Table T10. Application, sampling interval, and vertical resolution of logging tools, Leg 197.
Tool string
Triple combination HNGS Spectral gamma ray 15 51

APS Porosity 5 and 15 43

HLDS/HLDT Bulk density 2.5 and 15 38/46

DLL Resistivity 15 61

TAP Temperature 1 per s NA

Tool acceleration 4 per s NA

Pressure 1 per s NA
Formation MicroScanner NGT Spectral gamma ray 15 46
(FMS)/sonic combination GPIT Tool orientation 0.25 and 15 NA

FMS Microresistivity 0.25 0.5

DSI Acoustic velocity 15 107

Notes: All tool and tool string names (except the TAP) are trademarks of Schlumberger. For additional information about tool physics and use consult ODP Logging Services at HNGS = hostile environment natural gamma ray sonde, APS = accelerator porosity sonde, HLDS = hostile environment lithodensity sonde, HLDR = hostile environment lithodensity logging tool, DLL = dual laterolog, TAP = temperature/acceleration/pressure tool, NGT = natural gamma ray spectrometry tool, GPIT = general purpose inclinometer tool, FMS = Formation MicroScanner, DSI = dipole sonic imager. NA = not applicable.