Figure F2. Ternary classification diagram Ab-An-Or for feldspars, showing the chemical variability of primary plagioclase of Site 1201 basalts. Data from Table T1. Early = phenocryst cores; late = phenocryst rims, microphenocrysts, and microlites. The enclosed field encompasses the variability range of plagioclase in basalts from the west Philippine, Parece-Vela (Mattey et al., 1981; Zakariadze et al., 1981), and Shikoku (Dick et al., 1980) Basins and the Mariana Trough (Bougault et al., 1981; Hawkins and Melchior, 1985). Data for altered plagioclase and secondary alkali feldspar from D'Antonio and Kristensen (2004).