Figure F56. Schematic drawing (not to scale) showing the inferred volcanic environments for the volcanic sections drilled at Detroit (Sites 1203 and 1204), Nintoku (Site 1205), and Koko (Site 1206) Seamounts during Leg 197. The Detroit lava flows at Site 1204 and the lower part of the Site 1203 section were subaerially erupted (although shown as a submerged sequence following posteruption subsidence). The lava flows and associated tephra fall deposits in the upper part of the Site 1203 section were emplaced into a low-energy shallow-marine environment. The Site 1205 lavas were entirely subaerial, as indicated by numerous soil horizons between flows. The Site 1206 section at Koko Seamount consists of lava flows that have flowed from land into water in a nearshore environment. Subscript "A" indicates subaerial lava emplacement.