Figure F23. Abundance of Y and Zr/Y vs. Zr content. In the Zr-Y panel, the trends for East Pacific Rise (EPR) MORB (data from J.M. Sinton, pers. comm., 1998), three Hawaiian shields, and Suiko Seamount define a fan-shaped array of lines, but the trend for lavas from Nintoku Seamount crosscuts the trends for Suiko Seamount and the Hawaiian volcanoes (data from Kirkpatrick et al., 1980; Frey et al., 1994; Rhodes, 1996; Yang et al., 1996; S. Huang and F.A. Frey, unpubl. data; M. Regelous et al., unpubl. data). The Zr/Y-Zr panel shows that lavas from Nintoku Seamount display a wider range in Zr/Y than EPR MORB and Mauna Kea shield lavas. HSDP = Hawaiian Scientific Drilling Project.