Figure F17. Photomicrographs showing titanomagnetite morphologies. I. Lithologic Unit V conglomerate immediately above basement. Distinctive morphology of groundmass titanomagnetite in the hawaiite cobbles; such dendritic forms are present in distinct zones that may be parallel or transverse to the plagioclase laths that define the trachytic texture (Sample 197-1205A-5R-2 [Piece 21, 101-103 cm]) (reflected light; field of view = 0.25 mm; photomicrograph 1205A-287). J. Bireflectance of ilmenite and highlighting the development of ilmenite oxidation lamellae in titanomagnetite from Subunit 3b. Ilmenite oxidation lamellae are illuminated (Sample 197-1205A-13R-3, 27-29 cm) (reflected light; field of view = 0.25 mm; photomicrograph 1205A-226).