phosphate nodules
lithologic units, A9:4
photograph, A9:31
phosphate sand
lithologic units, A7:10
photograph, A8:29
phosphate silt, lithologic units, A8:4
photoelectric effect logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80; A7:105
physical properties, cores, A3:18–22; A4:24–27; A5:19–22; A6:16–21; A7:27–31; A8:19–22; A9:19–21
plagioclase matrix, photomicrograph, A5:55
plagioclase phenocrysts, photomicrograph, A4:60
plateaus, deposition, A1:79
platform facies, Miocene, A1:30–33
platforms. See carbonate platforms
biostratigraphy, A9:9–12
lithologic units, A3:5; A4:7; A5:3, 6; A6:3; A9:3–4, 8
magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
planktonic foraminifers, A4:13
Unit VI, A8:4, 9
See also Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary; Pliocene–Pleistocene interval
Pleistocene, upper
lithologic units, A4:6
sedimentation, B4:1–13
biostratigraphy, A3:8–11; A9:9–12
lithologic units, A3:5; A5:3–4, 6; A6:4
nannofossils, A6:7
planktonic foraminifers, A4:13; A8:4, 9
See also Miocene/Pliocene boundary
Pliocene–Pleistocene interval, sedimentation rates, A9:14
Pliocene/Pleistocene boundary, foraminifers, A6:8
Pliocene, upper, lithologic units, A6:3; A9:3–4, 8
Pliocene, upper/lower boundary
biostratigraphy, A5:9
nannofossils, A6:7
pore water, geochemistry, A3:14–16, 73; A4:21–24, 109; A5:16–17, 100; A6:13–14, 87; A8:17–18, 79; A9:15–17, 70
carbonate platforms, B6:1–217
deformation, B7:9–11, 12–15
horizontal plug sample data, B6:14–22
photomicrograph of whole-core samples, B6:7, 31–217 sediments, A3:18–20; A4:24–25; A5:19–20; A6:16–18; A7:27–28, 30; A8:19–20; A9:19–20
stress, B7:19–23, 24–28
vertical plug sample data, B6:23–28
vs. compressional wave velocity, A4:85
vs. depth, A3:51; A4:83; A5:68; A6:53; A7:91, 99; A8:56; A9:47; B7:8
vs. permeability, B6:11–13
vs. thermal conductivity, A3:54; A4:87; A5:73; A6:59; A7:96, 103; A8:60; A9:51
vs. velocity, A5:70; A6:57; A7:94, 101; A8:58; A9:49
whole-core sample data, B6:29
porosity, fenestral, lithologic units, A7:8
porosity, intergranular
lithologic units, A7:7
photomicrograph, A3:31
porosity, intragranular, photomicrograph, A7:53
porosity, intraskeletal, lithologic units, A8:6–9
porosity, moldic, lithologic units, A7:7, 9, 12–15
porosity, residual, vs. depth, A6:55
porosity, using plug volume measured by caliper, vs. porosity using plug volume measured by mercury displacement, B6:8–9
porosity, vuggy, photograph, A7:71
pore water, A3:15; A4:21; A6:14; A8:17; A9:16
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
potassium logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80–82; A6:66; A7:105, 107, 111; A9:53
progradation, clinoforms, B5:14–15
pteropods, lithologic units, A3:5; A5:3–7
carbonates, A5:18–19
lithologic units, A6:4; A9:3
photograph, A6:35; A9:34
photomicrograph, A3:33; A4:49; A9:35
pyrite, framboidal, lithologic units, A5:4
pyrrhotite, sediments, A4:19


carbonate platforms, B6:4
lithologic units, A3:6–7; A4:8–10; A6:5; A7:10–11, 13–14
photograph, A8:40
photomicrograph, A3:33–34; A4:54–55, 57; A6:38
quartz grains
photograph, A7:66
photomicrograph, A5:48
quartz sand
lithologic units, A5:5
photograph, A4:42
quartz sandstone, bioclastic, photograph, A4:58
quartz silt, photomicrograph, A4:51
biostratigraphy, A3:8–11
sedimentation, B4:1–13
Quaternary, upper, carbonate content, B3:1–9
Queensland continental shelf, tectonics, A1:4–5
Queensland Trough, tectonics, A1:4–5


calcite, A4:21–22
carbonates, A5:17
lithologic units, A5:4–6; A7:6–7
photomicrograph, A4:49
pore water, A3:16
red algae
lithologic units, A7:6, 9; A9:5–8
photograph, A7:52, 54, 56, 70, 72
photomicrograph, A4:46, 51, 57; A7:59, 62, 75; A8:42; A9:37
environment, B5:16–17
lithofacies, A1:5–6
lithologic units, A3:5–7
sediments, A5:22; A6:20–21; A8:22; A9:21
vs. depth, A3:30; A6:62–63
vs. gamma rays, A6:62
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A6:63
remanent magnetization, anhysteretic
demagnetization, A8:50; A9:40
discrete samples, A3:12–13; A5:15; A9:14
magnetic field, A3:43
sediments, A5:60; A7:23; A8:15–16
vs. depth, A7:81; A8:51; A9:41
Zijderveld diagrams, A4:75
remanent magnetization, anhysteretic/isothermal remanent magnetization ratio, vs. depth, A3:13, 44; A5:61; A7:82; A9:41
remanent magnetization, characteristic, sediments, A7:22–23
remanent magnetization, demagnetized isothermal, vs. depth, A7:82
remanent magnetization, isothermal
demagnetization, A8:50; A9:40
discrete samples, A3:12–13; A5:15; A9:14
magnetic field, A3:43
sediments, A4:19; A5:60; A7:23–24; A8:15–16
vs. depth, A7:81–82; A8:51; A9:41
Zijderveld diagrams, A4:76–78
See also magnetic susceptibility/isothermal remanent magnetization ratio
remanent magnetization, natural
demagnetization, A9:40
discrete samples, A3:12–13; A5:14–15; A9:14
sediments, A3:12–13; A4:18; A5:59–60; A6:11; A7:22–24; A8:14–15
stereographic plots, A3:41; A4:73
vs. depth, A7:81; A8:51; A9:41
Zijderveld diagrams, A4:74
remanent magnetization, saturation isothermal, discrete samples, A3:13
remanent magnetization, viscous, sediments, A4:18; A6:11
reoxidation, organic matter, A5:16–17
resistivity logs. See deep resistivity logs; medium resistivity logs; shallow resistivity logs
lithologic units, A4:7–8; A7:6–15; A9:5–8
photograph, A7:48, 52, 68–69; A9:34, 36
photomicrograph, A9:35
rift systems
lithologic units, A5:8
tectonics, A1:4–5
rock magnetism, sediments, A4:19; A8:15–16
lithologic units, A4:7–8; A7:13; A8:6–9; A9:5–8
photograph, A4:47
See also boundstone/rudstone mixture; floatstone/rudstone mixture
rudstone, bioclastic, lithologic units, A4:8
rudstone, bryozoan, lithologic units, A4:7–8
rudstone, dolomitic
lithologic units, A7:9
photograph, A4:44; A7:52
photomicrograph, A4:45
rudstone, dolomitic skeletal, photograph, A7:71
rudstone, porous, photomicrograph, A4:41
rudstone, skeletal
lithologic units, A7:7
photograph, A4:43
rudstone infill, photograph, A7:68


sand, photograph, A6:37
lithologic units, A4:9; A7:10
photomicrograph, A6:38
See also grainstone/sandstone unit
sandstone, clay-rich, photograph, A4:58
scaphopods, lithologic units, A4:6; A6:3
Scolicia, lithologic units, A3:5
scoured surfaces
lithologic units, A5:3–6; A6:4
photograph, A5:37; A6:35–36
sea-level changes
biostratigraphy, A7:20
deposition, B2:4–5
extent, A1:6–7
lithofacies, B5:18–20
lithologic units, A5:8; A7:12, 15–16
middle Miocene, A1:77–78
seismic stratigraphy, A1:47–49
subsidence, A1:6–7
See also eustatism; isostasy
seagrass environment, biostratigraphy, A7:21–22
seagrass roots
carbonate platform accretion, B2:6
lithologic units, A7:8
sedimentary bodies, geometry, B5:14–15
sedimentary structures, lithologic units, A8:8
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
Quaternary, B4:1–13
sedimentation rates
age models, A4:20; A6:12; B4:5
age vs. depth, A1:74; A3:14, 45; A4:79; A5:62; A6:47; A7:86; A8:52; A9:42
Cenozoic, A3:7–8
Pliocene–Pleistocene interval, A9:14
Site 1192, A3:4–8
Site 1193, A4:6–11
Site 1194, A5:3–8
Site 1195, A6:3–6
Site 1196, A7:5–12
Site 1197, A8:3–9
Site 1198, A9:3–8
Site 1199, A7:12–16
Cenozoic, A1:25–27, 36–44
middle Miocene, A1:13–15
Miocene, A1:21–23, 30–33, 33–35
photograph, A1:66
X-ray diffraction data, A6:14
seismic facies, seismic stratigraphy, A3:23–25; A4:28–30; A5:28–30; A6:25–27; A7:41; A8:23–24; A9:23–26
seismic Megasequence A
age models, A4:20
seismic stratigraphy, A1:11, 47; A4:29–30; A6:26–27
seismic Megasequence A/B boundary, middle Miocene, A1:13
seismic Megasequence B
age models, A4:20
magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
seismic stratigraphy, A1:11, 46–47; A3:25; A4:29; A5:28–30; A6:26; A8:23–24; A9:25
seismic Megasequence B/C boundary, lithology, A1:15; A9:7, 18
seismic Megasequence C
age models, A5:15–16; A9:14
seismic stratigraphy, A1:10–11, 45–46; A3:24–25; A6:25–26; A8:23; A9:24–25
seismic Megasequence C/D boundary, lithology, A1:15
seismic Megasequence D
age models, A5:15–16; A9:14
magnetostratigraphy, A9:13
seismic stratigraphy, A1:10, 45; A3:23–24; A4:28; A5:27–28; A6:25; A8:23; A9:23–24
seismic megasequences
correlation with cores, A5:27–30
sedimentation rates, A3:45
seismic profiles, A1:67–68
vs. two-way traveltime, A3:59
seismic profiles
seismic megasequences, A1:67–68
Site 1192, A3:58
Site 1193, A1:82, 85; A4:33
Site 1194, A1:80; A5:33, 85
Site 1195, A6:30–31
Site 1196, A7:45, 116–117; B5:25
Site 1197, A1:81; A8:27, 62
Site 1198, A1:83–84; A9:27, 55
Site 1199, A7:45, 116–117; B5:25
vs. two-way traveltime, A4:90
seismic reflection, lithologic units, B5:34
seismic reflectors, age, A3:71; A4:107; A5:98; A6:85; A7:138; A8:77; A9:68
seismic sections, stratigraphy, A1:72; B2:14–15, 30–31
seismic stratigraphy
Cenozoic, A1:10–11, 44–47
correlation, A1:75–76
Site 1192, A3:23–25
Site 1193, A4:27–30
Site 1194, A5:27–30
Site 1195, A6:23–27
Site 1196, A7:40–41
Site 1197, A8:22–24
Site 1198, A9:22–25
Site 1199, A7:40–41
seismograms, synthetic, vs. two-way traveltime, A3:59; A4:91; A5:86; A6:68; A7:118
shallow resistivity logs, vs. depth, A6:64; A7:105, 107; A9:53
shark teeth, lithologic units, A3:6
shelf facies, well-log units, A7:35–36
shell fragments, photograph, A5:50
Sidufjall Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
lithologic units, A5:7; A7:10, 12; A8:5–9
lithologic units, A5:5; A9:5–8; A7:13
photograph, A5:50
photomicrograph, A4:41
silt, infiltrated, photograph, A7:71
silt, quartz, photograph, A7:72
silt, vadose, photomicrograph, A7:53
carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
photomicrograph, A6:38
siltstone, quartz, lithologic units, A6:5
Site 1192, A3:1–75
age models, A3:13–14
biostratigraphy, A3:8–11
core physical properties, A3:18–22
coring summary, A3:60–66
geochemistry, A3:14–18
lithologic units, A3:67
lithostratigraphy, A3:4–8
operations, A1:12–13; A3:2–4
paleoenvironment, A3:8–11
paleomagnetism, A3:11–13
principal scientific results, A1:13–15
sedimentology, A3:4–8
seismic stratigraphy, A3:23–25
site description, A3:1–75
site summary, A1:12–15
Site 1193, A4:1–116
age models, A4:20
biostratigraphy, A4:11–17; B1:1–7
core physical properties, A4:24–27
coring summary, A4:92–100
geochemistry, A4:20–24
lithologic units, A4:101
lithostratigraphy, A4:6–11
operations, A1:16–17; A4:2–6
paleoenvironment, A4:15–17
paleomagnetism, A4:17–19
principal scientific results, A1:17–20
sedimentology, A4:6–11
seismic stratigraphy, A4:27–30
site description, A4:1–116
site summary, A1:15–20
Site 1194, A5:1–105
age models, A5:15–16
biostratigraphy, A5:9–13
compressibility and permeability, B7:1–28
core physical properties, A5:19–22
coring summary, A5:87–92
downhole measurements, A5:22–27
geochemistry, A5:16–19
lithologic units, A5:93
lithostratigraphy, A5:3–8
operations, A1:20–21; A5:2–3
paleoenvironment, A5:9–13
paleomagnetism, A5:13–15
principal scientific results, A1:21–23
sedimentology, A5:3–8
seismic stratigraphy, A5:27–30
site description, A5:1–105
site summary, A1:20–23
well-logging summary, A5:105
Site 1195, A6:1–93
age models, A6:12
biostratigraphy, A6:6–10
core physical properties, A6:16–21
coring summary, A6:69–77
downhole measurements, A6:21–23
geochemistry, A6:12–16
lithologic units, A6:78
lithostratigraphy, A6:3–6
operations, A1:24; A6:2–3
paleoenvironment, A6:6–10
paleomagnetism, A6:10–12
principal scientific results, A1:25–27
sedimentology, A6:3–6
seismic stratigraphy, A6:23–27
site description, A6:1–93
site summary, A1:24–27
Site 1196, A7:1–149
age models, A7:24
biostratigraphy, A7:16–20
core physical properties, A7:27–29
coring summary, A7:119–129
downhole measurements, A7:32–36
geochemistry, A7:24–26
lithologic units, A7:130
lithostratigraphy, A7:5–12; B5:5–6, 28
operations, A1:28–29; A7:2–4
paleoenvironment, A7:16–20; B5:1–38
paleomagnetism, A7:22–23
principal scientific results, A1:29–33
sedimentology, A7:5–12
seismic stratigraphy, A7:40–41
site description, A7:1–149
site summary, A1:27–35
Site 1197, A8:1–83
age models, A8:16–17
biostratigraphy, A8:9–14
core physical properties, A8:19–22
coring, A8:63–70
geochemistry, A8:17–19
lithostratigraphy, A8:3–9
operations, A1:35–36; A8:1–3
paleoenvironment, A8:9–14
paleomagnetism, A8:14–16
principal scientific results, A1:36–40
sedimentology, A8:3–9
seismic stratigraphy, A8:22–24
site description, A8:1–83
site summary, A1:35–40
Site 1198, A9:1–75
age models, A9:14
biostratigraphy, A9:8–12
carbonate content, B3:1–9
compressibility and permeability, B7:1–28
core physical properties, A9:19–21
coring summary, A9:56–62
downhole measurements, A9:21–22
geochemistry, A9:15–18
lithologic units, A9:63
lithostratigraphy, A9:3–8
operations, A1:40–41
paleoenvironment, A9:8–12
paleomagnetism, A9:12–14
principal scientific results, A1:41–44
sedimentology, A9:3–8
seismic stratigraphy, A9:22–25
site description, A9:1–75
site summary, A1:40–44
Site 1199, A7:1–149
age models, A7:24
biostratigraphy, A7:20–22
core physical properties, A7:29–31
coring summary, A7:119–129
downhole measurements, A7:36–40
geochemistry, A7:26–27
lithologic units, A7:131
lithostratigraphy, A7:12–16; B5:6–7, 29
operations, A1:29; A7:4–5
paleoenvironment, A7:20–22
paleomagnetism, A7:23–24; B5:1–38
principal scientific results, A1:33–35
sedimentology, A7:12–16
seismic stratigraphy, A7:40–41
site description, A7:1–149
site summary, A1:27–35
Skolithos, lithologic units, A3:6
slickensides, lithologic units, A4:10
slumps, photograph, A9:30
snowstone, photograph, A7:61
pore water, A9:17
vs. depth, A9:44
soft sediment deformation, synsedimentary, photograph, A9:30
Soritidae, photomicrograph, A7:76
Southern Marion Platform, lithology, A1:1–88
Southern Transect, carbonate platforms, A1:51–52
sphalerite, lithologic units, A8:7–9
storm action, environment, B5:16
strain, shallow sediments, B7:1–28
carbonates, A1:5–6, 65
correlation, A1:69–71
seismic sections, A1:72
stress, effective, vs. void ratio, B7:9–15
stress, porosity, B7:19–28
stromatolitic crust
lithologic units, A7:6
photograph, A7:50
photomicrograph, A7:51
pore water, A3:16; A4:21; A5:17; A6:13; A8:17; A9:16
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
sea-level changes, A1:6–7
tectonics, A1:5
subsidence, water-loaded, tectonics, A1:64
subtropical environment, lithologic units, A4:10–11
pore water, A4:22; A5:16; A6:13; A8:17; A9:15
vs. depth, A3:46; A4:80; A5:63; A6:48; A8:53; A9:43
vs. magnesium, A3:48; A5:65
sulfate reduction, pore water, A3:15–16; A5:16–17; A9:16
sulfide, pore water, A3:15
sulfur. See also carbon/sulfur ratio
sulfur, total
sediments, A3:74; A4:112–114; A5:102–103; A6:14–15, 89–90; A7:25, 140–142; A8:81–82; A9:17
vs. depth, A3:49; A4:23, 82; A5:67; A6:51; A7:88; A8:55; A9:46


Taenidium, lithologic units, A3:5; A5:4
Tasman Sea Basin, tectonics, A1:4–5
tectonics, bathymetry, A1:4–5
Teichichnus, photograph, A3:29
decay models, A5:71
sediments, A5:21, 26–27; A6:24
vs. depth, A5:72, 84; A6:67
temperature, sediments, A9:20–21
Thalassinoides, lithologic units, A3:5; A5:4
thermal conductivity
sediments, A3:20–21; A4:26; A5:21; A6:19–20; A7:28, 31; A8:21; A9:20–21
vs. depth, A3:53; A4:86; A5:72; A6:58; A7:95, 102; A8:59; A9:50
vs. porosity, A3:54; A4:87; A5:73; A6:59; A7:96, 103; A8:60; A9:51
thorium logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80–82; A6:66; A7:105, 107, 111; A9:53
Thvera Subchron, magnetostratigraphy, A4:18–19
time-depth conversion, seismic stratigraphy, A1:44–47; A3:23; A4:27–28; A5:27; A6:24–25, 93; A7:36, 40, 106, 148; A8:22; A9:23
remanent magnetization, A4:77–78
sediments, A4:19; A8:15
topography, acoustic basement, A1:63
Townsville Trough, tectonics, A1:4–5
transgression, lithologic units, A4:11; A5:7
traveltime, two-way, vs. depth, A1:73
lithologic units, A8:6–9
photograph, A8:37


acoustic basement, A1:54–55
lithologic units, A8:4–9
uranium logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80–82; A6:64, 66; A7:105, 107; A9:53; B5:30


vadose zone, lithologic units, A5:4
lithologic units, A9:6
photograph, A7:63
veins, calcite, lithologic units, A4:10
vs. depth, A6:56; A7:100; A8:57; A9:48
vs. porosity, A5:70; A6:57; A7:94, 101; A8:58; A9:49
velocity logs, vs. depth, A5:76, 80; A7:105–107
video sequence, coring, A4:34; A7:46
void ratio, vs. effective stress, B7:9–15
volcanic glass, photomicrograph, A4:60
volcanic rocks
lithologic units, A4:10
photograph, A4:59; A8:40
volcanic terrain, bioclastics, A8:13
lithologic units, A8:7–9
photograph, A8:41


carbonate platforms, A1:50–54
lithologic units, A3:5–6; A4:9; A6:4–5; A7:15; A8:8; A9:3
photomicrograph, A3:32–33
skeletal, photomicrograph, A7:49
See also mudstone/wackestone mixture
wackestone, foraminiferal, photograph, A7:68
wackestone, skeletal
lithologic units, A6:4; A7:6–7, 10–11; A9:3–4
photograph, A6:35; A7:48
wackestone/mudstone mixture, photograph, A5:36
well-log Unit 1, sediments, A5:24; A6:22; A7:33, 37; A9:22
well-log Unit 2, sediments, A5:24–25; A6:22–23; A7:33, 37–38; A9:22
well-log Unit 3, sediments, A5:25–26; A6:23; A7:33–34, 38
well-log Unit 4, sediments, A6:23; A7:34–35, 38
well-log Unit 5, sediments, A6:23–24
well-log units, correlation, A7:38–40
well-logging, summary, A6:92; A7:147, 149; A9:75
winnowing, bioclasts, B5:11–13


X-ray diffraction data
carbonates, A4:22; A5:17–18; A7:25
sediments, A6:14
vs. depth, A7:89


y-component, vs. depth, A7:79


Zijderveld diagrams
sediments, A4:19; A5:15; A7:77, 80
thermal demagnetization, A4:74–78
Zoophycos, lithologic units, A5:4