Figure F3. A. Paleolatitude data from Leg 197 sites (1206, Koko Seamount; 1205, Nintoku Seamount; and 1204B and 1203, Detroit Seamount), ODP Site 884 (Detroit Seamount; Tarduno and Cottrell, 1997), ODP Site 883 (Doubrovine and Tarduno, 2004b), and DSDP Site 433 (Suiko Seamount; Kono, 1980). Red = results of thermal demagnetization; blue = results of alternating-field (AF) demagnetization. Result from Site 433 is based on AF and thermal data. Magenta = magnetization carried by hematite from weathered basalt from Site 1206. B. Average paleolatitude value for Detroit Seamount (square) based on inclination groups derived from basalts of Sites 884 and 1203 and Hole 1204B (see text) plotted with select paleolatitude values from other seamounts (see A). Also shown is a least-squares fit to the data (red) and several paleolatitude trajectories representing combinations of plate and hotspot motion. Geomagnetic polarity timescale is from Cande and Kent (1995) (after Tarduno et al., 2003).