Figure F2. Lithologic summary of Leg 199 drilling showing lithostratigraphic units in the equatorial Pacific (from Shipboard Scientific Party, 2002). O/M = Oligocene/Miocene boundary, E/O = Eocene/Oligocene boundary, P/E = Paleocene/Eocene boundary, RN = Neogene radiolarian zone, RP = Paleogene radiolarian zone, NP = Paleogene nannofossil zone. Unit 1 (brown) is a surficial clay with varying amounts of radiolarians. Unit 2 (light blue) is Oligocene–lower Miocene nannofossil ooze/chalk. Unit 3 (light green) is middle–upper Eocene radiolarian ooze and clay. Unit 4 (white) is a chert-rich unit of middle–lower Eocene age. Unit 5 (pink) is lower Eocene nannofossil chalk.