a'a lava
internal architecture, A6:33
internal structure, A5:12–13, 46
lithology, A1:16
volcanic units, A6:11
paleolatitude, A1:5–7
volcanism, B1:13–14
vs. paleolatitude, A1:29
vs. strontium isotopes, A1:31
vs. virtual axial dipole moment, A1:30
akaganeite, alteration, A5:15
algae, coralline, photomicrograph, A3:66
algal borings, lithologic units, A5:7
alteration, A6:16
lithology, A1:16
alkalinity, vs. depth, A1:85–86; A5:69; A6:73
assemblages, A3:24–30
basalt, A3:24–29
mineral assemblages, A4:20; A6:16
photograph, A3:68
photomicrograph, A3:87; A4:60–66; A5:56–66; A6:50
Site 1203, A3:24–30
Site 1204, A4:20–24
Site 1205, A5:18–20
Site 1206, A6:15–18
volcaniclastics, A3:30
See also oxidative alteration
alteration, low-temperature, oxidation, A3:30
alteration degree, vs. depth, A4:72–73; A5:73; A6:75
alteration mineral assemblages, vs. depth, A3:57, 99; A5:73
alteration zones, photomicrograph, A4:57
aluminum oxide
lava, A5:16
lava flows, A6:14
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
analcime, volcaniclastics, A3:19
argon isotopes, volcanism age, B1:13–14
auto-breccia, basement, A5:10


lava flows, A3:22
vs. depth, A1:40; A3:106; A5:69
vs. magnesium oxide, A3:97
vs. zirconium, A3:94; A4:71; A6:72
See also titanium/barium ratio; zirconium/barium ratio
basement, A6:7
demagnetization, A5:23–24
lava flows, A6:12–13
magnetic properties, A4:27–28
paleointensity, B1:9–11
paleolatitude, A5:24–25
petrography, A3:19–20
photograph, A3:65
remanent magnetization, A4:83–84
rock magnetism, A4:25–28
stratigraphy, A1:14–15
trace elements, A4:114–115
vesicles, A1:10–12
See also pillow basalt lobes
basalt, alkalic
basement, A4:18–19; A5:10
photomicrograph, A5:57–59, 65–66
volcanology, A3:15–18
basalt, aphyric
basement, A5:10
lithologic units, A4:11–19
photograph, A5:44
basalt, massive, well-logging, A3:44
basalt, olivine-phyric tholeiitic, basement, A5:10
basalt, plagioclase-olivine-phyric, photograph, A5:42
basalt, plagioclase-phyric alkali, photograph, A5:41
basalt, tholeiitic
basement, A4:18–19
photomicrograph, A5:66
volcanology, A3:15–18
basalt, unweathered, photograph, A5:40
basalt, vesicular, photograph, A4:46
basalt, whole-rock, geomagnetism, B1:9–10
basalt fragments, lithologic units, A5:5
basalt glass, vesicular, photograph, A3:63
basalt lapilli tuff, lithology, A3:13
basalt lobe margin, photomicrograph, A4:50–52
basalt lobes, photograph, A4:47
basalt tephra, vesicular, photomicrograph, A3:61
basalt tuff, lithology, A3:13
lava flow units, A3:156; A4:112–113; A5:98; A6:7–14
lithologic units, A3:154; A4:45, 111; A5:39, 95–96
lithology, A1:52, 61, 70; A3:55–56; A5:8–18
opaque minerals, A4:116; A6:104–105
paleolatitude, A1:9–10
rock magnetism, A4:25–26
tholeiitic basalt, A4:18–19
Basement Unit 1, alteration, A3:24–25
Basement Unit 3, alteration, A3:25
Basement Unit 5, alteration, A3:25
Basement Unit 6, alteration, A3:25
Basement Unit 8, alteration, A3:25–26
Basement Unit 11, alteration, A3:26
Basement Unit 14, alteration, A3:26
Basement Unit 16, alteration, A3:26
Basement Unit 18, alteration, A3:27
Basement Unit 19, alteration, A3:27
Basement Unit 20, alteration, A3:27
Basement Unit 21, alteration, A3:27
Basement Unit 23, alteration, A3:27–28
Basement Unit 24, alteration, A3:27–28
Basement Unit 26, alteration, A3:28
Basement Unit 29, alteration, A3:28
Basement Unit 30, alteration, A3:28
Basement Unit 31, alteration, A3:28
basement unit boundaries, integration with recovery per core, A3:58
basement units, well-logging, A3:43
bathymetry, A5:33; B6:6
basement, A6:7
lithologic units, A5:5–6
bioevents, nannofossils, B4:4, 11–12
Paleocene–Miocene nannofossils, B4:1–12
Site 1203, A3:10–11
Site 1204, A4:10–11
Site 1205, A5:7–8
Site 1206, A6:5–6
vs. depth, A1:33–34; A3:55–56
lava, A5:14–15
photomicrograph, A5:52
basement, A6:7
photograph, A4:42
lithologic units, A5:6–7
photomicrograph, A5:37
borehole deviation, vs. depth, A3:138
boreholes, microresistivity, B5:1–22
basalt, A5:10
photograph, A1:53; A4:46
stratigraphy, A1:13
well-logging, A3:44
See also auto-breccia; lapilli breccia
breccia, basal, photograph, A5:42
breccia, flow-foot, volcanic units, A6:10
breccia, hyaloclastite lapilli
photograph, A6:32
volcanic units, A6:10
breccia, lapilli, lithology, A6:5
breccia, volcanic
lithology, A3:13–14
photograph, A3:65
lithologic units, A5:5–6
photomicrograph, A5:37
bulk density logs, vs. depth, A1:41; A3:55–56, 131
burrows, photograph, A3:53


calcarenite, basement, A6:7
calcareous sediment, photograph, A1:35
calcilutite, basement, A6:7
alteration, A3:24–30; A4:20–21, 23
basalt, A3:20
photograph, A3:103
vs. depth, A3:101–102; A4:40
calcite, organic, vs. depth, A5:36
calcite + dolomite, vs. depth, A3:52; A4:39
calcite cement, lithologic units, A5:5–6
calcite matrix, photograph, A3:67
calcium oxide
lava flows, A3:22–24; A5:16–17
vs. depth, A1:40; A3:106
vs. loss on ignition, A4:69
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A3:96; A5:68; A6:70
caliper logs, vs. depth, A1:41; A3:131–132, 138
biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
calcareous nannofossils, B3:1–10
lithologic units, A4:7–9
magnetic polarity, A4:25
nannofossils, A1:10–12; B4:4
stratigraphy, A1:13
Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary, biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
carbon, inorganic, lithologic units, A5:97
carbon, total, lithologic units, A5:97
carbon, total organic, lithologic units, A5:97
carbonate cement
lithology, A3:14
photograph, A4:46
carbonate content
lithologic units, A4:107; A5:97
vs. depth, A3:52, 99–102; A4:38; A5:35–36
abundance, A3:149; A4:107
lithologic units, A5:93
photograph, A6:77
vs. depth, A5:73
alteration, A3:26–30; A5:19; A6:16
photograph, A5:74; A6:77
vs. depth, A3:99, 101–102; A5:73
chalcopyrite, alteration assemblages, A4:21–22
chalk, calcareous, lithologic units, A3:8–9; A4:6–9
chalk, clayey, lithologic units, A4:6–9
chalk, clayey nannofossil, lithologic units, A4:7–8
chalk, nannofossil
lithologic units, A3:8–9; A4:6–9
photograph, A4:42
chalk, nannofossil-foraminifer, lithologic units, A4:6
chalk, photograph, A1:51
charcoal, lithologic units, A5:6
alteration, A3:26–30
vs. depth, A3:100, 102
chrome spinel
lava, A5:14–15
lava flows, A3:21; A6:13
photomicrograph, A1:21, 87; A3:81, 91–92; A5:65–66; A6:43–44, 58–60, 63
See also ulvöspinel
chrome spinel, relict, photomicrograph, A6:53, 64, 66
chrome spinel phenocrysts, photomicrograph, A6:49, 60–61, 64
Chron C20r–C21n, magnetic polarity, A6:21
Chron C21n–C21r, magnetic polarity, A6:21
Chron C21n–C21r–C22n, magnetic polarity, A6:21
Chron C22n–C21r–C21n polarity chron sequence, sediments, A4:25
Chron C22n–C22r–C23n, magnetic polarity, A6:21
Chron C23, sediments, A4:25
Chron C24r, basalt, A5:24
Chron C33n, sediments, A4:25
chrons, plagioclase, B1:12–13
clast size, vs. depth, A3:57
lithologic units, A4:8–9; A5:6, 10
lithology, A3:13–14
photograph, A1:60; A5:43; A6:32
volcaniclastics, A3:19
clasts, basalt tephra, photomicrograph, A3:62, 64
clasts, lapilli scoria, photograph, A3:63
clasts, mud, lithologic units, A5:6
alteration, A6:16
alteration assemblages, A4:20
lithologic units, A5:6
vs. depth, A4:38, 41
clay, brown
photograph, A6:76–77
vs. depth, A3:99–100, 102; A5:73
clay, green
photomicrograph, A1:71; A6:41–42
vs. depth, A3:100–101; A5:73
clay, green-blue, vs. depth, A3:101
clay, gypsiferous, lithologic units, A4:9
clay, palagonite, photograph, A4:43
clay, silty, lithologic units, A4:8–9
cleavage planes, photomicrograph, A4:64–65; A5:62–64; A6:50, 56, 62
basalt, A5:10
lava, A5:14
lava flows, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A4:53–56; A5:53
silicates, A4:15–16
clinopyroxene, acicular, photomicrograph, A3:82
clinopyroxene glomerocrysts, photomicrograph, A6:47–48, 68
alteration, A3:29
vs. zirconium, A3:108
cobalt/zirconium ratio
alteration, A3:29; A4:22–23; A5:19–20; A6:16–17
vs. depth, A3:107; A4:77–78; A5:75; A6:78
coccoliths, vs. depth, A3:52
basalt, A4:26–27, 88; A5:78; A6:19
basement, A3:34
lithologic units, A5:21–22
color, alteration assemblages, A4:20
comb texture, photomicrograph, A3:82
compound pahoehoe lava
internal architecture, A5:11–13, 45; A6:10, 31
volcanology, A3:16–17
compressional wave velocity
alternating-field demagnetization vector, A5:81
lithologic units, A3:39–40, 169; A4:33, 124; A5:27–28, 111; A6:23–24, 116
vs. bulk density, A5:88; A6:92
vs. depth, A3:130; A4:101; A5:87; A6:91
vs. remanent magnetization, A6:83
compressional wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A3:131
concretions, manganese/iron, photograph, A4:43
basalt, A5:10
basement, A6:7
lithologic units, A4:8–9
photograph, A1:60; A5:43
photomicrograph, A5:59–60
remanent magnetization, A3:120
conglomerate, calcareous
lithologic units, A5:6
photograph, A5:37
conglomerate test, basement, A3:35
convoluted bedding, photograph, A1:51
convoluted laminations, photograph, A4:42
alteration, A3:29
vs. zirconium, A3:108
copper/zirconium ratio
alteration, A3:29; A4:22–23; A5:19–20; A6:16–17
vs. depth, A3:107; A4:77–78; A5:75; A6:78
core imaging, techniques, A4:32; A5:26; A6:23
coronas, photomicrograph, A4:58, 63
nannofossil zonation, A3:11
See also Campanian; Maastrichtian
Cretaceous, Upper
geomagnetism, B1:9–11
lithologic units, A4:7–9
magnetic polarity, A4:25
plate motion, A1:5–7
Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, lithologic units, A4:8–9
Cretaceous Normal Polarity Superchron, virtual axial dipole moment, A1:30


deep resistivity logs, vs. depth, A3:131
basalt, A4:27–28; A5:23–24
basement, A3:34; A4:28–30
lava flows, A6:20
magnetic inclination, B1:5–7
demagnetization, alternating-field
basalt, A5:80
magnetically soft components, A5:22–23
stability, A6:18–19
vector vs. compressional wave velocity, A5:81
vs. depth, A6:79
demagnetization, thermal, magnetic inclination, B1:26
density, basalt, A1:11
density, bulk
vs. compressional wave velocity, A5:88; A6:92
vs. depth, A1:33–34; A3:126–127; A4:99–100; A5:85; A6:89
density, gamma-ray attenuation bulk
lithologic units, A3:37–38, 164; A4:31, 120; A5:26, 107; A6:22, 112
vs. depth, A3:125–126; A4:95–96, 99
density, grain, vs. depth, A3:126–127; A4:99–100; A5:85; A6:89
density logs. See bulk density logs
Detroit Seamount
Campanian nannofossils, B3:1–10
igneous basement, A4:18–19
magnetic inclination, B1:6–7
Paleocene–Miocene nannofossils, B4:1–12
paleolatitude, A1:5–7
seismic reflection surveys, B6:2–3
trace element comparison with Mauna Kea lava, A3:97
lithologic units, A4:13
remanent magnetization, A4:93
lithologic units, A4:8–9
magnetic reversals, B1:6
lithologic units, A3:7–9
vs. depth, A3:52
dolomite, lithologic units, A3:9
downhole measurements, A3:40–46


Emperor Seamounts
geology, A1:1–92
seismic reflection surveys, B6:1–17
foraminiferal biostratigraphy, B2:1–4
lithology, A1:16; A6:5
nannofossil zonation, A3:11
nannofossils, A6:5–6
stratigraphy, A1:13
See also Paleocene/Eocene boundary
Eocene, lower, lithologic units, A3:9; A4:6–7; A5:5–7
Eocene, middle
biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
lithologic units, A3:8–9; A4:6–7
magnetic polarity, A4:25
Eocene/Oligocene boundary, nannofossils, B4:3
eruption units, internal architecture, A6:31
photomicrograph, A3:86; A4:64
volcanology, A3:18
exsolution lamellae, lava flows, A3:21


fall deposits, lithology, A3:13–14
faults, photograph, A4:42
feldspar, vs. depth, A4:39; A5:36
ferrihydrite, alteration, A5:15
ferroxyhyte, alteration, A5:15
fiber-optic gyro, rotation, A3:45–46
Fisher distribution, magnetic inclination, A3:36
lithologic units, A5:5–6
vs. depth, A4:38
foraminifers, benthic, Eocene biostratigraphy, B2:1–4
Formation MicroScanner imagery
boreholes, B5:9–10
vs. depth, A1:42–43; A3:133–137
wavelet analysis, B5:15
basalt, A3:19–20
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A1:81
photomicrograph, A4:49; A5:50, 63–64; A6:56, 62


gamma-ray logs, vs. depth, A1:41–42; A3:55–56, 131–133
gamma rays
lithologic units, A3:38, 165; A4:31–32, 121; A5:26, 108; A6:22–23, 113
vs. depth, A1:33–34; A3:125, 127; A4:95–97; A5:85; A6:89
Gauss coefficient, relative to axial dipole, A1:30
geochemistry, plate motion, B1:1–39
geodynamic model, paleomagnetism, B1:28
geomagnetic field vector, orientation, B5:14
geomagnetic polarity timescale, correlation, A3:31–32; A4:25
geomagnetism, Late Cretaceous–Paleogene geomagnetic field, B1:9–11
basalt, A3:19–20
lava, A5:15
lava flows, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A5:52–53; A6:46–48, 68
See also olivine glomerocrysts; plagioclase glomerocrysts
alteration, A3:28–30; A4:21
photomicrograph, A4:49, 63; A5:59
goethite, amorphous, alteration, A5:15
Goettingen Borehole Magnetometer, algorithm validation, B5:7
gravel, lithology, A6:5
gypsum, vs. depth, A4:40


hafnium isotopes
volcanism, B1:16
vs. seamount age, B1:39
Hawaii, major elements, B1:37
Hawaiian-Emperor volcanic lineament, geology, A1:1–92
Hawaiian hotspot
geochemistry, B1:1–39
plate motion, A1:7–8; B1:1–39
lava, A5:16
photograph, A1:60; A5:43
hawaiite cobbles, photomicrograph, A5:59–60
helium isotopes
volcanism, B1:16
vs. seamount age, B1:39
hematite, lithologic units, A5:5
hematite-ilmenite solid solution, lava flows, A3:20–21
hiatuses, Paleocene–Miocene sequence, B4:5
distance along tracks vs. age, B1:33
mantle plumes, B1:9
motion, B1:8–9
motion and tracks, B1:34
paleomagnetism, A1:17–19
plate motion, A1:7–8
source and melting history, A1:19–20
basement, A6:7
lithology, A3:12–14
hyaloclastite tuff, volcaniclastics, A3:19
hybrid pillow-pahoehoe lavas, volcanology, A3:17
hysteresis. See magnetic hysteresis


alteration, A3:24–30
basalt, A3:20
lava flows, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A1:71; A5:54; A6:39, 41–42, 63, 65, 67
igneous petrology
Site 1203, A3:11–24
Site 1204, A4:11–19
Site 1205, A5:8–18
Site 1206, A6:6–15
alteration, A5:16
photomicrograph, A3:86; A4:65; A5:60–62; A6:54–55, 65
See also hematite-ilmenite solid solution
image orientation, microresistivity, B5:1–22
inclinometry, magnetized formations, B5:1–22
alteration, A5:16
photomicrograph, A1:21, 87; A3:81; A5:48, 65–66; A6:43–44, 49, 58, 65, 67–68
See also magnetic inclusions; melt inclusions
index properties
basalt, A1:12
lithologic units, A3:39, 167–168; A4:32–33, 123; A5:27, 110; A6:23, 115
iron oxides
lithologic units, A3:9
vs. depth, A3:52, 99; A4:39, 41; A5:36
iron oxyhydroxide
alteration, A3:24–30; A4:21–23; A5:15; A6:16
basalt, A3:20
lava flows, A6:12–13
lithologic units, A4:6–9
photomicrograph, A4:49, 66; A5:54
vs. depth, A3:101–102; A5:73
isotopes, hotspots, A1:19–20


photograph, A4:47
volcanology, A3:17


Koenigsberger ratio
basalt, A6:18
basement, A3:32–33; A4:25–26
lithologic units, A5:21
vs. depth, A3:112; A4:85–86; A5:76; A6:79
Koko Seamount
magnetic inclination, B1:5
paleolatitude, A1:5–7
seismic reflection surveys, B6:3


lithologic units, A3:8; A4:6
photograph, A1:51; A4:42, 47
laminations, planar, photograph, A1:78
lapilli, armored, photograph, A3:63
lapilli, stratigraphy, A1:13
lapilli breccia
lithologic units, A4:13
pahoehoe lava, lithologic units, A4:15
lapilli scoria, lithology, A3:13
lapilli tuff, photograph, A3:128
lapillistone, lithology, A3:13
Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic mixed polarity interval, virtual axial dipole moment, A1:30
emplacement diagram, A6:35
flow into sea, Iceland, A6:34
lithologic units, A4:11–19
petrography, A5:14–16
photograph, A3:63, 65
silicates, A4:15–16
viscosity, A5:13
lava delta, internal architecture, A6:31
lava flow units
basement, A3:14–15, 156; A4:112–113; A5:10, 98; A6:7–14
structure, A5:47; A6:101
type distribution, A6:103
Unit 1, A5:12–13; A6:10
Unit 2a, A6:10
Unit 2a–2c, A6:10
Unit 3, A5:12–13
Unit 4, A6:10
Unit 5, A6:11
Unit 5b, A5:12–13
Unit 6, A5:12–13; A6:10
Unit 7, A6:10
Unit 8, A5:12
Unit 8a–8o, A6:10
Unit 9, A5:11–12
Unit 10, A5:11–12; A6:10
Unit 11a–11ae, A6:10
Unit 11b, A5:12–13
Unit 12, A5:11–12
Unit 13, A6:10
Unit 13b, A5:12
Unit 14b, A5:12–13
Unit 15b, A5:11–12
Unit 16, A5:12
Unit 17, A5:12; A6:11
Unit 18, A6:11
Unit 18b, A5:11–12
Unit 19b, A5:12
Unit 19c, A5:12
Unit 20, A5:12
Unit 21, A5:12; A6:11
Unit 22, A5:12–13
Unit 24, A5:12
Unit 26a, A5:12–13
Unit 27, A5:12–13
Unit 28, A5:12–13
Unit 29, A5:12
Unit 30, A5:12
lava flows
comparison with other Hawaiian islands, A3:22–24
lithology, A6:5
petrography, A6:12–13
plate motion, A1:7–8
rock magnetism, A6:108
volcanology, A3:15–18
See also transitional lava
lava flows, aphyric basalt, photograph, A5:42
lava lobes, volcanology, A3:15–17
lead isotopes, lava, B1:38
lepidocrocite, alteration, A5:15
limestone, basement, A6:7
lithic fragments, volcaniclastics, A3:19
lithologic units
basement, A3:154; A4:45; A5:8–18, 39, 95–96
comparison of logs and cores, A3:170
photograph, A3:53, 60
Site 1203, A3:7–10
Site 1204, A4:6–9
Site 1205, A5:5–7
Unit I, A3:7–8; A4:6; A5:5
Unit II, A3:8–9; A4:6–7; A5:5
Unit III, A3:9; A4:7; A5:6
Unit IV, A4:7–9; A5:6
Unit V, A5:6–7
volcaniclastics, A3:155
lithology, vs. depth, A1:33–34; A3:52, 57; A4:37–41; A5:34; A6:29
Site 1203, A3:6–10
Site 1204, A4:4–9
Site 1205, A5:5–7
Site 1206, A6:5
loss on ignition
alteration, A3:29; A4:22–23; A5:19; A6:16–17
lava flows, A3:22
vs. calcium oxide, A4:69
vs. depth, A1:40; A3:106; A4:77–78; A5:75; A6:78
Lowrie-Fuller tests
basalt, A4:26, 87; A5:77
basement, A3:33–34
lava flows, A6:80
lithologic units, A5:21–22


biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
See also Campanian/Maastrichtian boundary
alteration, A5:15
lava flows, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A1:21, 89; A3:87–90; A4:16–17, 58–66; A5:56–57, 62–64; A6:50, 56–57
maghemite/titanomaghemite lamellae, lava flows, A3:21
magnesite, alteration, A3:24–30
magnesium oxide
basement, A4:18–19
lava flows, A3:22; A5:16–17; A6:14–15
volcanism, A3:22–24
vs. aluminum oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
vs. barium, A3:97
vs. calcium oxide, A1:73; A3:96; A5:68; A6:70
vs. niobium, A3:96
vs. phosphorus oxide, A3:97
vs. potassium oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
vs. scandium, A3:96; A5:70; A6:71
vs. sodium oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
vs. strontium, A3:96–97
vs. titanium/barium ratio, A5:71
vs. titanium/strontium ratio, A5:71
vs. titanium oxide, A1:73; A3:97; A4:17, 68; A5:68; A10:74
vs. zirconium, A1:73; A3:97; A5:68; A6:70, 74
vs. zirconium/barium ratio, A5:71
vs. zirconium/strontium ratio, A5:71
magnetic declination, vector plots, A5:82–83
magnetic domains
basalt, A5:77, 79
See also multidomain grains
magnetic field
comparison of components, A3:139–141
vs. depth, A3:138
magnetic field inclination, vs. depth, A3:138
magnetic field on x-axis, vs. depth, A3:138
magnetic field on y-axis, vs. depth, A3:138
magnetic field on z-axis, vs. depth, A3:138
magnetic hysteresis
plagioclase, B1:11–13
vs. total saturation magnetization, B1:29
magnetic inclination
averages, A6:109–110
histogram, A1:48–49, 68, 77; A3:121–124; A5:84; A6:88
paleolatitude, A3:35–36; A5:24–25; B1:5–7
remanent magnetization, A3:161–162; A4:118; A5:105
thermal demagnetization, B1:26
vector plots, A5:82–83
vs. depth, A3:111; A4:82
vs. paleolatitude, A1:28
vs. remanent magnetization, A6:83
magnetic inclusions, plagioclase, B1:11–13
magnetic intensity, vs. depth, A1:44
magnetic isochrons, seafloor, volcanic centers, B1:25
magnetic logging
algorithm validation, B5:7–9
basement, A3:44–45
vs. depth, B5:16–17, 19–21
magnetic polarity, vs. depth, A4:82
magnetic reversals
first-order curves, B1:30
rates, B1:32
magnetic susceptibility
basalt, A6:18
basement, A3:37, 163; A4:25–26, 30–31, 119
lithologic units, A5:21, 25–26, 106; A6:22, 111
vs. depth, A3:125; A4:38–41, 95–96
magnetic susceptibility, low-field
basement, A3:32–33
vs. depth, A3:112; A4:85–86; A5:76; A6:79
vs. median destructive field, A3:114; A4:94
vs. natural remanent magnetization intensity, A3:113
magnetite, lava flows, A3:20
magnetized formations, inclinometry, B5:1–22
magnetometer tool rotation, vs. depth, A1:82
major elements
alteration, A4:22–23
basalt, A4:17–18, 114–115
basement, A3:158–160; A6:106–107
lava, B1:37
lava flows, A5:16–18, 101–103; A6:13–15
volcanism, B1:14–17
mantle plumes, hotspots, B1:9, 17
maps, seismic lines, B6:7, 8, 9
Mauna Kea, trace element comparison with Detroit Seamount lava, A3:97
Mauna Loa, trace element comparison with Detroit Seamount lava, A3:97
median destructive field
basalt, A6:19
basement, A3:32–33; A4:25–26
lithologic units, A5:21
vs. depth, A3:112; A4:85–86; A5:76; A6:79
vs. low-field magnetic susceptibility, A3:114; A4:94
megavesicles, photograph, A3:103; A4:76
Meiji drift, geology, A1:10–12
melt inclusions, photomicrograph, A1:21, 88; A3:76–77; A4:52
melt segregation, volcanology, A3:17
mesolite, volcaniclastics, A3:19
alteration, A3:28–30
basalt, A3:19–20
lava, A3:15
mica, alteration, A5:19
micrite envelopes, lithologic units, A5:7
microlites, photomicrograph, A3:71
microphenocrysts, volcanic rocks, A6:8
microresistivity, boreholes, B5:1–22
mineral assemblages, vs. depth, A6:75
nannofossil zonation, A3:10–11
nannofossils, B4:1–12
Miocene, middle, lithologic units, A3:8
Miocene, upper, lithologic units, A3:7–8
mudstone, volcaniclastics, A3:19
multidomain grains
basement, A3:33–34; A4:27–28
plagioclase, B1:11–13


abundance, A3:150–153; A4:108–110; A5:94
lithologic units, A3:7–9; A4:6–9
Oligocene, A1:10–12
Paleocene–Miocene biostratigraphy, B4:1–12
paleoenvironment, A5:8
vs. depth, A4:38, 40
nannofossils, calcareous
biostratigraphy, A3:10–11; A4:10–11; A5:7–8; A6:5–6
Campanian, B3:1–10
zonation, A3:54; A4:44; A5:7–8, 38; A6:5–6; B4:9–10
Narizian, biostratigraphy, B2:4
natrolite, volcaniclastics, A3:19
neodymium isotopes, volcanism, B1:16
nickel, lava flows, A3:22–24
Nintoku Seamount
magnetic inclination, B1:5–6
paleolatitude, A1:5–7
seismic reflection surveys, B6:3
niobium, vs. magnesium oxide, A3:96
nitrogen, lithologic units, A5:97
alteration, A6:16
alteration assemblages, A4:20–23
vs. depth, A5:73


nannofossil zonation, A3:10–11
stratigraphy, A1:10–12
See also Eocene/Oligocene boundary
Oligocene, lower, lithologic units, A3:7–8
Oligocene, upper, lithologic units, A3:8–9
basalt, A5:10
lava, A3:15
lava flows, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A1:37; A3:80, 91; A4:50–52; A5:48, 65; A6:37–39
olivine, altered groundmass, photomicrograph, A6:51
olivine, euhedral, photomicrograph, A1:71; A6:36, 40–42
olivine glomerocrysts, photomicrograph, A3:78; A5:51; A6:46–48
olivine groundmass, photomicrograph, A5:54
olivine laths, photomicrograph, A1:54–55
olivine microphenocrysts, lithologic units, A4:11–19
olivine phenocrysts
alteration, A3:24–30
lava, A3:15; A5:14–15
photomicrograph, A1:21, 87; A5:51, 53, 64–65; A6:43–44, 48–49, 60, 63, 67
olivine phenocrysts, partially altered, photomicrograph, A5:52
olivine phenocrysts, sheared relict, photomicrograph, A5:55
olivine pseudomorphs
lava, A3:15
photomicrograph, A3:79; A4:49
ooze, diatom, lithologic units, A3:8
ooze, nannofossil, lithologic units, A3:8
ooze, nannofossil-diatom, lithologic units, A3:8
opaque minerals
basement, A3:157; A4:16, 116; A5:15–16, 99–100; A6:104–105
lava flows, A3:20–21; A6:13
lithologic units, A3:8–9; A5:6
photomicrograph, A5:53
vs. depth, A3:52; A4:39, 41; A5:36
optical zonation, plagioclase phenocrysts, A4:48
organic debris
lithologic units, A4:6–9
vs. depth, A3:52; A4:38, 40
oxidation lamellae, photomicrograph, A5:60–61, 63–65; A6:54–55, 61, 65
oxidative alteration, lava flows, A3:21
oxides, black, vs. depth, A3:101
oxidizing zone
alteration, A4:21
photograph, A4:74–75
oxidizing zone/reducing zone contact, photograph, A4:74–75


Pacific Ocean NW, Paleocene–Miocene nannofossils, B4:1–12
Pacific plate, plate motion, A1:5–7
pahoehoe lava
basement, A4:18–19
graphic logs, A3:72–74
lithologic units, A4:14
lobe thickness distribution, A3:70
stratigraphy, A1:13
vesicles, A1:10–11
volcanic rocks, A6:8
See also compound pahoehoe lava; hybrid pillow-pahoehoe lavas; simple pahoehoe lava
lithologic units, A4:6
volcanology, A3:16–17
palagonite/volcanic ash ratio, vs. depth, A4:39, 41
palagonitization, lithologic units, A5:5
paleobathymetry, Eocene, B2:2
paleoceanography, Paleogene, A1:18
nannofossils, B4:1–12
stratigraphy, A1:13
Paleocene, upper
biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
lithologic units, A4:7–9
magnetic polarity, A4:25
Paleocene/Eocene boundary
biostratigraphy, A5:7–8
lithologic units, A5:5–7
paleodeclination, plate motion, A1:18
Campanian nannofossils, B3:1–10
nannofossils, A5:8
geomagnetism, B1:9–11
paleoceanography, A1:18
basalt, B1:9–11
plagioclase, B1:31
plate motion, A1:5–7
thermal demagnetization, B1:29
basalt, A5:24–25
basement, A1:9–10
history, B1:7–8
magnetic inclination, A3:35–36
paleomagnetism, B1:3–7
plate motion, B1:2–13
remanent magnetization, A6:20–22
vs. age, A1:29; B1:27–28
vs. magnetic inclination, A1:28
basalt, A1:12, 14–17
basement, A3:34–37
geodynamic model, B1:28
hotspots, A1:17–19
paleolatitude, B1:3–7
plate motion, A1:7–10
Site 1203, A3:31–37
Site 1204, A4:24–30
Site 1205, A5:21–25
Site 1206, A6:18–22
pebbles, lithologic units, A4:8–9
lava flows, A3:20–21
photomicrograph, A3:90
Penutian, biostratigraphy, B2:4
lava, A5:14–16
lava flows, A6:12–13
basalt, A3:19–20
vs. depth, A3:57
See also chrome spinel phenocrysts; microphenocrysts; olivine phenocrysts; plagioclase phenocrysts
alteration, A4:21
lithologic units, A5:6
vs. depth, A5:36
phlogopite, lava, A5:14–15
lava flows, A3:21–22
vs. zirconium, A3:94; A4:71
phosphorus oxide, vs. magnesium oxide, A3:97
physical properties
Site 1203, A3:37–40
Site 1204, A4:30–33
Site 1205, A5:25–28
Site 1206, A6:22–24
physical volcanology
Site 1203, A3:11–24
Site 1204, A4:11–19
Site 1205, A5:8–18
Site 1206, A6:6–15
pillow basalt lobes, well-logging, A3:43–44
pillow lava
basement, A4:18–19
graphic logs, A3:73
lobe thickness distribution, A3:70
photograph, A3:69
units, A3:69
volcanology, A3:16
See also hybrid pillow–pahoehoe lavas
pipe vesicles
lithologic units, A4:12–13
volcanology, A3:18
basalt, A3:19–20; A5:10
lava, A5:14
lava flows, A6:12–13
magnetic inclusions, B1:11–13
paleointensity, B1:31
plagioclase, anhedral, photomicrograph, A6:45
plagioclase, skeletal, photomicrograph, A3:82
plagioclase glomerocrysts, photomicrograph, A5:51; A6:46–48, 68
plagioclase laths, photomicrograph, A1:54–55; A4:50–54; A5:60
plagioclase megacrysts, photomicrograph, A5:48–49
plagioclase phenocrysts
lava, A3:15
optical zonation, A4:48
photograph, A3:59, 76–77
photomicrograph, A1:21, 88; A4:48; A5:48–50
plagioclase zonation, photomicrograph, A1:36; A3:75; A5:49
plate motion
geochemistry, B1:1–39
paleodeclination, A1:18
seamounts, A1:5–7
polar wander, seamounts, A1:5–7
porosity, vs. depth, A1:33–34; A3:126–127; A4:99–100; A5:85; A6:89
porosity logs, vs. depth, A1:41–42; A3:55–56, 131, 133
potassium, vs. zirconium, A3:94
potassium logs, vs. depth, A3:132
potassium oxide
alteration, A3:29; A4:22–23; A5:19
lava, A5:16
lava flows, A3:21–22; A6:14
vs. depth, A4:77–78; A5:75; A6:78
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
vs. zirconium, A3:108; A4:79
See also sodium oxide + potassium oxide
pseudomorphs. See olivine pseudomorphs
alteration assemblages, A4:21–23
lava flows, A3:20–21
photograph, A4:76
vs. depth, A3:99–102; A5:73
pyrite, secondary, photomicrograph, A4:57
pyroclastics, lithology, A3:12–14
photomicrograph, A5:53
See also clinopyroxene


Quaternary, nannofossils, A6:5–6
basalt, A3:20
photomicrograph, A4:55


red algae, coralline
lithologic units, A5:5
photomicrograph, A5:37
reducing zone
alteration, A4:21–22
photograph, A4:74–75
See also oxidizing zone/reducing zone contact
reduction, photomicrograph, A4:57
relict bands, photomicrograph, A4:64
remanent magnetization
basalt, A1:57–58, 65–67, 74–76; A3:115–117; A4:83–84, 89–92
conglomerate, A3:120
diabase, A4:93
magnetic inclination, A3:161–162
paleolatitude, A6:20–22
plagioclase, B1:12–13
sediments, A3:31, 109–110; A4:24–25, 80–81
vector plots, A6:84–87
volcaniclastics, A3:119–120
vs. compressional wave velocity, A6:83
vs. depth, A6:79
vs. magnetic inclination, A6:83
remanent magnetization, anhysteretic
basalt, A3:115; A4:26, 87; A5:77, 79; A6:19
basement, A3:33–34
lava flows, A6:80
lithologic units, A5:22
remanent magnetization, characteristic
basalt, A5:24
basement, A3:34–35; A4:24–25, 29–30
paleolatitude, A6:20–22
remanent magnetization, isothermal
basalt, A3:115; A4:26–27, 88; A5:78
lava flows, A6:81
lithologic units, A5:22
remanent magnetization, natural
basalt, A4:27–28; A5:79; A6:19
decay spectra, A6:82
intensity vs. low-field magnetic susceptibility, A3:113
lava flows, A6:20
vs. temperature, B1:29
vs. thermoremanent magnetization, B1:29
remanent magnetization, saturation isothermal
basalt, A4:26, 87; A5:77, 79; A6:19
basement, A3:33–34
lava flows, A6:80
lithologic units, A5:22
remanent magnetization, total saturation, vs. magnetic hysteresis, B1:29
resistivity logs
vs. depth, A1:41–42; A3:131, 133
See also deep resistivity logs; microresistivity; shallow resistivity logs
resorption rims, photomicrograph, A5:48; A6:45
reticulite, photomicrograph, A3:61
rock magnetism
basalt, A4:25–26
basement, A3:32–34
lava flows, A6:108
Site 1203, A3:31–37
Site 1204, A4:24–30, 117
Site 1205, A5:21–25, 104
Site 1206, A6:18–22


sand, carbonate, photograph, A4:47
nannofossils, A6:5–6
stratigraphy, A1:14–15
sandstone, silty, lithologic units, A4:8–9; A5:5
sandstone, vitric, lithologic units, A5:5
sandstone, volcaniclastic, lithology, A3:14
sandy matrix, photograph, A5:43
alteration, A3:24–30; A4:20–23; A6:16
photograph, A4:76; A5:74; A6:77
vs. depth, A3:99–102; A5:73
scandium, vs. magnesium oxide, A3:96; A5:70; A6:71
scoria. See lapilli scoria
scoria fall deposit, photograph, A3:63
age, A1:31
paleolatitude, A1:5–7
sediment folding, intraformational, lithologic units, A4:9
sedimentary intercalations, basalt occurrence, A6:97–98
sedimentary units, well-logging, A3:42
remanent magnetization, A3:31; A4:24–25, 80–81
rock magnetism, A4:25–26
segregated material in vesicles, photomicrograph, A3:95; A4:55–56; A6:52
segregation structures, volcanology, A3:18
seismic methods, deconvolution, A6:117
seismic profiles
Site 1203, A1:32; A3:143–146
Site 1204, A1:50; A4:102–104
Site 1205, A1:59; A5:28–29, 89–91
Site 1206, A1:69; A6:93–95
seismic reflection profiling, surveys, A3:46–47; A5:28–29; A6:24–25
seismic reflection surveys, profiles, B6:1–17
seismic section, two-way traveltime, B6:10–15
lava, A3:15
lithologic units, A4:11–19
shallow resistivity logs, vs. depth, A3:131
shear wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A3:131
sheet lobes, volcanology, A3:18
sideromelane, basalt, A3:19–20
lava flows, A3:21
vs. sodium oxide + potassium oxide, A1:38, 63, 72, 84, 93; A3:93, 142; A4:67; A5:67; A6:69; B1:37
lava, A4:15–16
lava flows, A6:12–13
lithologic units, A4:6
photograph, A4:42
lithology, A6:5
stratigraphy, A1:14–15
siltstone, calcareous, lithologic units, A5:6
siltstone, sandy, lithologic units, A5:6
siltstone, vitric, lithology, A3:14
siltstone, volcaniclastic, lithology, A3:14
simple pahoehoe lava
internal structure, A5:12–13, 45
volcanology, A3:17–18
Site 432, paleoenvironment, A5:8
Site 735, magnetic logging, B5:8–9, 20–21
Site 884, basement, A4:18–19
Site 1203, A3:1–171
alteration, A3:24–30
background and scientific objectives, A3:1–3
biostratigraphy, A3:10–11
coring summary, A3:147–148
downhole measurements, A3:40–46
igneous petrology, A3:11–24
magnetized formations, B5:1–22
operations, A3:3–6
Paleocene–Miocene nannofossils, B4:1–12
paleolatitude, B1:7
paleomagnetism, A3:31–37
physical properties, A3:37–40
physical volcanology, A3:11–24
principal results, A1:10–12
rock magnetism, A3:31–37
site description, A3:1–171
underway geophysics, A3:46–47
weathering, A3:24–30
Site 1204, A4:1–125
alteration, A4:20–24
background and scientific objectives, A4:1–2
biostratigraphy, A4:10–11
coring, A4:105–106
igneous petrology, A4:11–19
lithostratigraphy, A4:4–9
operations, A4:2–4
Paleocene–Miocene nannofossils, B4:1–12
paleolatitude, B1:6–7
paleomagnetism, A4:24–30
physical properties, A4:30–33
physical volcanology, A4:11–19
principal results, A1:13–14
rock magnetism, A4:24–30
site description, A4:1–125
underway geophysics, A4:33–34
weathering, A4:20–24
Site 1205, A5:1–112
alteration, A5:18–20
background and scientific objectives, A5:1–2
biostratigraphy, A5:7–8
coring, A5:92
igneous petrology, A5:8–18
lithostratigraphy, A5:5–7
operations, A5:2–5
paleomagnetism, A5:21–25
physical properties, A5:25–28
physical volcanology, A5:8–18
principal results, A1:14–15
rock magnetism, A5:21–25
site description, A5:1–112
underway geophysics, A5:28–29
weathering, A5:18–20
Site 1206, A6:1–117
alteration, A6:15–18
background and scientific objectives, A6:1–2
biostratigraphy, A6:5–6
cores and recovery, A6:102
coring, A6:96
foraminiferal biostratigraphy, B2:1–4
igneous petrology, A6:6–15
lithostratigraphy, A6:5
operations, A6:3–4
paleomagnetism, A6:18–22
physical properties, A6:22–24
physical volcanology, A6:6–15
principal results, A1:15–17
rock magnetism, A6:18–22
site description, A6:1–117
underway geophysics, A6:24–25
weathering, A6:15–18
lithologic units, A4:9
photograph, A4:42
lava flows, A3:21
vs. zirconium, A3:94
sodium oxide
lava, A5:16
lava flows, A3:21; A6:14
vs. depth, A1:40; A3:106
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A5:68; A6:70
sodium oxide + potassium oxide, vs. silica, A1:38, 72, 84; A3:93–94, 142; A4:67; A5:67; A6:69; B1:37
soils, basement, A5:10–11
soils, red-brown, photograph, A1:78
soils, red clay, photograph, A5:40, 44
strain bands, photomicrograph, A1:62; A5:54
strain lamellae, photomicrograph, A5:49
lava flows, A3:22–24
vs. magnesium oxide, A3:96–97
vs. zirconium, A3:94; A4:71; A6:72
See also titanium/strontium ratio; zirconium/strontium ratio
strontium isotopes
lava, B1:38
volcanism, B1:17
vs. age, A1:31
vs. seamount age, B1:39
subophitic texture, photomicrograph, A3:83; A4:53–54; A5:53
subvariolitic texture, photomicrograph, A3:82
Suiko Seamount, paleolatitude, A1:5–7
sulfur, lithologic units, A5:97
superparamagnetic grains, basalt, A5:79


lava, A3:15
photomicrograph, A6:37–38
tephra, lithology, A3:12–14
tephra clasts, volcaniclastics, A3:19
Tertiary, lower
nannofossil zonation, A3:10–11
plate motion, A1:5–7
See also Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary
Thellier analysis, plagioclase, B1:32
thermal conductivity
lithologic units, A3:38–39, 166; A4:32, 122; A5:26–27, 109; A6:23, 114
vs. depth, A3:129; A4:98; A5:86; A6:90
thermoremanent magnetization
basement, A3:33–34; A4:29
lithologic units, A5:21–22
vs. natural remanent magnetization, B1:29
thorium logs, vs. depth, A3:132
basalt, A4:17–18
lava flows, A3:21–22; A6:15
vs. zirconium, A1:56; A3:94; A4:70; A6:72
titanium/barium ratio, vs. magnesium oxide, A5:71
titanium/strontium ratio, vs. magnesium oxide, A5:71
titanium/zirconium ratio
lava flows, A6:14–15
vs. depth, A1:39, 85–86; A3:98; A5:69; A6:30
titanium oxide
lava, A5:16–17
lava flows, A6:14
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A3:97; A4:17, 68; A5:68; A6:70
lava flows, A3:20
magnetic reversals, B1:6
See also maghemite/titanomaghemite lamellae
alteration, A5:15
basalt, A5:10
basement, A4:27–28
lava flows, A3:20–21; A4:16; A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A1:21, 89; A3:86–92; A4:55–57; A5:56–66; A6:50, 53, 55–56, 59–62, 65–66
titanomagnetite, acicular, basalt, A3:20
titanomagnetite, dendritic, basalt, A3:20
titanomagnetite, skeletal octahedral and dendritic, photomicrograph, A6:53–54
trace elements
alteration, A4:22–23
basalt, A1:11; A4:18–19, 114–115
basement, A3:158–160; A6:106–107
comparison of Detroit Seamount with Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, A3:97
hotspots, A1:19–20
lava flows, A5:16–18, 101–103; A6:13–15
volcanism, B1:14–17
trachytic texture, photomicrograph, A1:62; A5:54
transitional lava
internal structure, A5:1–13
volcanic units, A6:11
lithology, A3:13–14
See also basalt tuff; hyaloclastite tuff; lapilli tuff


Ulatisian, biostratigraphy, B2:4
lava flows, A3:20
photomicrograph, A4:65
See also chrome spinel
underway geophysics
Site 1203, A3:46–47
Site 1204, A4:33–34
Site 1205, A5:28–29
Site 1206, A6:24–25
uranium logs, vs. depth, A3:132


variolitic textures, pillow lavas, A3:16
vein fillings
alteration assemblages, A4:20, 23; A5:18–19
photograph, A1:90; A3:104–105
vs. depth, A3:101–102; A5:73; A6:75
Formation MicroScanning imagery, A1:81
photograph, A1:21, 80; A3:128
veins, calcite, photomicrograph, A3:78
velocity logs
vs. depth, A1:41; A3:131
See also compressional wave velocity logs; shear wave velocity logs
velocity profiles, hypothetical, a'a lava, A6:33
vesicle cylinders
photomicrograph, A4:56
volcanology, A3:18
vesicle fillings
alteration assemblages, A4:20, 23; A5:18–19; A6:75
photograph, A5:74; A6:76–77
vs. depth, A3:100; A4:72–73; A5:73; A6:75
photomicrograph, A3:62, 84–85, 95; A4:55
vs. depth, A3:57; A4:72–73; A5:73; A6:75
See also megavesicles; pipe vesicles
vesicular sheets, volcanology, A3:18
alteration, A5:19
volcanology, A3:17–18
vesiculation, volcanology, A3:17
virtual axial dipole moment, vs. age, A1:30
virtual dipole moments, vs. age, B1:32
lava, A5:13
vs. depth, A1:27
vitric ash, basaltic, photograph, A4:42
volcanic ash
vs. depth, A5:36
See also palagonite/volcanic ash ratio
volcanic centers, vs. age, B1:33
volcanic glass
basalt, A5:10
lava, A3:15; A5:15
lithologic units, A5:5
photograph, A1:35; A3:67, 128
photomicrograph, A3:71
vs. depth, A3:52, 57
See also basalt glass
volcanic glass, altered, photograph, A4:46
volcanic glass, submarine basaltic, geomagnetism, B1:10–11
volcanic rocks
basement, A6:8–14
stratigraphy, A1:14–15
alteration, A4:23–24; A6:17
basement, A1:9–10
Campanian nannofossils, B3:2–5
lithologic units, A3:12–14, 155; A4:6; A5:6–7, 20
nannofossils, A6:5–6
petrography, A3:19
photograph, A1:51
remanent magnetization, A3:119–120
well-logging, A3:43
age, B1:13–14
environment, A1:83
environment, B1:36
evolution models, B1:35
volcanology. See physical volcanology
vugs, lithologic units, A5:6


wavelet analysis
Formation MicroScanner imagery, B5:15
well-logging, B5:4–7, 18
basement, A5:10–11
photomicrograph, A5:56
Site 1203, A3:24–30
Site 1204, A4:20–24
Site 1205, A5:18–20
Site 1206, A6:15–18
basalt, A1:12
new algorithm, B5:4–7
wood fragments, lithologic units, A5:6


lava flows, A3:22
vs. zirconium, A1:64; A4:71; A5:17, 72
See also zirconium/yttrium ratio


alteration, A3:27–30; A4:21; A5:19; A6:16
photograph, A1:79
tuff, A3:13–14
vs. depth, A3:99–100, 102; A5:73
alteration, A3:29
vs. zirconium, A3:108
zinc/zirconium ratio
alteration, A3:29; A4:22–23; A5:19–20; A6:16–17
vs. depth, A3:107; A4:77–78; A5:75; A6:78
basalt, A4:17–18
lava, A5:16–17
lava flows, A3:21–22; A6:14–15
vs. barium, A3:94; A4:71; A6:72
vs. cobalt, A3:108
vs. copper, A3:108
vs. depth, A5:69
vs. magnesium oxide, A1:73; A3:97; A5:68; A6:74
vs. phosphorus, A3:94; A4:71
vs. potassium, A3:94
vs. potassium oxide, A3:108; A4:79
vs. sodium, A3:94
vs. strontium, A3:94; A4:71; A6:72
vs. titanium, A1:56; A3:94; A4:70; A6:72
vs. yttrium, A1:64; A4:71; A5:17, 72
vs. zinc, A3:108
vs. zirconium/yttrium ratio, A1:64; A5:72
See also cobalt/zirconium ratio; copper/zirconium ratio; titanium/zirconium ratio; zinc/zirconium ratio
zirconium/barium ratio, vs. magnesium oxide, A5:71
zirconium/strontium ratio, vs. magnesium oxide, A5:71
zirconium/yttrium ratio, vs. zirconium, A1:64; A5:72
lithologic units, A3:8–9
photograph, A3:53